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★ How to Make Drawing a Part Of Your Life | Daily Creativity by Keeping a Sketchbook ★

Why Anyone Can (and Should) Draw Regularly

Drawing is a brilliant creative outlet, a fun hobby and a useful skill to have, and the more you do it, the better you get.

I've put together this page because although I'm creative, I've never given drawing a go as I've always thought 'I can't draw' and that's that. But recently, I've decided to try to draw at least 10 minutes on most days, and it turns out I can draw....because anyone can!

Drawing can consist of doodles, cartoons, sketches and any other drawing style you like. You can draw from life or create your own subject, you can create patterns or design products. Whatever you feel like drawing, draw it! Don't compare your drawing to anyone elses or worry about making a mess or ruining a piece of paper. Just go for it! The worst that can happen is you 'waste' a piece of paper.

You can draw in pen, pencil, ink or charcoal and you can add all kinds of things to the drawing (if you want); like pictures from magazines, watercolour paints, newspaper cuttings, acrylic paint splatters etc. - it's up to you, because it's all about being creative - any way you can.

I hope this page inspires you to regularly take time out to be creative, whether it's drawing or something else - like baking, art journaling, poetry, knitting or writing. Enjoy :-)

Ink Drawings

Because you don't have to just use pencils or black pens.

Because you don't have to just use pencils or black pens.

Beginner's Drawing Skills

Best Drawing & Creativity Books

There are a variety of excellent books available on the subject of drawing, with some being more about encouraging creativity and inspiring ideas and others being more about technical drawing advice, and here are my top 5 picks:

Biro Sketching

You don't need anything fancy to draw - these sketches were made using just a biro! Also note that the pages are split up into sections - which is a quick way to make drawing a bit less intimidating.

You don't need anything fancy to draw - these sketches were made using just a biro! Also note that the pages are split up into sections - which is a quick way to make drawing a bit less intimidating.

What Are You Wearing?


One idea which is always viable for a drawing is to illustrate what you are wearing - so you never have the excuse that you can't think of anything to draw!

Illustration above by Katie Green.

Click here for more examples.

Tips For Overcoming the Barriers

Personally, the most difficult things about drawing are a) taking the time out to draw when I've got other things to do b) getting started and c) thinking what to draw.

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- Taking time out: Anyone has 10 minutes somewhere in their day to draw, whether it's when you wake up or just before you go to sleep (keep your sketchbook next to your bed), when you're half-watching TV, when you're on the train or bus, in a cafe, waiting for a cake to finish baking, when you're sunbathing, when you're on holiday etc. Have a kitchen timer set to 10 minutes if you like.

- What to draw? I've written some drawing prompts on this page, but there is never a lack of things to draw, whether it's household objects, yourself or other people, animals, flowers in your garden or scenes on your travels. Or you can make up characters and monsters or fairytale castles, or doodle random objects or patterns.

- Getting started: getting rid of the blank page is the hardest thing, so just do it without thinking (what is the worst that can happen after all?) - you could splatter some paint on the page and draw over it, draw a scribble and make that into a drawing, draw a border around the page (simple or ornate), split the page into smaller, more bite-size portions, or shade the whole page with watercolour crayons or coloured pencils first :-)


- Keep your sketchbook at hand with the next blank page ready to be drawn on, and your pen/pencil alongside. If you spend a lot of time at the computer for instance, keep it within reach.

- Have relaxing music playing in the background. Anything visual will only distract you, so turn the TV off.

- Look out for things around the house that you would like to draw, whether it's a jar of Marmite, a candlestick or a pile of books. Put these things next to where you keep you sketchbook so there is always something to draw. I like to keep a couple of photo-filled magazines next to my sketchbook so that I can either draw from the photos, or cut them up to use in collages.


Using pastels is fun...and messy!

Using pastels is fun...and messy!

Live Drawing

Drawing Prompts

- Go through the alphabet and draw something for every letter until you get bored.

- Have someone scribble on a piece of paper, and then you must try and create a picture from it.

- Think of 2 different animals. If they had a baby, what would it look like? What would you call it?

- Draw a monster which you would imagine living in a deep, dark cave, or another spooky setting. Then draw this animals predator - or what it eats to survive.

- If you were asked to design a castle for the middle of urban London, what would it look like?

- Re-design the Daleks (from Doctor Who) to make them more dangerous.

- Draw a giant, human-eating plant.

- Draw 5 completely different pairs of shoes.

- What do you think the Loch Ness monster would look like?

- Design a hat worthy of Lady Gaga.

- If you owned a country, what would your flag look like?

- Draw a household object using the hand you don't normally draw with. Then draw it again with your writing hand, but without taking the pen off the paper.

