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★ FASHION DRAWING Tutorials | How to Sketch Clothed Figures ★

Learn to Draw Fashion Models & Clothes

Fashion drawing is the drawing of clothes on a figure. The figures and style of drawing differ so dramatically between designers so there is no right or wrong way to draw. Some people put lots of detail into their art, whilst others do loose sketches and leave the heads blank. It's up to you!

This page lists links to the best fashion sketching tutorials and video how-tos on the web, and displays many examples of fashion illustration styles.

So, whether you want to be a fashion designer or you just want to draw for fun, then I hope this resource helps :-)

Glamorous Showstopper


Illustration by Hayden Williams. You can find more drawings by Hayden on this blog and this Flickr photostream.

Top-Rated Fashion Drawing Books

Books are so helpful when learning about fashion illustration, especially if you are teaching yourself, and these 5 are a selection of the best:

Fashion Sketching

An Introduction For Beginners

When drawing fashion, the most important thing is to develop your own style - and this come with lots and lots of practice! Some designers draw faces, hair, hands and feet whilst other draw none of those (sometimes they just draw a basic shape or a squiggle, or even glue on faces from magazine cuttings!); some designers add a background, some do not; some draw in colored pencils whilst others draw in pens or markers; some draw soft and subtle shades whilst some draw bold and dramatic lines; some go for realism and some exaggerate and add artistic've just got to experiment until you find your favorite style and medium.

A croquis is a basic outline of a person, and is what you use as your clothing model. As a beginner, you should find a free croquis template on this page and print out pages of these outlines. Then just draw, draw, draw! The hardest thing to do is start, and you should definitely try to not be a perfectionist. The whole point is to get your idea across to whoever is looking at the sketch so it doesn't have to look realistic, not every line must be perfect. DO NOT USE AN ERASER! If you really mess it up, just move onto your next sketch, but otherwise just carry on. Use light lines of pencil to start with so if you make a mistake you can make a bolder pencil line in the correct place.

Once you have spent some time using basic croquis, then it is time to draw your own. This takes practice to get the proportions right. There are videos and instructions on this page which will show you what to do. Once you have mastered the basic croquis, and can draw one easily from memory, then try different poses. Strike a pose in the mirror if you want to create your own signature pose, or copy the poses from people in photos or magazines. Keep working on your croquis until you have a set of 3 or so that you can use for most sketches. If you want to move on from regular catwalk women, then you can also create your own croquis set for men or plus size models or swimwear models etc.

As I said, the hardest thing to do is to start drawing, and I find that thinking of a theme first makes it a lot easier to come up with ideas.

Here are some possible themes to choose from:

- Forest

- Prom

- Midsummer Night's Dream

- Jungle

- Disney

- Gods & Godesses

- James Bond

- Pride & Prejudice

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- Underwater

- Royal Ascot (don't forget the big hats!)

- Here Comes The Bride

- Myth & Legend

- Ancient Egyptian

- English Kings & Queens (taking inspiration from any era)

- Haute Couture

- Sky & Space

- Bubbles

- The Victorians (think 'Sweeney Todd' and 'Oliver')

- Structure & Architecture

If you want to add fabric swatches or notes about the types of fabric you want to use for each section, that's great as it adds detail and depth to the idea.

Just remember that fashion designers sketch (rather than use a computer) in order to jot down their ideas quickly, and it's also a way of putting your personality and flair on paper. Don't get hung up on making realistic looking designs, because it really doesn't matter if the croquis doesn't look exactly like a real human, or if your pleats aren't precisely symmetrical! Just be creative and remember it's just a representation of the finished piece of clothing, not a technical plan for the final item.

What Are You Wearing?

Why not draw yourself in your new outfit?

Click here for more examples from the same artist.

Click here for more 'What I Wore' drawings.

How To Fashion Sketch

Fashion Tutorials & Free Figure Templates

Inspired by Alexander McQueen

I like the texture that has been created by the coloring in these drawings.

I like the texture that has been created by the coloring in these drawings.

Figure Drawing Templates

Templates like these are very useful, especially if you're a beginner.

Templates like these are very useful, especially if you're a beginner.

Hayden Williams


A Glossy magazine spread with illustrations by Hayden Williams. You can find more drawings by Hayden on this blog and this Flickr photostream.

200 Fashion Design Projects

More Fashion Inspiration

Disney Princesses

I love the idea of turning Disney cartoon characters (Jasmine, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas and Snow White) into fashion icons! My favorite Disney female was always Belle :)

I love the idea of turning Disney cartoon characters (Jasmine, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas and Snow White) into fashion icons! My favorite Disney female was always Belle :)

Figure Drawing Videos

Adding Realism

I like that this fashion drawing is much more realistic than the norm.

I like that this fashion drawing is much more realistic than the norm.

Fashion Illustration Video Tutorials

Adding Colour

I really like this style.

I really like this style.

More Inspiring Fashion Books

Here are another 5 fashion books I would recommend; all of which have great reviews and are packed with expert advice and beautiful drawing inspiration.

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Great Lens! Have you used any of the Fashionary books? they seem pretty popular with students now. They are good for doing quick drawings. Also have you checked out University of Fashion? They have lots of video tutorials there is a free one on basic croquis as well.

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