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How To Draw Black And White Horror Art

Horror Skull Black And White Art

Skull of death, a horror skull illustration in black and white contrasting colors. Copyright Wayne Tully 2014

Skull of death, a horror skull illustration in black and white contrasting colors. Copyright Wayne Tully 2014

Drawing Black And White Horror Art

When drawing black and white horror illustrations I always look for inspiration in the top Artists in comic books and you can find some cool illustrations on the web if you search for black and white illustrations. We will look at the processes of drawing in black and white and creating solid illustrations that work well as professional looking pieces of artwork.

First things first however and you will need some art equipment to start. Often art materials and essential equipment now is far cheaper and readily available than it used to be and you will need the very basics and then some specialist ink pens to make your artwork pop.

Let me show you what pens and art equipment I use to help get you started.

Sketching Pencils To Draw Your Ideas

Pencils Pens And Other Art Equipment You May Need

Pencils are the most obvious essential for any artwork that you produce. I don't use any particular brand of drawing pencil as they are all relatively the same.And you can buy these very cheap and you'll need a good pack that includes the standard HB as well as some of the softer grades of pencil like the B ranges. I rarely bother with the H range as the pencil lines end up being too light to show up on the paper.

I buy all my pencils from the Pound shop which is the UK equivalent of the Dollar store.

Pigma Micron Pen Set

Sakura White Gelly Roll Ink Pens For Highlights

Black Ink Pens To Use

Ink pens are few and far between as you can buy really super cheap ink pens that do the job and then you can buy some top quality ink pens that are even better.

Now I have always used a combination of both kinds of ink pen. Super cheap black gel ink pens and solid black permanent markers for larger surface area black outs and then I use Pigma Micron ink pens which have a range of different pen tip thicknesses to create different ink line weights. I also have been recently using the Uni-pin fine liners too as these are just as good as the Pigmas from Sakura which is a Japanese manufacturer.

I've found the Pigmas and the Uni-pin pens to be very professional and they don't smudge and the art remains water proof which provides a nice flexibility with adding watercolors if you wanted to or other paint effects over your art which won't compromise your hard work.

The Sakura range of pens are professionally endorsed by many Artists for their good quality results and after using them for awhile I very much agree.

Here is an illustration I created with just the Pigma Micron and the Uni-pin fine line pens and of course the White gelly roll ink pens which are also from Sakura...

Black And White Zombie Head Illustration

Zombie head art illustration by Wayne Tully, an Artist that draws commissions contact me for more info.

Zombie head art illustration by Wayne Tully, an Artist that draws commissions contact me for more info.

Drawing A Basic Idea In Pencil

It is always best to start off with a good pencil sketch of your idea so you can begin to plan the art on the page properly. Whilst you are sketching out the concept your mind will be able to quickly assess which areas are going to be black and what other areas are going to be White. Black is the recessed color which puts it in the background, whereas the White is the highlight color which will bring the bright color forward on top of the black.

Here is a pencil drawing step by step I did that clearly shows the drawing, I chose the Head of the Marvel Comics character Venom as a drawing and we'll move on to the inking from there.

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Inking The Pencil Drawing

When inking the pencil drawing I have drawn there is no wrong or right way to start inking, it's best to throw yourself into it and have fun. Remember that the black line inking stage isn't the final end to the illustrations so you can still carry on shaping the final design by using a combination of white and black ink pens to help flesh out the artwork.

I personally seem to have adopted a comic book art style with my drawings and illustrations. Lets look at some step by step photos of me inking this pencil drawing all in black ink markers and pens.

Adding White Highlights Over Black Artwork

You'll see when adding your White highlights on to your art that the drawing seems to take on a superior look, almost like a professional edge to the drawing and this shouldn't be done lightly. You may need to experiment with the White gelly roll ink pens at first to get a feel with them as you can apply different textures over strong black areas on your illustrations.

And be aware that you can strip back some black areas too if you wanted to if you make any mistakes or you simply want to changes areas of your design.

Here is a step by step of me working out the highlights of the illustration.

The Day My White Sakura Gelly Roll Ink Pens Arrived

When I ordered my Gelly roll ink pens I was excited to try them out and here is the first ever try out of these cool pens and I can honestly say that they have added some depth to my bland black illustrations and are well worth buying if you create black and white art.

The Day My Gelly Roll Ink Pens Arrived Changed My Art Style For The Better

© 2014 Wayne Tully

Black And White Illustration Techniques

Wayne Tully (author) from Hull City United Kingdom on June 29, 2014:

Thanks! Yes I prefer to draw over painting, but painting seems more of a freer thing to do

Cynthia Calhoun from Western NC on June 29, 2014:

This is awesome! I always preferred drawing over painting when I took my art classes. Your illustrations are really neat and I like your style of drawing.

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