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Free Motorcycle Knitting Patterns for Your Man on Valentine’s Day

Michele's love for knitting shines like the sun! Knitting is a trending craft, so jump on board today!

My Husband's Motorcycle: Free Knitting Seat Cover Pattern

My husband's gorgeous motorcycle! It needed my knitting touches to it so I made a seat cover to keep him cool this Valentine's Day!

My husband's gorgeous motorcycle! It needed my knitting touches to it so I made a seat cover to keep him cool this Valentine's Day!

Are you a knitter in love with a man with a motorcycle? While there are very few free knitting patterns for motorcycle riders out there, there's still a couple. I have always been “on the hunt” for free motorcycle knitting patterns for my husband so I will share with you what I have found.

One of the patterns I have is an original one I created - a motorcycle seat cover that I made for my husband. (He was my boyfriend at the time). The other free knitting pattern is a dishcloth which I am going to knit as I write this because there was no picture to go along with it.

Knitting Motorcycle Patterns this V-Day!

Get your materials and knit your man something for Valentine's Day this year!

Get your materials and knit your man something for Valentine's Day this year!

My Husband’s Motorcycle

In all honesty, I have always hated motorcycles. Over time, as we were dating, I revealed this to my husband, but I never insisted he sell his. I think they are dangerous, and I would never ride on one again. The time I rode on one I was extremely uncomfortable and felt like I had no control of the speed or balance. It was like a claustrophobic feeling to me.

I swore I’d never date a guy who drove a motorcycle after that. However, my husband has an awesome sports car and so many other great qualities that I gave him a pass. I still hate motorcycles, but I know he loves his, and over the years I have changed. I am not a controlling girlfriend like I was in the past, so I have no problem with him keeping it. Plus, I figure if he later has a mid-life crisis, he’s already got the bike, so he shouldn’t need to buy anything else!

He may have already had his mid-life crisis for all I know. He is quite a bit older than I am. He doesn’t ride the bike as much as he used to mainly because with our family and his job, he just has too much on his plate to be joy riding, but he still loves his bike and wouldn’t want to sell it unless it was to get a better one! A funny little fact is that I actually own the motorcycle now even though I’ve never even ridden on it! It was a better deal for us to refinance it in my name so it is now mine, but of course, in reality, it’s his.

Here is a brief overview of what I will cover in this article:

  • Reasons to Make a Homemade Gift for Valentine’s Day
  • The Seat Cover I Made for Bryan's Motorcycle and the Free Knitting Dishcloth Pattern I Found Online
  • Motorcycle Patterns
  • Other Free Knitting Patterns Related to Motorcycles
  • Other Ideas on What to Buy Your Valentine if He Rides a Motorcycle
  • Tips on Giving Away a Homemade Gift
  • Other Resources (including helpful links and video tutorials covering the basics of knitting)

Reasons to Make a Homemade Gift:

Save money by making something at home rather than purchasing something at the store.

A handmade present is often more meaningful and more of a keepsake than a store-bought gift.

You can practice your hobby of knitting or improve it by learning new techniques.

You can personalize a knitted gift and make it one of a kind!

Anyway, let’s get to the two patterns I have found for motorcycles and see what you think. After going over these two patterns, I would like to share other free knitting patterns related to motorcycles with you, but ones that I have never made and probably will never make. If you do not wish to make them, they may at least inspire you to create your own knitting patterns that are similar to them.

The Seat Cover I Made for Bryan's Motorcycle

When I was dating my husband he decided to go on a motorcycle trip with his friends. It was during the summer and when he wasn't on his motorcycle on the trip, the seat would get very hot. So before he left he asked me to make him a cover for his seat.

When choosing what yarn to use, I picked two different greens since green is his favorite color; by using 2 strands of yarn, I knew it would be very nice and thick. When you double your yarn on a knitting project you can be sure that it will be thicker and heavier. It will also serve its purpose much better. If you need the seat cover to keep the seat cooler, the thicker material will keep the sun away better. The same goes for keeping the seat warmer; a thicker seat cover will keep the cold away too!

The motorcycle seat cover I knitted for my dear husband!

