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Peyote Stitch Patterns & Ideas


Fun Peyote Stitch Projects

I taught myself how to do peyote stitch when I was making jewelry to supplement the dwindling income from a day job I loved. It proved to be a therapeutic and creative outlet and my customers loved the pieces I was able to create. I spent hours designing and creating bracelets and rings that were unique, beautiful, and satisfying to make.

On this page, I want to share my love of peyote stitch with you. At the beginning are several tutorials for the different styles of peyote stitch, including even or odd count, flat or tubular, and circular. Later, I share simple patterns you can use and a variety of tutorials for the more advanced stitcher.

Peyote Cactus

Peyote Cactus

A Little Background on Peyote Stitch

Peyote stitched artifacts have been dated back to ancient Egypt. More commonly known, many Native American people use peyote stitch in traditional ways - such as to wrap natural materials for dances and ceremonies. Its name originated because it was used to provide a beautiful wrap around peyote cactus (pictured at the right) for ceremonies. Another name for it is gourd stitch - also for its decorative use on ceremonial gourd containers.

Over time, a wide variety of techniques that fall into the category of peyote stitch have been developed including odd and even count flat, even and odd count tubular, and circular with many variations within those stitching techniques as well. The nice thing is that if you understand the basic idea behind peyote stitch, you can move easily between the different techniques based on your beading needs.

Beadwork Pattern Book

Are you a Peyote Stitcher?

Basic Peyote Stitch Skill Building Videos

Even and Odd Count Flat Peyote Stitch

I am most familiar with even count flat peyote stitch as it is the simplest to learn and do. It involves an even number of beads that will remain consistent throughout the design (though it is possible to increase or decrease stitches for certain designs). To get a tight even stitch in this style of beading like the one pictured at the top of this page, it is important to use beads that are of consistent size and shape. My favorites to work with are Miyuki Delica Seed Beads (size 11), which come in a wide variety of colors all with excellent consistency of size and shape.

After you have learned how to do even count peyote stitch, you can play with variations, such as the 2 drop even flat peyote stitch, where you add 2 beads for every stitch instead of only one. It creates a pleasing effect as it spreads out the pattern and gives the designer greater flexibility in adding color and design.

Similarly, the odd count flat peyote stitch style (video below) is simple to learn and apply. When even count is used, some designs cannot be centered exactly on the piece. Odd count gives the design freedom to be centered when that is important.

Tubular and Circular Peyote Stitch

Tubular peyote stitch is idea for certain situations, and just as the name suggests creates a closed tube of beadwork. I have seen it used nicely as a beautiful decorative cover for a simple ballpoint pen, and it also looks great as part of a lanyard design. Watch the tutorial to the right to learn how.

Circular peyote stitch can create lovely floral looking beadwork among other things. It is flat as with the even and odd count flat peyote stitch, but the beader works in the round as in the video to the right.

Swirls Cuff Patterns

On Etsy

Fiddle Dee Dee is selling a .pdf file of this beautiful swirl pattern on Etsy.com. Well worth it so you can make your own swirls in your perfect color choices.

I love this pattern!

Delica Diamonds

This beautiful diamonds pattern is available for a small fee from Craftsy. I like this pattern because the variety of colors and the change in every line keep me interested and paying close attention through the whole project.

Pearly Mosaic

Pearly Mosaic

Pearly Mosaic Necklace - Plus 6 other patterns

This gorgeous necklace is just 1 of the 7 peyote stitch patterns you get free in the e-book Peyote Stitch Projects from Beading Daily: 7 Free Peyote Stitch Patterns plus Bonus Guide to Reading a Peyote Stitch Patterns.

Fireline - My Favorite Beading Line

Fireline is the best line for peyote stitch because it is so very strong, durable, and resists knotting and twisting. It was designed for anglers, but has found a home with beaders. I like 6-pound test because it strikes a balance between strength and weight/width of the line. I also love the colors it comes in so I can match my projects.

Hint: Do not buy Fireline from a craft source. They charge more for the product than Amazon or your local sporting goods store.

Monster Mash Cuff

The Monster Mash Cuff is a great beginner's project. It takes simple even count flat peyote stitch and makes it wild and fun through the use of various bead sizes, shapes and colors.

Best of all, because of the variety in it, no one will ever know if you make a mistake!

Undulations Bracelet - Tutorial

Using a variety of sizes of seed beads, you can make this Undulations Bracelet from Feathered Fibers. I like the way the instructor, Carla Barrett, shares good detailed instructions about how to make this exact bracelet and also gives several examples of color variations.

Gold & Sapphire Ring

Who says you can't afford sapphires? Designed to imitate Lady Di's engagement ring, this free Gold & Sapphire Ring pattern from Bella Online is beautiful, quick, and will catch everyone's eye.

Summer Surf Bracelet

Summer Surf Bracelet

Summer Surf Bracelet Pattern

From an author right here on HubPages, here's a free Summer Surf Bracelet Pattern to help you get ready for the sunny season and to pick up your mood in the off-season.

Spring Vines for Your Wrist

I love this spring vines pattern and Bead & Button Magazine online shares it free of charge. The scallops along the edges and the subtle color choices really finish the look. Check out the full pattern for Spring Vines here.

Free Peyote Stitch Pattern Pages

  • Pattern Pages
    23 free peyote stitch patterns ranging from fish and flamingos to beads, bracelets, and more. Also, patterns are available in brick stitch, herringbone, and more.
  • Peyote Stitch Patterns - A to Z
    63 peyote stitch patterns organized from A to Z. You'll find tons of inspiration here!
  • BeadsFriends - Home
    Bookmark, earring, bracelet patterns and more. Also, find a blank white pattern page so you can create your own designs.
  • Laughing Bird Beads
    Make pictures with your beads for framing or wall hangings. Laughing Bird Beads has intricate patterns for colorful and beautiful birds. Unfortunately, these free patterns do not include a color guide.

Alligator Clasp Finishing Technique

Use this photo tutorial to see how to add an alligator clasp to finish a peyote stitch bracelet or necklace with this tutorial from Craftsy.

4 Ways to Finish Peyote Stitch

Learning peyote stitch is one thing, but how do you finish the ends so they look nice?

Jean Campbell of Beading Daily provides brief instructions for four different beautiful endings.

Now that you know how to do the basic stitches, hopefully you have had some practice with flat peyote stitch. Applying that basic knowledge to get creative, you can make any of a number of beautiful artistic jewelry pieces, from rings and necklaces to earrings and bracelets. And much, much more.




What items on this page are you most eager to create?

What materials or colors will you use?

Will you make gifts or items for yourself?

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