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38 Super Cool Washi and Duct Tape Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Are you ready to have some fun using washi and duct tape? This is a really growing craft that so many creative kids, of all ages, are enjoying. Teenagers are especially adept at thinking of new and useful ways to use these beautiful tapes.

I searched the internet looking for crafts, using washi or duct tape, which also included instructions on how to make the craft. I was pleasantly surprised to find many, and varied, washi tape and duct tape craft projects that fit my criteria for including them in this article.

So, check out these washi tape crafts and duct tape crafts, purchase some of the beautiful tapes available, and make gifts for yourself and your friends.

Find the easy to follow instructions for making these beautiful roses at CRAFTS BY Amanda.


1. Fashion Belt

Imagine how many fashion belts you can make that will be perfect for each jean or slack you own. The tutorial for making the fashion belt shown above is found at DUKES & DUCHESSES.


2. i-Phone Case

You can really personalize your i-phone case because of the wide variety of Washi tapes that are available. For the tutorial to make this duct tape craft, go to dollar store crafts.


3. Duct Tape Wallet

With all the choices of colorful and printed duct tape, you can make wallets for all your friends and still no two would be exactly alike. You'll find the instructions for making these wallets at Frugal Fun for Boys.


4. Duct Tape Hair Clips

Make these expensive looking, but actually inexpensive to make, hair clips. You can make these whatever size you want following the instructions that you'll find at crème de la craft . You can have hair clips for every outfit you have, whether casual or fancy.


5. Book Marks

You'll have so much fun making washi tape book marks that you'll want to make some for your friends, as well as for yourself. Find the instructions for making these book marks at Life With Lovebugs.

6. Lap Top Sleeve


7. Crayon Wrap

I'm sure every young mother has at some time wished she had some crayons handy to entertain her little one while waiting at the doctor's office or restaurant. Make this nice little crayon wrap to tuck in your purse and be prepared. Find the instructions at Taking Time to Create.

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8. Mailbox Bow

Imagine using different themed duct tapes for the different seasons and holidays that you could make a mailbox bow to celebrate. You'll find the directions for this mailbox bow at Doodlecraft.


9. Kitty Bow Tie

Your favorite cat will be a real Hep Cat when he's sporting a new bow tie that you have made for him using duct tape and following the tutorial at the instructables website.


10. Spring Wreath

This has to be one of my favorite wreath ideas. You'll find this easy to make wreath at Burlap + Blue. A great duct tape project.


11. Succulent Planters

Making washi tape planters are super easy to do and there are so many other uses for these pots.

12. Washi Tape Feathers


13. Flower Sandals

Purchase the color of duct tape that matches your outfit, and make beautiful flower sandals to go with the outfit. You'll find the tutorial for making these flower sandals at Skip to my Lou.


14. Duct Tape Belt

Imagine having a belt to match every different outfit that you have. You can do just that by going to the Crafty Soccer Mom site and following the instructions given there for making a duct tape belt.


15. Butterfly Hairbow

I know a few little girls who would love to wear a butterfly hair bow like the one shown above. For the easy, easy instructions for this project, go to Doodlecraft.


16. Taped Boots

I would never have dreamed of changing the looks of a pair of boots by using duct tape, but you can see that it can be done.....beautifully. The tutorial for covering boots with duct tape can be found at Crafting in the Rain.


17. Holiday Wreath

Another holiday wreath idea using duct tape in a wonderfully ingenious way. Find the instructions for making this holiday wreath by going to 101 DUCT TAPE CRAFTS site.


18. Pumpkin With Button Flowers

Imagine all the different looks you can get using this idea, by just changing the color and theme of the Washi tape and the color and kind of buttons used. The tutorial for this pumpkin craft is found at dollar store crafts.


19. Duct Tape Bangle Bracelets

I love the looks of these bangle bracelets and think that they would make beautiful gifts. The instructions for making these duct tape bangle bracelets can be found at Art Bar.


20. Owl Ornaments

Little wooden tags are the base for making the cute owl ornaments shown above. These super cute owls can be made by following the tutorial found at THE COUNTRY CHIC COTTAGE.


21. Place Mats

The kids will love helping make these place mats. The directions for making the place mats is found at allwomenstalk.


22. Duct Tape Wallet

Even all the boys in your life will want a wallet made by you, especially if you use a themed duct tape that expresses their likes. The tutorial for this project is found at Crafty Journal.


23. Washi Tape Turkey Napkin Rings

You can make napkin rings for special occasions, easily, by following the instructions at The Country Chic Cottage. So very easy and inexpensive way to have napkin rings for every occasion.


24. Patriotic Flag

Make this beautiful, patriotic flag using red, white and blue duct tape. Tip Junkie has the tutorial to show you how to make it.


25. Pencils and Notebooks

Customize your pencils and notebooks with washi tape so no one can mistake them for theirs.

26. Duct Tape Neck Tie


27. Halloween Topiary

Find the tutorial at Poppies at Play and then get busy making a cute Halloween topiary to add to your Halloween decor.

28. Back to School Using Duct Tape


29. Decorating With Washi Tape

Look how beautiful a plain pitcher or vase can be transformed into a real decorator piece, just by using tape. Find the instructions for decorating with duct tape at How About Orange.


30. Creepy Crawly Pumpkin Topiary

Creepy, crawly sounds so spooky, but to tell the truth I think this topiary is really cute. Find the instructions for making it at Crafty Journal and enjoy making these pumpkin topiaries.


31. Prom Necklace

Make a one-of-a-kind prom necklace using any of the outstanding duck tapes by going to the Four Front Doors site for the instructions. Very personalized!


32. Washi Tape Flower Wreath

Make this beautiful washi tape flower wreath by following the directions at Craft for Life.


33. Paperclip Necklace

Although orange is far from my favorite color, I can imagine how beautiful these necklaces would be in a color that I do like. You'll find a great tutorial for making these paperclip necklaces at How About Orange.


34. Halloween Photo Frame

The perfect frame for a great Halloween photo that you want to keep and share. Find the directions for making this Halloween frame at Organize and Decorate Everything. Make great gifts!


35. Washi Tape Clock

Not only is this washi tape clock an attractive addition to your decor, you'll also find directions for making a banner.


36. Monogram Letters

Make beautiful monogram letters to enhance your rooms decor by adding washi tape to the letters.


37. Wreath

Find the instructions for making this beautiful clothespin wreath at Hambly Screenprints.


38. Butterflies

I think washi tape was made especially so kids could make these cute butterflies. Easy and fun!

© 2014 Loraine Brummer

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