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free cross stitch pattern forest in autumn

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This is a really big pattern, 20 pages long and the stitch count is 231 wide by 298 high (17 inches by 21). I made it because I really liked the colors of the trees.

The pattern uses 16 DMC colors and is done white or off white 14 count Aida. I would suggest you do the pattern on 16 or 18 count to make it smaller, if you can stand using the higher count. Personally I can't, it hurts my eyes.

16 count size would be 14 inches by 19 inches

18 count size would be 13 inches by 17 inches

To download the pattern, right click the full size images and scroll down to "save image as: To expand the small images, click on image.


Kathryn L Johnson on November 01, 2020:

Pretty hard to guess which thread colors/numbers to use. Help me out, please?

Rosni Habib on April 25, 2019:

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Hi, I love your autumn forest pattern. It's beautiful. I would like to give a try to do this. May I have the thread number for each type of pattern so that I can purchase the thread in my country. Thank you.

SSand on January 10, 2016:

Hi, your autumn forest pattern is stunning but I am not able to download the last 5 pages pf the pattern. How can I do this? Thanks

Ivory on July 12, 2015:

The patterns are gorgouse. How long did it take to do the autum forest? Thinking about attempting it!

Julia on June 09, 2015:

I am in love with this cross-stitch. Wow. It's beautiful.

marellen on June 29, 2011:

Your patterns are just beautiful...,thank you again for sharing....

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