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How to Knit the Fashion Stitch or Wrap on a Long Loom

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Fashion Stitch Knit


The Fashion Wrap on a Knitting Loom

The fashion wrap, or fashion stitch, is a quick and easy way to knit on a long loom. Because you wrap back and forth across two rakes of a loom, it creates double panel knit that is thick. It's perfect for blankets and scarves. Because it is double panel knit, it also doesn't curl at the edges. Knit made with the fashion wrap has a subtle ribbed appearance.

It's my favorite way to make blankets. I think of it as the lazy person's cross ribbing stitch. Technically, it's a flat cross rib stitch, as opposed to a twisted cross rib stitch. You can see some of the blankets that I've made using this stitch at the bottom of the page. It's a lightening fast way to loom knit a blanket.

Photo Credit: HSSchulte

Cast On ONLY in the 8 Wrap

8 Wrap Cast On

8 Wrap Cast On

Step 1: The Fashion Stitch Cast On

Casting on to begin your knit project

The first step to any knit project is the cast on. Casting on places the first row of yarn on the loom. To cast on for the fashion stitch, 8 wrap the loom by wrapping each peg as seen in the photo to the right.

The fashion stitch can be done on the Knifty Knitter long looms or rectangle looms.

Wrap Remaining Rows with the Fashion Stitch

Knitting the fashion stitch

Knitting the fashion stitch

Step 2: Knit

Get Ready to Knit the Fashion Stitch!

After you have one row of yarn 8 wrapped on the loom, you can prepare to knit by wrapping once more with the fashion stitch wrap. The fashion stitch wrap will be made by tracing the path of the yarn back across the loom in the same way it was done before. But instead of wrapping in a cursive "e" around each peg, loop around only the outside of each peg. See the video below.

After you have the second row of yarn on the loom, knit off by using the knitting hook to bring the bottom loop up and over the top.

Cast Off for Any Double Panel Knit on a Long Loom

Crochet Cast Off Long Loom

Crochet Cast Off Long Loom

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Step 3: Removing Knit from the Knifty Knitter Loom

Casting Off or Binding Off the Fashion Stitch

When your knit has reached the desired length, it's time to cast off. Another term used to describe removing knit from the loom is "bind off." The method of bind off used for the fashion stitch is the crochet bind off.

Crochet Bind Off

1. Start at the end opposite the yarn tail, or working yarn.

2. With a G or H size crochet hook, lift the end loop off the peg and place it on the crochet hook.

3. Following the path of the yarn that is on the loom, move to the next loop and place it on the crochet hook.

4. Pull the second loop through the first. You now have one loop remaining on the hook

5. Repeat across the loom until you have reached the other end.

6. Feed the working yarn through the last loop. Tie it off and cut it.

(Watch the video of crochet cast off for this stitch.)

Baby Blankets - Knitted with the Fashion Stitch


Fashion Stitch Toddler Blanket

Fashion Stitch Blanket

Fashion Stitch Blanket

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