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Free Sachet Pattern for the Knifty Knitter Loom

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Sachet Pattern for the Knifty Knitter looms

Sachet Pattern for the Knifty Knitter looms

Knifty Knitter Sachet Pattern

This sachet pattern takes less than an hour to complete. If you are a beginner to loom knitting, allow a little more time for learning the Cast On Drawstring and the no wrap stitch. You will also need a knowledge of how to crochet a chain stitch to complete this project. All the needed instructions are below.

Cameo Rose Yarn Used in This Pattern

What You Will Need

  • The blue round loom (5.5 inch), which is the smallest loom in the set below
  • Yarn
  • A yarn needle
  • Knifty Knitter hook (Included in the round loom set)
  • A crochet hook

Blue Round Loom

Drawstring Cast On

Drawstring Cast On

Drawstring Cast On

Step 1: Cast On Drawstring

Making a Cast On Drawstring on the Knifty Knitter Loom

If you have never made a drawstring to cinch together the end of a knitted project, it is well worth your time to learn this step. It makes a professional drawn edge with no puckering. It will be the bottom of the sachet.

1. Tie a slipknot and secure the yarn to the anchor peg.

2. Wrap the yarn around the outside of the loom (not around each peg).

3. Move the working yarn around the loom a second time above the first yarn.

4. Begin knitting off on peg 1. With the second yarn over the first, knit off by pulling the first yarn up and over the second yarn and over the top of the peg.

5. Knit off the second peg by pulling the second wrap of the yarn away toward you and away from the loom. You are getting the second yarn out of the way, so that you can knit off the first yarn without pulling it over the top of the second yarn.

6. Continue to knit off alternating steps 4 and 5 until you have knitted off around the loom one time. The odd numbered pegs should follow step 4 and the even numbered pegs should follow step 5.

(Further assistance with the drawstring cast-on.)

No Wrap Knit Stitch

No wrap Stitch Knifty Knitter

No wrap Stitch Knifty Knitter

Step 2: The No Wrap Stitch on the Knifty Knitter

Now that you've completed your cast on drawstring, it's time to begin knitting the sachet. We will use the "no wrap" stitch, sometimes called the knit stitch because it make a creates a basic knit from the Knifty Knitter loom. The no wrap stitch is done by knitting continuously around the loom just as you did above in step 4.

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1. Pull the working yarn above the yarn already on the loom. Knit off by using the Knifty Knitter hook to pull the yarn on the peg up and over the yarn you've stretched above it.

2. Continue working around the loom with the no wrap stitch until approximately 10 rows have been knitted.

3. Release the slip knot from the anchor peg and draw the bottom of the sachet closed.

4. Continue step knitting off with the no wrap stitch until approximately 4 inches of knit exist on the knifty knitter loom.

5. Remove the sachet from the loom by sewing using a yarn needle and the working end of the yarn to sew through each loop as it is removed from the Knifty Knitter.

(More about the no wrap stitch.)

Finished Sachet

Knifty Knitter Sachet

Knifty Knitter Sachet

Step 3: Finishing Your Knitted Sachet

Last Step in the Knifty Knitter Sachet Pattern

1. Tie off the working end of the yarn by making a not and using the yarn needle to weave the loose edge into the inside of the knit.

2. Release the slip knot at the other end of the knit, making it a long string of yarn. Push this yarn through the cinched end of the sachet and pull it tight to completely close the end of the bag. Tie this off with a knot. Cut the yarn and work the loose end through the inside of the knit bag.

3. Using the crochet hook, chain stitch 40 times to create a chain to tie the bag.

4. Once the ends of the chain stitch have been knotted and the excess yarn cut, fill the sachet bag and tie it closed with the chain.

No Wrap

This is the no wrap stitch used to make the sachet above. In this video, I am using a long loom, but you can do this same stitch on a round loom going continuously around the loom in the same direction without reversing.

The No Wrap Stitch

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