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Hidden Pictures Coloring Sheets | Pages | Printables


Free hidden object coloring pages to print!

Are you looking for free hidden object coloring pages? You have come to the right place. These coloring sheets are so much fun -- not only is your child busy coloring, they are also searching for these puzzling items within the picture! Hidden pictures puzzles help children develop visual perception and fine motor skills.These pages can be fun for both the young and the young at heart. Why not browse these images and see how many hidden objects you can find?

I have organized these coloring sheets by theme, so it's a little easier for you to find one that you like! Or why not print them all? They are perfect for keeping your children busy during holidays, sleepovers, or rainy weekends.

Intro image by Liz Ball

Hidden object pictures with animals

What child doesn't love to color animals? This is an adorable selection of animal hidden object pictures. Click on the thumbnail picture and it will take you to the website where you can print the picture and color!

  1. Free hidden picture puzzle by Liz Ball.

  2. Find pictures hidden in the Amazon rainforest! (by Sheri Amsel)

  3. Find the hidden New Zealand animals! (by Sheri Amsel)

  4. Find hidden animals in an arctic habitat! By SHERI AMSEL.

  5. Find all the hidden objects in the Amazon rainforest. Solution included. (by Sheri Amsel)

  6. Find the pictures hidden among the wildlife in a coral reef habitat. Solution included. (by Sheri Amsel)

Click the image to print! By Sheri Amsel

Educational hidden object pictures with animals!

Click on the thumbnail picture to print! Why not print them all for a rainy day? Mainly of these pictures are educational and will teach children about habitats and animals from around the world!

  1. Can you help coyote find 25 dragonflies hidden in the tree? By Sheri Amsel
  2. Find objects hidden among the adorable critters of the forest floor! By Sheri Amsel
  3. Find the objects that are hidden in this sleepy and cozy winter scene. By Sheri Amsel
  4. An adorable mouse prepares for a long winter in its cozy den, can you find the hidden objects? By Sheri Amsel
  5. Find all of the bog wildlife hidden in this picture. Solution included. By Sheri Amsel
  6. Find all the plants and animals of the Deciduous forest hidden within this picture! Solution included. By Sheri Amsel

Even more animal hidden object coloring pages! - These are FREE from Highlights magazine

  • Firehouse Dogs
    In this big picture, find the flashlight, frying pan, candy corn, banana, pencil, ladybug, pointy hat, shoe, ring, eyeglasses, flag, candle, crescent moon, and tent. By Mike DeSantis
  • Team Spirit
    The alligators are having fun and need your help to find the misplaced [hidden] objects! By Mike DeSantis
  • Try, try, again
    Have you ever tried to learn how to ice skate? It can be tough! If you fall down, you might lose something from your pockets. Find the wayward objects in this hidden object coloring picture by Valeri Gorbachev.
  • Bike Race
    Have you ever been in a bike race? It's plenty of fun! Find all of the hidden objects in this highly detailed hidden object activity by R. Michael Palan.
  • Washing the car
    Washing the car can be a chore or it can be fun! What's better than spraying your friends with a hose on a hot summer day? Find all of the objects in this fun hidden object coloring page by Chuck Dillon.
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Even more hidden picture pages to color for hours of fun...

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Saralee on March 25, 2019:

These pages will be perfect for the nursing home I work at.

They something different to do.

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Very food lens thanks for sharing!

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What wonderful search and find coloring challenges you have chosen and presented so nicely...they just have a little extra fun that kids of all ages can enjoy!

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