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36 Cool Craft Ideas Using Gloves or Mittens

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

glove crafts mitten crafts ideas

glove crafts mitten crafts ideas

Crafts using gloves or mittens can be lots of fun. And who hasn't on occasion found themselves with just one glove or mitten, having lost the mate? No need to toss the remaining glove or mitten, make fun glove crafts. If you don't have a glove or mitten to use crafting, how about making the craft with felt or some other fuzzy fabric?

While doing a Google search, I came across a couple of cute glove crafts and then I became serious about finding crafts using gloves or mittens, that also included a picture and instructions for making the crafts. In this article I will share with you a number of the glove and mitten crafts, and as time goes on and I find others, I will add them to this article.

Directions for making the Snow Folks shown above are found at Kinder ART.


1. Penguin Ornaments

Make this super cute penguin ornament by going to, and following the directions found at Craft Schmaft. Kids and adults will enjoy making these penguin ornaments.


2. Easter Bunny Puppet

Don't you love the little carrot included with this Easter bunny puppet? To make this glove puppet, go to Crafty Elf for the tutorial.


3. Stuffed Turkeys

Make Thanksgiving table decorations this easy way. Go to the Tiger Strypes site for the tutorial to make this super cute turkey.

4. Marvelous Mitten Hanging

Here is a project if you just don't have any gloves or mittens but you want to make a decoration with the mitten theme.


5. Team Pom-Pom Gloves

Cheer on your favorite team wearing pom-pom gloves like these. I think this would make a great money-making project for a team or school. Choose your school or team colors, follow the instructions at A COWBOY’S Wife, and show your team pride.


6. Mitten Dolls

Make little mitten people with outgrown kids mittens. Find the directions at Fab Art DIY.


7. Coco the Glove Bunny

Look what you can make with asimple pair of gloves. Find out how to make this bunny at The Shabby Tree.

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8. Desk Buddy

Make this Desk Buddy from a mitten using the directions you'll find at thrifty fun.

9. Monster Glove Animals


10. Crocheted Mitten Ornament

I like the way this mitten is used in the picture, as a table decoration. Go to favecrafts for the instructions.


11. Five Little Pumpkins Finger Puppets

Included, besides the instructions to make the five little pumpkin finger puppets in this cute craft are the words to the Five Little Pumpkins song.


12. Monster and Character Gloves

Find the addresses for the directions for all these Halloween monster and character hands at Handprint and Footprint ART.

13. How to Make Finger Puppets


14. Child's Mitten Ornament

Use outgrown mittens to make special keepsake ornaments for your Christmas tree. Go to 30 Minute Crafts to see how they are made.


15. Reindeer Head Ornament

Make a very cute reindeer head ornament from a glove. Find the directions at Sippy Cup Central.


16. Peacocks, Puppies and Bears

If you'd rather make peacocks, puppies or bears, go to the LOVE & LOLLIPOPS site for the tutorials. I especially like the little bears made from the fuzzy glove. You'll find the photos of the puppies and the bears on the site.


17. Cotton Batting Mitten Ornament

These are very attractive mitten ornaments. To make some like these, go to The feathered nest.


18. Stuffed Glove Turkey

Make this stuffed glove turkey using the directions that you'll find at CRAFTS BY Amanda.


19. Knit Mitten Ornaments

If you are a Grandmother who knits, this would be a thoughtful gift for your grandkids this Christmas. Go to for the knitting instructions.


20. Memory Mitten Ornament

Do you have a favorite sweater that you baby or tot has outgrown? Make a memory ornament like this mitten using the instructions given at twelve crafts till christmas.


21. Kid Monster Toys

The perfect, simple use for lonely gloves. Make the kids and the lonely gloves happy. Go to Craftaholics Anonymous for the instructions.


22. Chipmunk Softie

A great glove how-to from The Etsy Blog will show you how to make this little chipmunk softie.


23. Paper Mittens

Fireflies and Mudpies gives directions for kids wanting to make these paper mittens. A great bulletin board idea for Christmas.


24. Colorful Turkeys

Make colorful turkeys from those lonely print gloves. Find how these turkeys were made by finding the directions at Cathie and Steve.

25. Gloves With Personality


26. Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are a hot fashion, so if you or someone you know can crochet, this would make a great gift item. Go to for the instructions.


27. Graveyard Ghouls

A very cute Halloween decoration made with a lonely glove. Find the directions at


28. Washi Tape Mittens

Make washi tape mittens for a card, or use this idea and make tree ornaments, a wreath or a garland. Find the directions at The Chaos and the Clutter.

29. Hat, Shorts and Shirt for Barbie


30. Holiday Mitten Ornament

Use some of the buttons you probably have stashed away to make these sweet mitten ornaments for your Christmas tree. You'll find the directions at olivers + s.


31. Muppet Puppets

What kid doesn't like the Muppets? I don't know any little kids that wouldn't be thrilled with stories told with the help of these Muppet puppets. You can find out how to make them by going to the site. Too cute!!


32. Conductive Thread iPhone Gloves

One great idea for keeping your hands warm even during winter weather, and texting too, is to make your own conductive thread iPhone gloves.


33. Texting Gloves

Here is another way of making your gloves texting friendly, only these texting gloves use puff paint. I especially like this project.


34. Matching Mittens

A cute way to keep mitten matches together is to add a cute animal face. A smart and easy way of matching mittens.


35. Felt Applique Mittens

Find the directions and patterns for making these outstanding mitten ornaments at Polka Dot Chair.


36. Old Sweater Mittens

So, if you don't have any mismatched mittens to use in crafts, and you don't want to purchase new ones, use an old sweater to make mittens.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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