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How to Draw a Demon Dog

Wayne Tully is an Artist who draws horror art from his imagination and he creates drawing tutorials and resources to help other Artists.

Draw A Demon Dog

How to Draw A Demon Dog drawing tutorial by Wayne Tully.

How to Draw A Demon Dog drawing tutorial by Wayne Tully.

Drawing A Demon Dog

How to draw a Demon Dog drawing tutorial which will go through the steps of drawing the creature. This tutorial relies heavily on drawing from your imagination, but it is useful to know or have some knowledge of Dog Anatomy.

We will go through a step by step drawing tutorial of drawing a Demonic Dog idea and then right at the end there will be a drawing video to watch which shows an alternative idea to try and draw. I've done it this way, so that you can see a couple of ways to draw the same thing even though they are two totally different versions of the same themed creature.

Starting off, you will need a pencil and good quality paper for the final illustration. If you aren't bothered about the quality of the paper then that is fine, you can draw on any old computer printing paper. I chose to use white card as it provides a nice flexible surface to draw and ink on when done.

Lets Start With Some Basic Pencil Sketching To Get Some Ideas Flowing

Basic pencil sketching is useful at the early stage particularly if you need to work out the structure of your Demon Dog creature. This early stage of the drawing process can be easy or difficult depending on a range of factors such as:

  • Can you draw confidently?
  • Do you have a loose idea of how you are going to draw this?
  • Do you need to any draft sketches before hand?

I have decided to do a head and body sketch for the actual drawing process, mainly just as an added bonus. So here are the draft drawings step by step and we will ink the drawings too to give you an idea of the near complete illustrations.

Drawing A Demon Dog Step By Step

Now, we will start to draw a Demon Dog based on an idea that I personally liked. and you can follow along with this tutorial and draw this creature. This drawing is an alternative variation to the one I did in the video at the end of this drawing tutorial

I always start off drawing the final drawing from the structure and up and that simply means I start off with the backbone and legs,arms etc as simple sticks on which to build upon. See the first image below....

Drawing Video On Drawing A Demon Dog

The following drawing video shows me drawing a Demon Dog which you may also find very useful for inspiration on drawing your own Demon Dog ideas. The video is over 30 minutes long though, so it would be cool to be prepared to sit through that amount of time.

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Drawing A Demon Dog Video

Drawing A Hell Hound

Hell Hounds are similar and my own interpretation of a classic horror dog from the depths of hell is depicted in the following art video. The running time on the video is over 1 hour and covers all of the sketching,inking and coloring aspects of the creative process.

After the drawing process, consider a setting for the Hellhound to be surrounded by. Drawing fire coming from the torso of the creature is a great idea and you could continue this in the creatures surroundings and do the background last.

The early sketching stages always make the final drawing in my opinion and getting this part right really helps your illustration in the later stages.

Have fun sketching and making your very own Hellish monster hounds.

Drawing Hell Hound Video Tutorial

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Drawing A Demonic Dog

Wayne Tully (author) from Hull City United Kingdom on July 02, 2014:

Ha cheers now! I was quite pleased with this demon dog drawing and adding wings to it would make it look cool!

Andrew from Rep Boston MA on July 02, 2014:

Hey Wayne! Awesome demon dog. I voted to add some epic wings to the bad boy. Maybe they will be ripped flesh in a kinda scythe shaped configuration.

Keep up the great work!


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