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Making a Banner out of Felt and Fabric

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Make Up a DIY Felt and Fabric Pennant Banner to Cheer Up a Room or Party!

I love to decorate on a budget which means creating a lot of room and party décor myself. The plain painted cream walls in my daughter's play room definitely needed something to add in a burst of color and cheerful decoration so I created a rather easy spring themed butterfly felt and fabric banner to hang across the main stretch of the wall.

Making a banner or bunting like this one is not all that hard if you have the use of a sewing machine. Without that you could use either card, felt or even foam sheets (none of which fray easily) and glue to get a similar style and look. Since I wanted something to add to the indoor room décor that was a little more permanent, I opted to stitch this design using a range of spring colored felts and fabrics. Come and see how you could make something similar.

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Instructions to make a banner out of felt and fabric

Instructions to make a banner out of felt and fabric

Here's What You Need - To Rustle Up Something Very Similar

All the items I used for this project were already in my craft stash but here's the essence of what you will need if you don't already own these items.

A pack of assorted acrylic felt sheets like this one is a great way to get lots of colors in one go. If there are particular colors that you want, you can look for those on Amazon too.

Materials and Tools Needed to Make a Felt Banner


  • An assortment of acrylic felt sheets
  • An assortment of printed fabric scraps
  • Sewing threads
  • Template for Pennant Flag Triangles
  • Buttons for detail (optional)
  • Ribbon or twine for hanging


  • Sewing machine (or you can use adhesive)

Instructions on Making a Felt and Fabric Banner

You can make up your own triangular templates (or any flag shape you want) from card reasonably easily but I used a free printable template instead which just made the process even quicker.

Written Instructions on Making Your Banner

1. You need two templates made from card to make up the flags for your banner. There's one larger piece for the outer part made from felt and one smaller piece that sits inside and that's what you need to use for the fabric.

To speed up the process when I made this, I used an existing printable template which I've linked to just above.

To get the same shapes I did, you'll need to print one template at the full sizing for the larger triangle and one at 80% which reduces the size just perfectly for the smaller triangle used as a template for the fabric part.

2. Use the larger triangle template to draw around on your chosen felt pieces. How many of these you need depends on how large you want your completed project to be. Does the completed banner need to cover a whole wall or a large area?

Tip: You can use far less 'flag' pieces by spacing them out more on the length of ribbon or twine. This will help you to finish the project much faster.

Use the smaller triangle template for marking and cutting out your chosen fabric pieces. You'll need the same amount of fabric parts as you will felt.

I like to use a water soluble fabric pen so that any marks I make can be dabbed away with water after and not spoil the fabrics. This is pretty much an essential item for doing any marking and cutting where felt is concerned.

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3. I used a zigzag machine stitch on my sewing machine to sew each fabric piece right in the middle of the felt. Pins help to position the fabric and keep it in place while you stitch.

If you don't want to bother with sewing, you can use adhesive to stick the pieces in place instead. In this alternative method, you might want to use a fray check liquid seam sealant to stop the edges of the cut fabric from fraying. Alternatively use a contrasting color of felt as the inside piece instead.

Choosing the fabrics to work together. It is easier to pick these at the start of the project.

Choosing the fabrics to work together. It is easier to pick these at the start of the project.

4. As an optional decorative twist, I stitched colorful buttons near the bottom of each completed 'flag' piece and made a butterfly from felt and fabric which had blanket stitch worked around the edges. This added a prettier, girly feel to the finished design.

5. The final part is attaching the triangle 'flags' onto the ribbon to make a banner or bunting to drape across the wall. You'll need a length of ribbon much longer than where you want this to hang so you have enough at the ends for tying up or pinning up across a wall or wherever you plan to place it.

If you plan to stitch the whole pennant banner together, you'll need a reasonably wide ribbon to make this task easier. Otherwise you can use a hot glue gun to stick your felt flags onto a length of ribbon or twine.

I won't lie, it was fiddly sewing across the tops of the 'flags' onto the length of ribbon. I would not bother doing this now because it took far too long. Now I would simply use a glue gun to stick the tops of the 'flags' onto a length of ribbon or twine instead. Much easier!

But you can choose how you prefer to tackle this task. I hope you've enjoyed reading my craft article today, thanks for your visit. Enjoy using this guide to make your own banner.

Finished pennant banner bunting made from felt and fabric scraps

Finished pennant banner bunting made from felt and fabric scraps

Colorful Spring Butterfly Design Wall Decor

Because I was making this pennant banner bunting for my daughter's playroom, I wanted to use cute, colorful and girly shades that I knew she would love. So I combined some spring greens along with shades of candy and blush pink.

You can select a color scheme based on where your completed design will be going. Is it for a themed party like a birthday or special occasion? Or will it be a more permanent fixture in your home? It helps to pick out a range of colors from your felt and fabric and put pieces side by side to see what works together.

I ended up choosing a couple of pink shades, a couple of green and a cream for the felt pieces and then an assortment of cotton fabrics with prints in pinks and greens for the inside of the individual flags.

You may already have some lovely scraps of fabric that you can use or even some material taken from some clothing you no longer wear. Otherwise these fat quarter bundles of pretty, coordinated designs are a very nice buy.

Making your own banner or garland does take a little bit of time and effort, especially if you want to stitch the whole project instead of just using glue or adhesive which is quicker. So you'll need to weigh up whether this is a project you'd like and enjoy since you get to pick out your chosen fabrics and designs or whether you'd prefer to buy something that closely matches your vision.

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Your Comments - Is this something that you might try? Do you enjoy DIY room and party decor?

Marie (author) on February 04, 2014:

@angelatvs: It's a fairly easy make and it looks really nice when it's hanging up so I hope you give it a go :)

angelatvs on February 03, 2014:

Wow, I will have to try this!

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