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Elephant Printable Coloring Pages

Printable Coloring Pages

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Elephants are a fantastic mammal, with some very interesting and distinctive characteristics that is attractive and fascinating to all that view and enjoy them. African male elephants are the largest of the species, standing up to 13 feet tall and weighing in at as much as 15,000 pounds or more.

Their long legs, huge bodies, big ears, extended trunk, and amazing tusks make them unique in the animal kingdom, and great material for photos and art.

Children are especially enamored by the giant elephants, viewing them with awe and respect when the see them for the first time, and afterwards as they digest the size in relationship to themselves. That's amplified even more if they are fortunate enough to hear the sound an elephant makes.

With that in mind, elephants are terrific material to use as coloring pages with children, and that's especially true in the early stages of coloring development, as they are large in size, even when used as illustrative images to color.

Printable coloring pages of elephants are readily available on the Internet, and I've gathered together a group of them here that can be immediately downloaded and printed out for the children in your life to use immediately.

Mama Elephant and Baby Coloring Page

As children relate to images of animals and their babies, this one of a mama elephant with her baby is a good place to start for a coloring page, as it will elicit comments from a child which can generate interaction and opportunities to talk about the giant animals.

After all, we don't only want to give a child something to do, but also create situations where we are able to spend time with them while they're engaged in their coloring activities. Of course there are times when we want them to color on their own, and they will feel the same as well. But for those times when interaction is part of the desired outcome, images like this are good starting points to launch a conversation with a child in a natural way.

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Printable of Elephant Spraying Itself

One of the funnest things for a person or child to see with an elephant is when they extract water with their long snout and then spray it all over themselves. It's an unforgettable image when first seen, and one that we never grow tired of looking at.

With this elephant printable that is exactly what is going on with this happy elephant, with the humorous addition of a bird getting a ride on the trunk while the water is shooting out. The fish looking up from the water is another nice touch children will love.

This would be a good elephant illustration to color in for children of intermediate skills, as it offers the large body of the elephant as an easy canvass, but includes the foliage, water, bird and fish as additional objects to use different colors to fill them in.

If you have children of different ages and skill levels doing the work, this is a design that would satisfy most age and skill groups.

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Big, Individual Elephant

Like the first elephant illustration, this is one that would cater nicely to new and budding little artists, for the obvious reason of having large areas to color in.

It's a little different in that it includes a little more detail, like a more defined trunk, ears and leg muscles.

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Coloring Page of Elephant Drinking Water

One of the more desirable practices of an elephant to see is when it takes up some water through its long snout. To see the water in a container quickly disappear from the extraction process is very cool.

This image of an elephant doing just that should provide children a compelling picture to color in, as the chatter about the actions the elephant is taking, and of course if they've seen one do this in real life, will no doubt remind you of that fact as they happily color in the elephant drawing water from the bucket.

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Elephant and Ostrich Coloring Page

Finally we have a great printable of a mama elephant and her baby, along with an ostrich and several babies. This is a much more detailed drawing, one that any child would love to look at and color in.

There are a lot of elements in the drawing which will allow a child to use different colors with. There is some water in the upper left of the picture, the sky, some tree outlines, grass, fencing, and of course the elephants and ostriches.

Overall this has just about everything a child could want to color in, and it would be terrific for those looking for more of a challenge.

Elephant Printables

Elephants are wonderful material for printables to color in by children, and those here show a nice cross section of what is available out there.

While there is no need to go elsewhere for the larger, more simple elephant illustrations, if you want images of elephants with diverse animal types, just do a search including the name elephant and the desired animal, and add the word "printable" or "coloring page" at the end.

For example, write in the search box "elephant and lion printable," and whatever is on the Internet will be there for you to quickly grab.

Whatever the particular elephant picture you want, your children will be thrilled to color them in.

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