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Free Quilling Patterns and Designs

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Quilling Kits and Patterns

This page contains many links to free quilling patterns and designs sorted into different categories. I am including instructions for making the basic shapes - the building blocks of quilling - in case you are new to the craft. I am also featuring some delightful craft kits to purchase. These are not free, but they do include the papers you need to make the items. They will also give ideas for the more experienced quillers.

Quilling is a delightful craft which involves taking strips of paper and rolling them around a "quill" (which can be a a specially purchased tool or even just a toothpick). These paper spirals are then removed from the quill, glued and squeezed to make different shapes which are then combined to make pictures or patterns.

This is one of those crafts which can cost you next to nothing, especially if you cut your own paper strips. Paper is very cheap and you could even use recycled paper from envelopes or advertizing brochures etc.

Quilling can be used to decorate greeting cards, scrapbooking pages, bookmarks, fridge magnets, calendars and more.

© Copyright Mellocello (CC BY-SA 3.0)

© Copyright Mellocello (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Basic Quilling Shape Patterns

Tip: if you tear a strip before gluing it, the join is less visible than if you cut the paper with scissors.

Instructions for making the basic quilling shapes - tight coil, closed coil, teardrop, petal, marquise (eye), shaped marquise (leaf), half moon (crescent), triangle, tulip, bunny ear (shield), arrow (dart), star, square, holly leaf, fringed flower, open heart

Different instructions for some basic shapes - loose circle, teardrop, curved teardrop, marquise, curved marquise, square / diamond, rectangle, half circle, curved half circle, triangle

Tools for for this Craft


You could cut your own paper strips. My favorite way to do this is with a paper trimmer or a craft knife, ruler, and self-healing mat. That way you can choose the exact colors you want. But you will need to make sure that the strips are all exactly the same width. I once had the "bright" idea of using a paper shredder, but the strips mine cut had furry edges and they were a bit too wide. Buying pre-cut paper will give you more time to get on the quilling and there are so many color choices on offer. You can even buy the strips in different widths.

Flower Patterns

Basic 5-petal flower

Four easy flowers in a kaleidoscope design

Wild rose

Spiral rose

How to make a folded quilled rose

Trellis with climbing flowers

Bouquet of flowers

Tutorial on how to make fringed flowers

Fringed flower card

Beautiful topiaries in every season - Scroll down to Seasonal Treetops

Using a comb to do husking

A variation on quilling is husking which enables you to make the loops a particular size. The traditional way to do this is by using pins on a board which you wrap your strip around, but you can also get the same effect by wrapping your papers around a comb - a normal hair comb or even a nit comb, which will allow for much closer spacing of your coils.

Heart Designs

A simple but effective hearts made from two quilled shapes, with ideas for using it in several different projects.

Simple Quilled Heart Card (Video)

© Copyright lori05871 (CC BY 2.0)

© Copyright lori05871 (CC BY 2.0)


Make some pretty snowflakes from white or silver paper and attach to a card to make a lovely Christmas greeting card or attach a thread to the top to use as pretty decorations on your Christmas tree.

Step by step instructions for making a beautiful snowflake

Practice making different basic shapes and make tome quilled snowflake decorations

Snowflake made from scrolls

Butterflies, Bees and Ladybug Patterns

butterfly card

butterfly card

Picture tutorial for making a butterfly card (shown above). They show how to use a quilling board, which helps to make your rolled paper strips a consistent size.

A delicate butterfly where each section of the wing is made from 3 quilled shapes. Very pretty.

Different technique for making a butterfly

Butterfly headband

Cute little bee earrings

A very detailed, advanced butterfly with a brief description of how it was made.

Scroll down the page for a beehive tutorial.

Little ladybug

Bird Pattern

quilled bird

quilled bird

Sweet bird with big eye (see picture above)

Animal Kits available from Amazon

These cute animal kits come with instructions, 1/8 inch wide papers, and wiggly eyes to create a menagerie of adorable animals.

3D Designs

© Copyright inna's creations (CC BY-SA 3.0)

© Copyright inna's creations (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Make the cute 3D lion shown above. At the bottom of the post, you'll see links to other posts showing clever crafts created by this blogger. Keep following these links and you'll see all kinds of 3D creatures and objects to inspire you.

Make a quilled chess set

Flower topiary

Quilled Easter basket

3D Quilled Angel (Video) - For Christmas or Mother's Day

Free Christmas Patterns

© Copyright bgottsab (CC BY 2.0)

© Copyright bgottsab (CC BY 2.0)

Beautiful candle with flowers - Scroll down to Christmas Candle

Stylized Christmas tree

Quite a few Christmas themed quilling patterns, including several different styles of Christmas trees, poinsettias, a wreath, a snowman.

Two Christmas quilling designs - a wreath with Noel and a Christmas angel


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