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If you could ask people from earlier i.e 1990 about art they would say that art is a natural talent and some people posses it while others don't and there is no learning art but today as we see our world with time the definition of art has changed.In today's world it means to express your feelings and your inner thoughts through imagination well its more like every one can do it because now it is believed that art is a skill and like any other skill it can be practiced and mastered by any one who is interested and so it gave birth to a new era of art one that we no live in as now a days there are many talented artists who have learned to mature their skill set and from the looks of it its going to progress more in the future. The art in today's world means a lot of things from decorating to painting and sketching , how ever in most it is meant by paintings.

In my opinion painting is fun it lets your mind to ease and helps you relax and so there fore it is also sometimes used in therapy how ever now a days if you can sharpen your art skills , there are a lot of opportunities out there e.g you can set your art for the display. You can also sell your art now a days and make living out of it. So the bottom line is learning art requires hard work and interest like any other field and its gonna grow more with time so there is no harm in learning it. If you like to learn about art and its history there are a lot of websites which create a lot of content with very keen details e.g you can always got to wikipedia and different knowledge websites and you can learn about art. You can also learn from such websites that which material you should use for making your first painting and silver lining is now a days there are books out there form which you ca learn all you need to know and its a step by step process. If you are looking for an easy approach you can always go to youtube there a lot artists out there who are willing to teach you about different concepts of art like how you can begin to draw what sort of brushes you need and how you can get better at it , i mean every starts somewhere. If you still cant understand the basics of art now a days there are so many online communities that can help you and you can get better by doing it. The last but not least thing is you have to boost up your self confidence because in the start it can be rough but its up to you how you see your art work as of anxiety regarding neglecting your craft. This has been my biggest fear, since I always feel that the art I make has to be perfect, or else it's just a waste of time. Because of this, I never give my self the time to just - practise but its important to practice as you cant get better at it without practice. A little piece of advice is draw every day! Draw every day, even a little, especially when you don't "want" to. You don't have to art from your soul every time, you can just try to sketch your kitchen in five minutes or another similar short exercise. Like lifting weights, you don't have to "want" to do it to get stronger, you just have to do it often enough that it becomes easier and you have to choose bigger challenges.Doing it everyday will make a difference you don't realize is happening until you're suddenly better at it than you were months ago. Almost every artist I know has difficulty with some part of the process, whether it's motivation, execution, inspiration, whatever. Blockages can be overcome, but only if you are creating stuff. Doesn't have to be great, but it only happens if you make stuff. So keep practicing and hopefully you will get better.

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