The motorcycle seat cover I knitted for my dear husband!

Not only was the seat cover useful in keeping his seat cool so that he did not burn himself when he got back on his motorcycle to ride, but the seat cover was also compact enough that he could carry it in his side pouch. During the winter months it has also served him well because it keeps his seat warm so that he can ride it without the leather getting too cold to ride on.

The Pattern

The first thing I did when creating this pattern was measure the seat in inches both length and width wise. That measurement showed me the cover needed to be 25" long X 15" wide. Since I have made nearly 100 garter stitch scarves, many double stranded, I knew that the average width of a scarf was 6" with a cast on of about 20 stitches. With a double stranded cast on of 20 stitches, it was closer to 8".

As you can see, the seat cover I knitted came out very thick and warm for him to use on his motorcycle!

As you can see, the seat cover I knitted came out very thick and warm for him to use on his motorcycle!

Therefore, I just doubled the amount I usually casted on to about 40 with 2 different colors of green as my strands of yarn. This made my final width of 15" turn out the way I wanted it to. Going forward, I just knitted using only garter stitch (the knit stitch) for the seat cover until I had reached my desired length, which in this case was 25".

I made the green motorcycle seat cover many years ago when Bryan was a carefree bachelor and rode his motorcycle a lot! However, he still uses and loves it today! Plus since we store it on his motorcycle in the garage, the seat cover is still in like new condition.

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Knitting Your Valentine's Motorcycle Seat Cover

If you are going to create a seat cover for your Valentine this holiday season, I would recommend measuring the seat from top to bottom and then across at a time that he doesn’t suspect you are doing that (if you want the gift to be a surprise). It may take some trial and error to get the width just right or at least close enough, but if you can at least write down the length and width, you will get it right eventually.

Since it is a straight garter stitch project (the knit stitch only), it knits up very fast so I don’t think you will need to worry about having it competed in time. You will have it done long before Valentine’s Day comes around. However, you could add some texture if you are a bit more of an advanced knitter. There are an endless number of ways to do this, but if you are talented in creating your own patterns, you can expand this design and make it nicer looking.

This may take you a bit longer than the time frame I’m estimating, but if you feel comfortable designing the pattern, you should be a fast enough knitter that you won’t have any trouble at all in knitting a seat cover before Valentine’s Day! If you do decide to add different stitches to the pattern and create your own version, I can recommend a great website that has a number of stitches for every level of knitter (beginner, advanced, etc.). I will share that link with you so that you can explore the stitches on it.

This is what the dishcloth looks like completed. I do not take credit for this as it is not free; however, I will point you in the direction of a posting of the pattern.

This is what the dishcloth looks like completed. I do not take credit for this as it is not free; however, I will point you in the direction of a posting of the pattern.

Motorcycle Patterns

I must say that you can do quite a bit of searching on the Internet for free knitting patterns related to motorcycles without much success. It is unfortunate but it seems that most people who have created dish cloths that have motorcycle emblems or motorcycles on them have discovered that they can charge for these items because there are no free ones out there and they are in high demand. I mean they are smart to do this as they are probably making money by doing this, but it is unfortunate for those of us who only seek out free knitting patterns!

Motorcycle Dishcloth

  • Sonia's Knits: Motorcycle Dishcloth
    As I mentioned before, I do not believe this pattern is free as it once was, but this website has it posted so you can check it out there. I believe the pattern is actually $2.00 so I do not believe this should have been posted for free.

At one time this pattern may have been free and it may be a paid pattern now, but I found it free so I'm going to share it. However I do not claim it is mine or any kind of copyright to it. The website which shared it has done so at its own risk and I appreciate it so I would like to pass it on to you so that you can knit it for your man with a motorcycle for Valentine's Day! There was no picture with this pattern so I will create this cloth and provide the picture for you. This will also give my dear husband a bonus gift for Valentine’s Day!

Since there are so few free knitting patterns for motorcycle lovers, I have compiled a list of links of patterns related to motorcycles that are still free. These patterns are probably a little bit too advanced for me or perhaps ones I would not create but they are offered at no charge. I’m sharing them with you to give you the opportunity to decide whether or not you can knit them or would like to. You may even be able to create your own pattern based off one of these or find one similar that will serve your boyfriend or husband well!


