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Free Crochet Toy Patterns


Free Crochet Toy Patterns For Baby And You

If you love crocheted toys as much as I do, then you'll love all the free crochet toy patterns I have gathered in this article.

Crocheted toys can range in size from fairly large to the very tiny size as in the adorable amigurumi crochet patterns.

I love making things for my little grandson and I am gathering some of the cutest toy patterns to make for him and for any other crocheted toy gifts I want to give in the near future.

Some of these free crochet patterns are so dang cute that I just might make and keep a few for myself!

This article will not only share more advanced skill toy patterns but will also share beginner crochet patterns, simple crochet patterns, and free easy crochet patterns for you to play and experiment with. So grab your yarn and crochet hooks and let's get started with your free crochet toy patterns for baby or for you!

*** Be sure to scroll down and check out the different Link Lists to more Free Crochet Patterns! ***

Image Courtesy of Jules

Birds Of A Feather - Free Crochet Toy Patterns

Birds Of A Feather Free Easy Crochet Patterns

Birds Of A Feather Free Easy Crochet Patterns

Who doesn't love little birds? These birdies would look cute in just about any color but I love the colors she chose to feature for this free crochet pattern. I would rank this pattern in the free easy crochet patterns category.

She says on the post about this pattern that it is not only easy but requires very little yarn. This would be a good time to use some leftover yarn scraps!

To see the pattern and make your own set of birdies you can visit BitterSweat's Birds Of A Feather free crochet pattern.

Image Courtesy of Bittersweet Blog

Baby Bumble Bee - Easy Free Crochet Toy Patterns

Baby Bee Free Crochet Toy Pattern

Baby Bee Free Crochet Toy Pattern

This little baby bumble bee crocheted toy looks like he would be a total hit to give as a gift! The free crochet pattern is rated as EASY and I like that. One could probably whip out several of these in no time at all.

To visit this free crochet toy pattern you can go to Crochet Baby Bee.

A Menagerie of Soft and Cuddly Crocheted Animals

How To Crochet Videos - Basic Crochet Stitches

Click any video to watch and learn more about different basic crochet stitches, crocheting in the round, crochet hooks, and crocheting an Amigurumi ball!

How to Crochet in the round.

Scroll to Continue

Learn several basic crochet stitches.

How to make a Crochet Chain Stitch.

How to crochet a cute little giraffe toy.

Patterns For Crocheting Toys - Crochet Patterns for Larger Crocheted Toys

Kitty Cat Free Crochet Instructions - Free Crochet Toy Patterns

Kitty Cat Crochet Instructions

Kitty Cat Crochet Instructions

I've fallen in love with the Little Woollie Blog!

Jules of the Little Woollie Crochet Blog kindly gave permission for me to feature some of her images and patterns and I am so happy that she did.

The beautiful colors that she uses in her crochet projects just make me want to take a bite out of whatever she is making. Seriously!

I love her use of vibrant colors and can just imagine giving this Kitty Cat to a little one for them to love and cuddle.

Even though this awesome free crochet toy pattern has several steps to it, I know it is very doable for me.

I'm giving it a rating of Intermediate Skill Level.

There are two parts to this crochet tutorial and you can check out both parts here Kitty Cat Crochet Tutorial Pattern Part 1 and Kitty Cat Crochet Tutorial Pattern Part 2.

Be sure to comment and let her know how much you love her awesome crochet tutorial and her very lovely crochet blog!

Which Do You Prefer?

Do you prefer crocheting or knitting your toys and projects?

Amigurumi Crochet Koala Bear Pattern - Free Crochet Toy Patterns

Crochet Toy Patterns Koala Bear Amigurumi Tutorial

Crochet Toy Patterns Koala Bear Amigurumi Tutorial

Oh my goodness but this little Amigurumi Koala Bear is just about the cutest thing going! Who wouldn't want to make several of these to do different fun crafty things with them?

The size is from 3 to 5 inches depending on the size hook and yarn you use. If you want to make the crochet pattern bigger for a toddler then you can do that as well by just using bigger hooks and fatter yarn!

Visit Crochet Koala Bear Amigurumi Tutorial for free instructions on how to make this little guy.

Mechanobot Crochet Pattern - Free Crochet Toy Patterns


This adorable little guy was created from the book mentioned above titled 'Crobots: 20 Amigurumi Robots to Make'.

There are so many ways you could embellish him I'm sure to make him your own little geeky Mechanobot.

He is crocheted with mint green and chocolate brown yarn and looks cute enough to nibble!

Visit the Free Mechanobot Crochet Pattern to learn how to make this adorable little guy and sit him near your computer to keep you company.

I've rounded up several links to help further your research for Free Crochet Toy Patterns!

Crochet Toys For Beginners - Cute Monsters Beginner Crochet Pattern

Baby Monsters at Crafty is Cool Blog

Baby Monsters at Crafty is Cool Blog

Crocheting Monsters for Beginners

If you are looking for some cute and easy crochet monster toys for beginners then this link is one you have to visit.

