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How to Make a Cardboard Minecraft Creeper Head

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The Minecraft Creeper Head I Created for my Daughter

Minecraft creeper head, cost less than $5 to make

Minecraft creeper head, cost less than $5 to make

Making a Creeper Head out of Cardboard is Easy

My daughter is a very enthusiastic Minecraft fan. She plays the game on her iPod and on the Xbox. In addition to playing the game, she also reads the gamer books, plays with Minecraft papercraft kits, and even has a few of the plastic action figures. Recently, she started collecting Minecraft t-shirts, yes we buy them in the boys' section, and began begging for a cardboard Creeper head and a foam sword. After looking at the Creeper head online and in the store, I realized that I could quickly and easily make this for her for much less than the craft sold for at the store. Below, I have created a quick how-to to help you create your own Minecraft Creeper cardboard head.

How to Create a Minecraft Creeper Head Out of a Cardboard Box

Time required: 30

Difficulty: easy

Cost: less than $5


  • Cardboard box (must be square)
  • Shades of green poster board
  • Yellow poster board
  • White poster board
  • Electrical tape
  • Spare cardboard pieces


  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Easy to Follow Instructions; Feel Free to be Creative with the Instructions


1. First, my daughter and I browsed around the house for a square box. Since Creepers and all the other characters in Minecraft have a very square shape, it was vital for the box to be as square as possible. Instructions that I had found online suggested that the box be 12 x 12, but since my daughter was using this for play, I didn't worry about the actual size of the box just the square shape.

2. After we found the right shaped box, we taped the box closed and started cutting squares of poster board to apply to the box. (Learn from my mistakes...poster board is a much better choice than construction paper) You can find tons of Creeper patterns to follow online or simply create your own. My daughter choose her own selection of colors for the Creeper and she applied the squares to the box in her own pattern.

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3. Add the Creeper face. If you want you can use black construction paper to make the Creeper head face, or if you want to wear the Creeper head, you will need to cut the eyes and mouth out of the box. My daughter is using her cardboard Creeper head as a box to keep things in, so we choose to make her Creeper head face out of black electrical tape. I traced the face on cardboard and then wrapped the cardboard in electrical tape. After I was happy with the face, we used a hot glue gun to permanently mount the face to the Creeper box.

4. If you have ever played Minecraft, you realize that all of the Creepers look exactly the same. However, my daughter wanted her Creeper to be a girl. To make this possible, we simply added a flower head to the corner of the box.

Minecraft Cardboard Head Tutorial on YouTube

© 2014 Tawnya

Are you interested in making a Minecraft Creeper head out of cardboard, or have you already? Either way, I'd love to know you stopped by.

Nightcat on April 23, 2014:

That is amazing! What a great craft. I'm sure your daughter loved it. :)

cdevries on April 12, 2014:

Great idea! Have you caught the Minecraft bug yourself yet? Try playing in "creative" mode - it's addictive designing!

Wednesday-Elf from Savannah, Georgia on March 18, 2014:

Very clever of you to make your own Minecraft Creeper head. (Not that I have a CLUE what a creeper head is...LOL). But I applaud DIY crafting.

ChocolateLily on March 17, 2014:

Love it! Especially like the flower. Nice touch!

Corrinna Johnson from BC, Canada on March 12, 2014:

Very creative! What a lot of fun for little Minecraft fans!

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