Biker's Cowl

    Free Cowl - Dickie Knitting Pattern. Keep your man warm with this cowl while he rides his motorcycle! This will keep his neck warm as the wind blows on him when he soars. It is a very masculine look & you can choose a manly color for Valentine's

Hexipuff Chart Pattern for Motorcycles


Gentleman's Motorcyling Scarf: Free Pattern

  • Gentleman's Motorcyling Scarf: Free Pattern
    This knitting scarf is very manly and stylish for your boyfriend or husband. Consider searching for another scarf that is similar to this one if you don't especially like it. There are many free scarf knitting patterns out there for you to find!

On Ravelry, you can find a ton of manly scarves. The website is full of free knitting patterns so check it out to pick out your favorite!


Knitting Instructions - Helmet Liner

  • Knitting Instructions - Helmet Liner
    A helmet liner is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie who rides a motorcycle. At the store, they are typically very expensive, and if he does not have one, he will greatly appreciate you making him one to keep his head warm as he rides!

If you would rather not make a helmet liner that looks like this, you could always make a cowl and a cap/beanie/hat, which would basically serve the same purpose!


Antifreeze - a Helmet Liner

  • Antifreeze - A Helmet Liner
    Knitty is a free web-only knitting magazine with a sense of humor. Fun patterns, fabulous articles. Come and see for yourself! This helmet liner is perfect for a man who is into motorcycles, because he will want to keep his head warm when he rides!

Other Ideas on What to Buy Your Valentine if He Rides a Motorcycle

  • Bandanas
  • Individual sized travel toiletries
  • Riding gloves
  • Stickers
  • Patches


Etsy has all sorts of motorcycle items - from motorcycle tie clips to tee-shirts that say: I love it when my wife lets me ride my motorcycle! The link below shows you how to specifically search for motorcycle-related items on Etsy. Etsy is basically an online store, but typically the items for sale are homemade!

I’ve also found some specialty websites that sell a variety of items for your sweetheart who loves motorcycles.

These sites focus solely on motorcycle riders, so search the Internet by simply typing into Google: "motorcycle gifts" and then click on the "Shopping" tab, and you will find a huge variety of shopping websites where you can find just about anything related to motorcycles!

Also, Amazon and eBay always have a huge variety of just about anything you could think up related to every hobby out there! Often you can search by price here and find excellent deals from people selling items themselves rather than stores selling items at a marked up price.

Of course don't forget ACTUAL stores near you. If you search for motorcycle shops, you can find some near you on Google. They usually show you the address and the distance the shop is from your location. has cool gifts like a Motorcycle Club Biker's Wallet and a 3-D Motorcycle Wall Clock!

Tips in Knitting a Gift for Your Boyfriend or Husband on Valentine’s Day

Experiment with colors! Consider using more than one color or change colors mid-project if you feel confident in doing so. Simply cut the yarn you are working on, tie the end you cut to the beginning of the next yarn skein you wish to work with, double knot this joining, and cut off the ends to make it as short as possible without allowing the yarn to come untied.

Put your knitted item in a basket with a few treats for your special someone. You may want to include candy, a cactus, hand tools, items from the list above about other ideas on what to buy your rider boyfriend or husband, and/or a romantic coupon book or other homemade item.

A simple bow makes your knitting project look so much nicer!

A simple bow makes your knitting project look so much nicer!

Wrap a bow around your completed knitted item to make the presentation pretty. You may be able to find motorcycle gift wrapping paper at a party store near you along with additional motorcycle themed items to go along with the packaging of the gift. This would make it extra special!

Create a homemade card or a poem expressing your feelings to go along with your knitted item. If you are a fan of your man’s motorcycle, write a story or message about the experiences the two of you have had on his bike. Create a small memory or scrapbook with a motorcycle on the cover.

My Ravelry Profile

  • Ravelry - a knit and crochet community
    My Ravelry profile has my original knitting designs. This includes coasters, scarves, and more. This is a great community to join and participate in, and it's free! It's easy to find a knitting or crocheting pattern that meets your wants and needs.

