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Finger Crochet Cord - Illustrated How To


Loving Finger Crochet

I love crochet. Have for as long as I can remember. It was probably the first craft I fell in love with. And finger crochet was discovered in the process.

It all started in secret. No one in my family believed I could hold an interest for more than a day. A kind aunt sent me a Japanese crochet book. With not a word of English in it. At 10, with not the ghost of a chance or reading Japanese, I fell in love with the compact and clear illustrated instructions.

To me, illustrated instructions are better than the verbose written ones anytime. And they are language-independent. You just need to understand the symbols used. Thankfully these days with the spread of the internet, the crochet symbols have just about become universal.

Here in this illustrated finger crochet tutorial, you don't even need to understand any symbols. You'll see ..

An Introduction to Finger Crochet - Be Hook Free!

Swarovski Beaded Finger Crochet Cord

Swarovski Beaded Finger Crochet Cord

First I will show you a sample of a finger crochet cord that was made into a set of modular necklaces. From the close up, you can see how attractive and intriguing the cord texture looks.

What is not so obvious from the photo is how much fun it is to make the finger crochet cord. Or how easy your fingers will find its own swing and rhythm after a little bit of practice.

So what is finger crochet?

It is working crochet stitches without the aid of any crochet hooks. That's about it.

As per photo, you can see that finger crochet cords can be embelished with beads, sequins, gem nuggets, or anything you might creatively think of. And these can be worked into the finger crochet cord as you work.

How to Finger Crochet: Step 1 & 2

How to Finger Crochet: Step 1 & 2

How to Finger Crochet a Cord

Step 1-2

I have adapted these steps from my Japanese Crochet book and added in some English instructions to make it easier.

You will need a long piece of yarn, folded loosely in half.

Tip: thicker cord is better than thin threads, especially when you are just practising.

To start, make a standard (crochet) slip-knot at the fold (i.e. midway) along your yarn.

Note the image. It is important that one end of the yarn remains "pullable" as you work.

Because I think the illustrated instructions are so clear, I will not append much written steps. Below, the photos show all the needed steps, including Step 1 & 2.

More Valued & Crafty Information

Here are some specially selected books. Mainly on crochet. But I have also selected some knitting books. Only books that have proven to be useful, popular, and well reviewed by real users.

Could not really find any Finger Crochet specific books for you guys. Looks like I might have to pluck my finger out at some stage and write more tuts in this area!

Meanwhile, I hope these reference and fun books I have picked for you will find a space in your hope and hearts. (Note: 100% commission sales from your purchase at Amazon via my links here go directly and fully to Squidoo Charity Funds - and Squidoo distributes to a wide range of charity causes. Just saying ...)

Need Further Help? - Want a Video?

Beaded Fiinger Crochet Necklace

Beaded Fiinger Crochet Necklace

I have been requested to make a video on this finger crochet tutorial. However, right at this moment, I have a few challenges to overcome.

  • I have never done a video tutorial and plan to learn how asap but...
  • I can't at the moment as we are in the middle of being "homeless" - viz. in-between selling and trying to get a new home

So the best I can do for you is direct you to the source at my site ClearlyHelena. And to make it easier, you can sign up to the newsletter and get updated automatically by email with updates, including a video on How To Finger Corchet a Cord when it becomes available.

Sorry for the delay!

To end off, I have included a picture (just immediately above) of the finished beaded crochet necklaces.

I hope this simple illustrated finger crochet tut has been of use to you. I do intend to write up more beading & crochet related free tuts ... Many can already be found at but I will keep posting to Squidoo whenever I can. Cheerio! May your Yarn and Beads be kind to you!

I am always looking for comments and feeback - especially if you have found something useful and/or you have some deviously clever tips to share. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Please Have Your Say - Your Tips, Experience, and Feedback are Always Appreciated!

helenalim lm (author) on February 11, 2014:

@ChocolateLily: Hi ChocolateLily, so sorry for the late response. Have been "homeless" (in-between homes) for 4+ months and have not been able to connect. So glad you liked the Finger Crochet Cord illustrated tutorial. Hope you have had a chance to try it out. Yes, please do show when you can. And thanks so much for your comments and time :D

ChocolateLily on October 01, 2013:

@helenalim lm: I don't think I'd call myself an expert. Maybe intermediate. I'm also hopeless at knitting so far, but thanks for the confidence boost! I'll try it when I get the change and try to remember to show you. :)

helenalim lm (author) on October 01, 2013:

@ChocolateLily: Hi ChocolateLily, thank you for coming by. I can see (from your lens) that you are an expert crocheter & knitter. This finger crochet cord will not only be easy for you to pick up but you will truly Enjoy it. I do hope you give it a go and please do show me when you do :D ... BTW, this is but one form of finger crochet. But it is a very satisfying form indeed.

ChocolateLily on October 01, 2013:

That's really neat. I've heard of finger crochet, but I've never given it much of try. It looks like fun!

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