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★ How To Make Bean Bags, Pillow Chairs & Floor Cushions | Sew Your Own Furniture | Craft Tutorials ★

DIY Casual & Comfy Floor Seating

This page lists inspiration and tutorials for lots of floor seating options including beanbags, poufs, ottomans and floor pillows. These are brilliant items to make and sew yourself, and they come in particularly useful if you need extra seating quickly.

These kinds of floor seating are also perfect for those who don't have the room or money for substantial extra furniture - for instance, beanbags are ideal for students heading off to live on their own at college or university.

And the biggest plus point is that you can let your imagination go wild and create any shape and size of seating you like, and of course you can use fabric to exactly match your current décor - yay!

Beanbags and other large pillows usually have an inner bag which contains the filling material, then a removeable outer bag which is made of the quality fabric which will be visible. The types of filling you can use for beanbags and large pillows include polystyrene beans, genuine beans, fabric scraps, foam (shredded), and, if you're feeling green, you can also recycle old sweaters or polystyrene food trays.

I hope you find this page useful, and I hope it helps you create some super comfy and super funky furniture!

Flannel Floor Cushions


For more photos and to see how to make these cushions, click here.

Photo and product by Michelle Engel Bencsko.

Best Beanbag & Cushion Making Products

There are minimal 'ingredients' needed to make your own beanbag, but you will require a sewing machine unless you want to be hand sewing all year!

Apart from that, all you really need is fabric (both for the outer and most likely the interior bag too), and filling (traditional beans, plastic pellets or foam). You can also add a velcro or zipper opening if you wish.

DIY Ruffle Pouf

Bean Bag How-Tos

Camera Beanbag Support

Rob suggests using beans, sand or bird seed inside a zip-lock bag, which is then placed in the bag case.

Rob suggests using beans, sand or bird seed inside a zip-lock bag, which is then placed in the bag case.

Floor Cushion Tutorials

How To Make A Large Beanbag Pillow


You will need:

* 2 rectangles of outer fabric measuring 50" x 70"

The most popular type of fabric for this would be medium-weight cotton, but really this is up to you. Most fabrics would work, although you will want it to be durable so don't choose anything lightweight.

* 2 rectangles of muslin (or other cheap, light and non-stretchy material) measuring 50" x 70"

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* Beanbag pellets/beans

* 50" length of Velcro (of both the fluffy and the spiky sides)

* Sewing machine

* Needle & thread

* Pins

* Iron

* Funnel (optional)

First make the outer bag:

- Place the 2 pieces of outer fabric together with the 'right' sides touching and the 'wrong' (reverse) sides facing outwards.

- Make sure they are perfectly aligned and pin around the edges.

- Sew along 3 sides with straight stitches, as shown in the diagram, securing the thread with back (reinforcing) stitches at the start and the end. Use a 1/2" seam allowance - so the stitches are 1/2" from the fabric edge.

- Use an iron to press the seams to one side so they all lie flat on one side of the bag. You can cut squares out of the seams at the 2 corners (making sure not to cut too near to the stitching) in order to make it easier to fold, and also to remove some bulk.

- Turn the bag the right side out and topstitch 1/4" away from the seam join, on the side that the seams have been pressed onto. This will mean that you will be sewing through the double-layered seam on the inside as well as the outer fabric. Topstitching makes the fabric join stronger, and you can add a second line of topstitching too (created by sewing in the opposite direction to the first line of topstitching) if you wish.

- Turn the bag inside out again and sew the Velcro strips onto either side of the open edge.

Then make the inner bag:

- Start making this bag the same way as the outer bag, with 2 rectangles of fabric pinned together, except this time the fabric is muslin.

- When it comes to sewing, straight stitch with a 1/2" seam alowance around the outside, leaving about 5" of one edge open (as shown in the diagram). If, however, you don't have a funnel to feed the beanbag pellets into the bag, you will need the whole of this one edge left open (same as with the outer bag).

- Topstitching can then be done as before, or you can simply sew another line of straight stitches outside the one you've just sewn, making the second line of stitches at most 1/4" away from the first, on the side closest to the fabric edge.

- Turn this inner bag the right way out and use a funnel (or any other means) to add the beanbag pellets so that the bag is filled to your satisfaction.

- You can stitch 2 lines across the opening then (making sure there are no pellets in the way) to secure the bag closed. Or you could use a needle and thread if the hole is quite small.

- To finish simply turn the outer bag the right way out and place the inner bag inside it. Close the opening with the Velcro and it's finished!

TIP: With this type of rectangle floor pillow, you can sit on it as normal or, for a higher seat, you can turn it on it's side and sit astride it.

Giant Beanbag

Pillows & Seating How-Tos

Poufs Galore!


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Other Cushioned Seating

How to Sew a Bean Bag - Plus Video Tutorials on Making Floor Cushions

Further DIYs, Ideas & Inspiration

Stylish Beanbags

Top-Rated Beanbags To Buy

If you don't want to make your own beanbag, or you just don't have the time, there are some awesome designs that you can buy in a huge range of sizes and colors.

Globe Beanbag

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