My Knitting Blog

  • Michele Kelsey - Flirty Knitter
    Simple knitting blog for beginners who want to learn how to knit. Master knitting basics with free knitting patterns and ideas. These patterns focus on only the stitches of Knit and Purl, so that any new knitter can complete them with pride and ease!
Learn how to knit and to make easy projects with this article.

Learn how to knit and to make easy projects with this article.

Want to make your man something else for Valentine's Day?

Want to learn how to make more Valentine’s Day gifts for your man? I have compiled an article with a list of the easiest patterns for a beginner. There is a huge variety of patterns in this article and an endless list of possibilities when you take into consideration colors, sizes, textures, and more.

Make Him a Coaster Set for Valentine's Day

Would you like to make your man something more to go along with this project? Consider a coaster set for his office. I think a coaster set is a great gift for a guy, because you can make it quite manly. This article offers you 3 of my original coaster designs to choose from.

Make this nice coaster set for your man for Valentine's Day by following this article!

Make this nice coaster set for your man for Valentine's Day by following this article!

Learn How to Knit

The following videos will teach you the knitting basics. So, sit back and get ready to be away

Knitting: Learn How to Easily Tie a Slip Knot

This is the most basic step of learning how to knit. Once you have mastered this, you can begin the art of knitting. This video is short and to the point. You will easily learn how to tie a slip knot in no time!

Casting On (CO)

When a pattern says “CO 25” it means “cast on” 25 stitches. Casting on begins the knitting process, and this video will teach you how to cast on stitches in the easiest way possible. This video is very good because it is short, but slow enough to show you the method with ease.

Learn How to Cast On (Knitting Tutorial)

Credit for YouTube video above:


Date: April 21, 2011

The Knit Stitch (K) or Garter Stitch

The Knit (K) Stitch is the most basic stitch. It is one of the easiest stitches to learn how to do. I love the Knit (K) Stitch because over time, it becomes repetitive and you don’t even have to look at your hands when you are knitting anymore.

Learn How to Knit the Knit Stitch

Credit for YouTube video above:


Date: April 21, 2011

Binding Off (BO)

Binding Off (BO) in a pattern is the method in which you finish a knitting project. It is a crucial part of learning how to knit because without it your project would just fall apart. For a beginner, there is usually only one method to do this. The video below will explain how to do this easily. It is short, but informative.

Learn How to Cast Off (Knitting)

Credit for YouTube Video Above:


Date: April 21, 2011

Finally, you may also want to check out a video on some other finishing touches like how to weave in the ends or you can just read about how to do this. I hope these patterns helped you with your Valentine’s Day gift giving plans and have inspired you to be creative this year. I would love to see what you have decided to make your motorcycle man or if you find a great free knitting pattern online! Please share this information in the comments section below.

Dear Readers:

The images in this article were created and published by Michele Kelsey (theflirtyknitter).

Please feel free to ask a direct question about any of the information provided in this article or any questions you may have about the free knitting patterns provided above.

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Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoyed these free knitting patterns!

I would really like to see what you have created based on these patterns, so feel free to post me links to your pictures or post your pictures in the comments below. Let me know if these videos helped you or if you found a broken link or a better video; I appreciate constructive criticism as much as I appreciate learning how my articles have helped you become a better or a new knitter today!

Best of luck in your knitting adventures this holiday season!

Michele Kelsey (theflirtyknitter)


Michele Kelsey (author) from Edmond, Oklahoma, USA on January 30, 2016:

I'm so glad you're going to be able to put my ideas to good use. I have found it difficult to make motorcycle themed knitting projects. My husband has so many friends who own motorcycles and who would love something knitted. Bryan even said he wants me to try to make the motorcycle cowl/helmet liner for him and his best friend! Lol. Guess I better get to working on that! I'd love to hear more about what you end up making when you're done. Thank you, Michele :)

Donna Herron from USA on January 29, 2016:

My sister and her husband are avid motorcycle enthusiasts, and their wedding anniversary is on Valentine's Day! These patterns give me some great options for anniversary and Christmas presents for them. Thanks so much for sharing!

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