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Unique and Fun Handmade Gift Idea- Craft Survival Kits

If you are looking for unique ideas for clever handmade gifts, craft survival kits are great option. They are easy to create and you can make them as fancy or simple as you want. All you do is gather different items for your kit and place them in a decorative container. The items you choose for the kit depends on what occasion it is for. You can make the perfect kit for any occasion, whether it is a birthday, a certain holiday, boot camp or even a vacation survival kit. What I love about this project is that you can use your imagination and really get creative with it. Below I am featuring some fabulous survival kits that I found around the internet. Hopefully these will help spark some ideas for you and inspire you to make one or a few. Remember that you can choose whatever container you like, you do not necessarily have to use the same container that was used in the tutorials below. It all depends on what has to go into the container and also it's nice to consider what the recipient may like. At the end of the hub, I have listed some different ideas for containers.

survival kit for teachers

survival kit for teachers

Survival Kit for Teachers

This kit that I found at bee in our bonnet is especially for teachers to help them survive that first day of school. I am sure there are a few teachers out there who would appreciate one of these :) The container looks like it is one of those small tackle boxes or maybe a small craft storage container but whatever it is, it is perfect for this cute little kit! The label is great and the big, red polka dot bow is the perfect finishing touch.

back to school survival kit for kids

back to school survival kit for kids

Back to School Survival Kit for Kids

The first day of school can be pretty tough on the kids as well so I thought it was great when I found these back to school survival kits for kids at organize and decorate everything. These are a little bit more simple than the one above for teachers but super cute! The container for this one is a small plastic bag with a cute tie and has a printed tag with it that tells about each item in the kit. You will see from reading the tag that each item in the kit has it's own special purpose.

germaphobe Survival Kit

germaphobe Survival Kit

Germaphobe Survival Kit

Do you have a friend or loved one who you refer to as a germaphobe and have an ongoing friendly banter with about the subject of germs? This cute kit that I found at just a little something... is perfect for that person in your life! What I love about this one is the container. It is actually a re-purposed Altoids tin! How cute is that?!?! Go have a look at the link. You won't believe all of the germ fighting items that are packed into this cute little tin.

bridesmaids survival kit

bridesmaids survival kit

Bridesmaids Survival Kits

What a unique gift idea! I love this bridesmaid survival kit that I found at Casa Camacho. It has items like tic tacs, aspirins and other things like that- just little last minute items that can be tucked into a purse or bag to help them be prepared for the upcoming wedding. I love how she used the ric rac tie on the bag topper and also labeled each bag with the bridesmaids names.

labor survival Kit

labor survival Kit

Labor Survival Kit

Do you have a pregnant friend or family member? I love this hospital survival kit for labor. It contains helpful things for the mom-to-be, like water, granola bars and hair ties plus some other things that may be helpful for those long hours in the hospital while she is in labor. I love the brown bag and tissue paper packaging.

This one I found at Gift Packaging Ideas. Be sure to go have a look, she even offers free printable labels for the kit, the same labels she used on this bag, plus a blue one for a boy and a neutral color as well :)

new mom's survival kit

new mom's survival kit

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New Mom's Survival Kit

Darling Doodles has this new moms survival kit which of course can be either pink for girl or blue for boy. I LOVE that all the items are in this cute basket! What is so neat about this idea is you can create something like this super cheap. You can find baskets like this all day long at thrift stores and second hand shops! If you will be adding books to your basket, you can always purchase used books in new condition sometimes less than half the price of what they are brand new. I mean, to look at the books you would never know they were used! Just another little money saving tip I thought I would throw in there :) Be sure to visit the link, she shares the cutest free printable tags, both for boy and girl. The items you need for the kit are on the tags and you will want to print one off and put it with your kit.

marriage survival tool kit

marriage survival tool kit

Survival Kit for Marriage

Ahh.. now this is the perfect survival kit! I feel like there are probably lots of married couples out there that can use a survival kit like this one. As you probably already know, sometimes relationships are not all that easy. This kit is packed full of tools that have cute tags attached with important reminders about what it takes to help "fix" a relationship or marriage and make it better. You could tweak this a bit and make it perfect for a couple who are engaged and about to be married. I think it would make a neat wedding shower gift.

Creative "Try"als is where I found this. She even offers a free printable of the tags she used and sign she mounted on the top of the toolbox plus a link to her other survival kits!


Survival Kits for Holidays

Below are some examples of survival kits for different holidays. Even though all holidays are not included, you can create one for any holiday or occasion. Just use your imagination to think of some relevant contents for it and put them in a nice container.

New Years Eve day after survival kit

New Years Eve day after survival kit

New Years Eve Survival Kit

Here is a really cute New Years Eve (the day after) Survival Kit that I found at Three Pink Dots. I love the container she used.

