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Horse and Rider Printable Coloring Pages

Horse and Rider Printables

When looking about for some printables of people riding horses, I was surprised at the variety and interesting options to choose from that would delight any child.

For example, there are those that most would think would appear from a search, such as a cowboy riding a horse, and those types were part of the results that appeared, but there were also many others I wouldn't have thought of, such as Barbie riding a horse, a Viking and Miss Piggy.

One I should have thought of but didn't, was that of a knight of old all suited up in his armor to go to battle. That one is very cool looking, as are the rest.

No matter what the particular interest of a child, there is something that will attract their attention and make them want to do some coloring of their favorite type of rider.

Below are printable coloring pages of the images mentioned above, and if they aren't what you're looking for, there are an almost endless number to choose from that can be downloaded and printed out almost immediately.

Miss Piggy Riding Horse and Roping Calf

Talk about a fun happy printable of what appears to be a very happy Miss Piggy, riding an equally happy horse, about to rope a laughing calf. Now what child or adult could remain in a down mood after seeing this fun printable?

It has fantastic design and a multitude of objects and elements to color in, which allows for a child to us a wide variety of colors to complete the job.

Miss Piggy and the horse have the most different things to color in, including the hat, bandanna, shirt, chaps, boots, saddle and blanket, among other things.

All of these are great ways to teach and explain what these various things are to a child while they color.

Cowboy Riding Horse Coloring Page

Next is what would be considered a very traditional image we all think of when contemplating a horse and rider.

This digital illustration is a simple one, but one that most children enjoy and relate to who have seen rodeos or grown up around horses. And for those that haven't, it can be very compelling because of how the image is imagined by them from pictures and descriptions.

Whatever the motivation, children love to color in a cowboy riding a horse, and both look like they're having a good time here.


Barbie Riding Horse Coloring Page

With this illustration of Barbie riding a horse it changes gears to a much more relaxed and benign image, where it even is made to look like Barbie is in the middle of a photo shoot. That's a pretty cool thing to do through an illustration, and girls should love it.

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You definitely get the sense that while Barbie isn't uncomfortable riding the horse, she doesn't appear to be experienced at it either.

The reason I mention all of that is I think it's a very well done illustration on its own. As for children, they'll really have a lot of fun coloring in all the detail in the design.

By the way, in case you were wondering, what appears to be a drawing mistake where her hand is, is in fact a bunch of flowers laying on the horses back.

Printable of Viking Riding Horse

This is one of those coloring pages that surprised me. I simply wasn't thinking in terms of finding a viking riding a horse. In a ship? Yes! On a horse, no. But that doesn't stop it from being a very compelling printable that will be very cool to a lot of little boys.

For them the shield and spear would be very interesting, but without a doubt that awesome eagle helmet would have to be the object in this illustration that impresses them the most.

Knight Riding Steed Coloring Page

Finally we have this gallant knight suited up for battle, along with his trusty horse, which is prancing in confidence as they ride together.

I really like the straight back of the knight as we rides on his powerful horse.

Also fantastic is the lion design on his shield, and what appears to be a bird on the top of his helmet. Most little boys will surely discover these and think it's very cool to color in.


Printable Horse and Rider Illustrations

As you can see from this disparate group of horse and rider printable coloring pages, there is no way you can know what is available to young artists when looking for digital illustrations for them to color in.

One thing that works really well with this particular group, especially the last couple of them, is that an entire short story could be told about viking or knights that would capture the imagination of children, and for another teaching lesson, you could describe some of the things they and the horses are wearing.

In circumstances such as those, children won't think you're teaching them, but will consider it more of a conversation they're having with mom or dad about some very interesting subject matter.

That's one of the reasons printable coloring pages are becoming so popular.

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