This blog post teaches you how to crochet in the round and will inspire you to make all kinds of googly-eyed little monsterlings for your collection. There are also instructions for adding feet to your monsters so they will be a bit more stable.

Visit these adorable Crochet Monsters For Beginners and get started right away!

Purple Bunnies Crochet Pattern - Free Crochet Toy Patterns

Purple Bunnies Crochet Pattern

Purple Bunnies Crochet Pattern

This adorable bunny pattern was created for the Purple Stitch Project which is about raising awareness of children with Epilepsy or other seizure related illnesses.

It is a free pattern but it would be awesome if you use the pattern that you consider donating to the Purple Stitch Project.

I think it would be great to at least visit their site and you never know, there might be something you can do to help besides contributing money!

Take a look at this very cute and EASY crochet pattern at the Purple Bunnies Pattern and you can read more about the pattern creation.

My other crochet patterns link list got so long I thought I would add another one for you to choose from. I'll be adding to this list over time so be sure to check back.

  • Juggling Cats Crochet Pattern
    This adorable pattern looks very cute and easy. You could whip up a few for ornaments, to put catnip in for your kitty, attach to key rings, or just to sit around and make yourself smile. :)
  • Crocheted Duck Patterns
    How cute are these amigurumi ducks?! Very cute I say.
  • Crocheted Spin Balls
    Another free pattern that looks easy and would be cute for a little one to play with.
  • Hoot and Hootabelle Owls
    Very cute owls!
  • Crochet Pumpkin
    A very adorable pumpkin pattern to make for toys or display. I'm thinking you could make some scary ones as well as happy ones, put them out in the Autumn and leave until Spring!

Big Mushroom Crochet Toy Pattern - Free Crochet Toy Patterns

Big Mushroom Crochet Toy Pattern

Big Mushroom Crochet Toy Pattern

If there are any gamers on your list for gift giving, this pattern may be just what you are looking for!

One of my little grandson's favorite toys to chew on at the moment is his Mario stuffy toy that his Dad got for him. I think he likes the big fat nose part the best. It fits perfectly in his little mouth and is great for teething it seems.

I'm thinking that I need to whip up this Big Mushroom Crochet Toy Pattern and see if he likes chewing on that as well.

This pattern is supposed to be SUPER Easy according to the poster of this free crochet pattern, Amanda Giraeo on Ravelry.

If you love crocheting toys and would like to donate to a worthy cause, check out these links and see if one or more fits. Just think about your toy in the arms of a child that needs comfort while you are crocheting away.

Charities to Donate Your Toys and Gifts

  • Mother Bear Project
    This organization is about creating and sending knitted or crocheted bears to help comfort children that have HIV/AIDS in emerging nations. Visit their site to see some of the smiles on the children's faces hugging their bears!
    An organization for helping neglected and abused dogs and cats. They would love blankets,dog and cat sweaters, toys, anything knitted or crocheted.
  • Baby Threads of NH
    This organization gives tote bags of needed items for newborn babies and families in need. Some of the items needed for babies are - sweater sets, hats, booties or socks, mittens, soft toys, and baby afghans. They also need items for children and a
  • Project Linus - Patterns
    They accept all types of blankets for children in need. This link takes you to their project patterns page that is filled with pattern links to help get you started.
  • Knit A Square Project
    This was featured on another Lensmaster's article (see her featured article just below this section). For this project, all you need do is knit, crochet or as I recently learned you may also send in 8 inch squares of fleece. The volunteers then set

A Half Dozen Eggs - Free Crochet Toy Patterns

A Half Dozen Good Eggs

A Half Dozen Good Eggs

I couldn't resist this very adorable pattern for Egg-Buddies that I came across on the Bittersweet Blog.

This very cute free crochet toy pattern would be adorable as a gag gift to your vegan friends, to a little one that likes to play house, or as a cat toy.

I can see so many possibilities with this free crochet pattern as you could embellish as you like to make all kinds of animals or designs from the simple shape/form if you choose not to make eggs with the pattern.

Check out the crochet pattern which I give an Easy to Intermediate rating for One Bad Egg.

Image Courtesy of Bittersweet Blog

Birdie Toys or Decorations Tutorial - Free Crochet Toy Patterns

Birdie Decorations

Birdie Decorations

I think this tutorial for a little Birdie Decoration Tutorial would be so cute made into a Mobile to hang over a baby's bed!

This free crochet toy pattern tutorial would also make cute cat toys for your kitty friends. :)

Hop over to visit Lucy at Attic24 and check out all her lovely tutorials!

Visit this adorable Birdie Decoration Tutorial here.

Image Courtesy of Attic24

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MintySea on August 30, 2012:

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I made the bumble bee, which you can see on my Crafts as Gifts lens. I didn't have plastic eyes so made due with black yarn. I didn't like how they turned out but it was still cute.

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