Listed below are content ideas for a smaller New Years Survival Kit. You could package these in a smaller take out container like the one in the photo or you could use a zip lock bag with a decorative topper or cute bow, small box, can or anything you want. Just make a tag listing everything below and either attach it or include it inside the container.

New Years Survival Kit Contents:

  • Small Pocket Calender- Just because everybody can use one of these for the new year :)
  • Toothpick- To remind you to pick good qualities to focus on in other people as well as yourself.
  • Lollipop- To help you lick problems when they come your way.
  • Pencil- To remind you to list your blessings each and every day.
  • Rubber band- To remind you to be flexible. Things don't always turn out the way you plan.
  • Band aid- To help heal any hurt feelings, yours or someone else's.
  • Eraser- To remind you that we all make mistakes. Thankfully, we get to learn from them.
  • Chamomile Tea- To remind you to take time and relax from life's daily stresses.
  • Marbles- In case you lose a few along the way
  • Stick of Gum- To remind you to stick to your goals. You can accomplish anything you want!
Valentine's Day survival kit

Valentine's Day survival kit

Valentine's Day Survival Kit

The cute Valentine's Day survival kit to the right I found at Ustamp4fun and they even include a free printable PDF.. so cute!

Idea #2 - Valentine's Day Survival Kit:

  • Candle- Because you are the light of my life.
  • Sweet Escapes- For those times when we are alone.
  • Red Hots- Because you heat me up!
  • Matches- Because we are a great match
  • Jolly Rancher- For all the times you have made me laugh
  • Popcorn: Because you keep popping up in my thoughts
  • Pom Pom- Because I feel all warm and fuzzy when I'm with you
  • Toothpick- Because I'm glad I picked you
  • Hugs and Kisses- Because I love you

Gather these items and put into a container of your choice.

pillow box container

pillow box container

Thanksgiving Day Survival Kit

We all need a Thanksgiving survival kit, don't we? The pillow box container to the right that I found at Country Momma Cooks is the perfect size for the Thanksgiving survival kit below. She even shares the link to the template so that you can make your own. You can personalize it any way you want. A couple ideas for decorating the box is to embellish it with Thanksgiving themed scrapbook paper or paint it with fall colors. You could also label or add a tag to the box saying Thanksgiving Day Survival Kit and finish it off by wrapping it with a nice bow!

Here is what you put in the box:

  • Instructions on How to Cook a Turkey- In case you forgot
  • Tea Bag- Something to sip while taking a break from cooking
  • Paperclip- To help you keep it all together
  • Snickers- To remind you to laugh and enjoy your family
  • Button- To replace the one you lose from eating so much
  • Nut- To help remind you there is one in every family
  • Tums- For anyone who may need them after such a nice Thanksgiving dinner
  • Hugs and Kisses- Because you deserve them!
Christmas Survival Kit

Christmas Survival Kit

Christmas Survival Kit

This is a cute Christmas survival kit that I found at Under a Glass Sky. The container looks like it may be one of those pencil boxes that kids use at school to hold all of their pencils and crayons and other school supplies.

Survival Kit for Christmas #2- Here is another list of survival kit contents to help get a friend or loved one through the busy holiday season:

  • Starburst-- You will need a burst of energy during the holiday season
  • Pocket Calender- To keep up with the busy holiday schedule
  • A couple of Advil- To get rid of that stress headache
  • Peppermint- To settle your stomach when you overeat
  • Almond Joy- To help you remember the Joy of the season
  • Slimfast Bar- To help get you started on the post season diet
  • Marbles- In case you lost yours!
  • Tea Bag- To help you to sit back and relax and enjoy the season
  • Pennies- So that Christmas doesn't leave you penniless
  • Tape- To help wrap all of those gifts
  • Handmade Gift tags- For your beautifully wrapped gifts
  • Easy Christmas Cookie Recipe- A quick, easy treat for you and your family
heart graphics and lines courtesy of green-eyed-butterfly at

heart graphics and lines courtesy of green-eyed-butterfly at

Survival Kit Container Ideas

Here's a list of container ideas:

  • zip lock baggies with a topper
  • cello bags
  • paper bags
  • decorative paint cans
  • small sized gift boxes
  • Mason jars
  • plastic bowls with lids
  • baby food jars
  • crystal light drink containers and other cardboard containers
  • empty tins (even popcorn tins)
  • canvas bags

I hope that you have enjoyed this hub about craft survival kits. The sky is truly the limit with this one. I hope that some of these ideas have inspired you. Remember, you can make these for any occasion, holiday or for any reason you wish!

Two More Things: I ran across this page on Scribd by brooke_raeside8763. She was kind enough to share 55 pages full of survival kits! Another place I ran into was Budget101 where I found a WHOPPING list of 124 survival kits! I JUST could not help but share these links... If you are unsure about what survival kit to make or what the contents should be, have a look at some of these. They sure to spark some ideas for you! Also, to the right I have listed some container ideas.

Happy Survival Kit Crafting!!!


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