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free cross stitch patterns flowers

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I made these charts from public domain images. I edited them, eliminating background and shadow. I have added back stitch to each chart, these charts are all under 10 inches and none has too many colors.

To download the designs, right click on each photo and hit save. I hope you enjoy the patterns and check out my other cross stitch hubs

I am starting out with just 3 flowers and I will be adding several over the next few weeks.

The finished size of the pattern is about 6 x 5 inches. It uses 11 DMC colors, including two for back stitch.


This pattern's stitch count for finished size is 85w x 60h, about 6 x 4 inches. the pattern has 13 DMC colors, 2 used for back stitch; one for flower and one for stem. I set it for 14 count Aida, but you can use any size or color you want.

The finished stitch count is 87 x 58, about 6 x 4 inches in 14 count Aida. The pattern uses 18 DMC colors, back stitch is really 2 colors, for some reason one stitch in a different color is listed but ignore that. There is one color for the stem and another for the flower.


Pamela Dapples from Arizona. on August 21, 2010:

Very nice work. Voting this up and useful. I bought the software in the year 2000 -- when it was overpriced -- and I haven't used it to complete one project yet. You've done three here. I admire your ambition and tenacity.

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