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Beaded Rubber Band Loom Bracelets

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beaded rubber band loom bracelets

beaded rubber band loom bracelets

Bling Up Your Rainbow and MonsterTail Loom Jewelry Designs with Beads!

Make your rubber band bracelets and jewelry really stand out by adding in some pretty beads into the design. It’s a sure fire way to really make your finished item look both pretty and unique too. Adding these extra embellishments on helps to keep kids and adults interested in this fun craft.

We’ve been using fused Perler beads in our home for years (these are pretty much identical to Hama beads) while Rainbow loom crafting is a much newer craft. Since we enjoy making items with both of these, it has been fun to combine the two together and come up with something that looks super cute.

You can make this design on a standard Rainbow peg board, on the new MonsterTail and maybe even your fingers too.

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How to make easy beaded rubber band loom bracelets

How to make easy beaded rubber band loom bracelets

Below, you’ll find my link to a really beginner friendly tutorial which has step by step photos and detailed written instructions for you to view so you can learn how to make these designs at your own pace. Read it on your tablet or mobile while you learn! There is also a handy video on this page which you can view to walk you through the idea of adding in pretty beads to your band projects.

Come and Make Beaded Bracelets Today!

Come and see how you can add pretty Perler beads into your rubber band designs with this easy photo tutorial which takes you through how it is done.

How to Make Loom Bracelets with Beads

This will take you to my own, detailed instruction page complete with clear and photographs of each step for you to follow. If you prefer, there's a handy video below too.

Videos on Making Easy Band Patterns

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What You Need for Making These Bead Jewelry Designs

You can use any loom you like because you just need two pegs. You can either use two middle pegs on the new mini MonsterTail or two outer pegs on a Rainbow or standard board. Either way will work. Some people are able to do this on their fingers but as an adult I find this quite hard. The photos on the instructions above contain both styles so you can see how it works for either board.

I love combining Perler (Hama) beads along with other crafts where I can. They just work brilliantly with rubber bands because the bands are just the right size to squeeze through the openings.

These fused beads come in loads of variations and you can get them in solid, patterned, metal, pearly and glitter combinations. My favorite is to use the glitter ones which are really pretty along with the jelly style transparent rubber bands – it’s a great combination and they work really well together.

You don’t have to stick to using these beads. You can experiment with other beads that have wide openings. Try pony beads which are readily available in lots of colors and inexpensive to buy. They are larger so will probably stick out more and make larger looking designs.

Beaded Rainbow Loom rubber band bracelet jewelry

Beaded Rainbow Loom rubber band bracelet jewelry

Loads of Different Combinations When You Add Embellishments

Here's a couple of my finished designs shown in the photo above. One is a blue jelly glitter band which has rainbow glitter beads down the middle of the design. The other is a teal, green, black and white color band with black, white and gold color beads. You can see that these give you a great opportunity to create something just a bit different with your loom designs.

Add On Some Cute Charms Too

Beaded loom bracelets and patterns look pretty cute - you can make them look even more unique by adding on some specially made charms too. You can get lots of charms that you can add on to make your jewelry unique. How about using the Perlers further by making patterns out of the fused beads and adding them to your designs.

You can create your very own charms to add using fused beads to make small motifs such as fruits like strawberries, smiley faces, hearts, flowers and more. You can also use Polymer clay or Shrinky Dinks to make your own as well. There are loads of combinations that you could try for making embellishments that work along with your stretchy jewelry.

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Ibidii on July 15, 2014:

I am using the biggie beads for bracelets and I had not thought to use these cute rubber bands with it, Great idea, Marie! Looking forward to the updated lens!

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