- Draw someone's face whilst only looking at the person's face, not at the page AT ALL!

- Pick a random word from the dictionary and write it out in either 'Las Vegas' style lettering, a spooky font, a chunky font with a spiky metal texture, a cute and fluffy style or as if the word were made of ice.

- Draw an ornate frame around your page. Draw or paint some 'modern art', or cut out a magazine photo to go inside.

- Draw a washing line with clothes and underwear hanging from it.

- Draw a stick man holding a pile of random objects, so that they go up to the top of the page. You can draw a mix of things from books and wellington boots, to anvils and suitcases.

- You could go to the Illustration Friday website and create a drawing based on the 'word of the week'.

- Type a color like 'pink' into Google images and use the results to either copy or give you ideas about what to draw.

- Draw a city skyline at night with skyscraper silhouettes and lit-up windows.

- Get the board game 'Pictionary' and use the cards included to tell you what to draw. Limit yourself to 10 minutes or similar for each drawing.

- Illustrate the letters of the alphabet.

- Draw the back of a spoon to give you practice with reflections.

- Draw your non-drawing hand or your feet.

- Trace lines from photographs; a nice idea to get you drawing without fear of mistakes. Go here for a tutorial.

- Draw a selection of your own, or someone else's, favourite books - like the drawings shown on this blog.

- Draw a bird every day for a month. They can take 5 minutes or an hour, be a doodle or a painting, a cartoon, a fantastical creature or a realistic drawing - it's up to you!

You could do the same for all kind of things such as fish, musical instruments, bugs, monsters, trees, flowers, hats, eye glasses, vehicles/modes of transport, favourite foods etc.

Do each drawing on a separate piece of paper and at the end of the month, bind them all together in a booklet, or display them on your wall as a montage.

- 2 children are trying to sneak into a building without being recognised as children. What disguise are they wearing....fake beards, trench coats, giant platform shoes?!

- Illustrate a cover for your favourite book, or illustrate certain events, scenes or people within a book you are currently reading.

- Draw your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, with a list of the top 10 things you like about them. If you are single, draw your ideal husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend with the top 10 attributes you would like them to have. It can be as funny or as serious as you like!

- Draw a cityscape around a polystyrene cup - taking inspiration from Cheeming Boey.

- Try the website recommended here to get you started on your drawing - failing that, use paint to make your own random blob and let your imagination fly!

What Have You Eaten Today?

Why not draw your meals or snacks today?

Why not draw your meals or snacks today?

Household Objects

Alphabet Sketching



A fun drawing project is to sketch out an alphabet and make your own font. Or you could choose one letter and decorate it, draw the same letter as many different ways as possible, or draw as many objects you can think of that start with that letter (e.g. 'C' - cat, coat, candle, crayon, clock etc)

Photo by Karen Horton.

Simple Still Life



You will never run out of things to draw with still-life studies - there are subjects all around you whether it's the classic fruit bowl, headphones, sunglasses, shoes or anything at all - you could also focus on just a small part of a larger object such as one corner of an ornate mirror or the reflection on the back of a spoon.

Photo and charcoal drawing by RC Designer.

What You Can Draw Today - Examples of Drawing Subjects, Plus Helpful Drawing Methods

Cardboard Faces

You could create characters by drawing on shaped squares of cardboard. A fun and quick project!

You could create characters by drawing on shaped squares of cardboard. A fun and quick project!

Drawing With A Ball-Point Pen

Highly Rated Drawing Equipment

You can start drawing with as little as a pencil and a piece of paper, but once you get started you might want to increase the quality of the pencils, pens and paper you use, or even try out different mediums such as ink or pastels?

Drawing Inspiration & Tutorials - Techniques & Ideas to Inspire


Why not draw varieties of the same thing, such as gloves, beards, eyes, hairstyles, leaves, drinks glasses, vases, hats, planets, planes, bicycles, underwear, spectacles/sunglasses, shoes, skirts, dresses, keys etc.

Make a Post-It Flip Book

Sketching Tip

Drawing little boxes on your sketchbook pages so that you only have to sketch part of a scene or object is far less intimidating than having to fill a whole page.

Drawing little boxes on your sketchbook pages so that you only have to sketch part of a scene or object is far less intimidating than having to fill a whole page.

Crazy Drawing With Pen Dots

Drawing Prompts, Ideas & More Awesome Blogs

Not Just Paper

There are so many things to draw and doodle on, including fruit! How about drawing on the sidewalk with chalk? Doodling on a garage door, painting on rocks and pebbles? Drawing with a permanent pen on a plain t-shirt? Painting on branches? Using a porcelain pen to decorate mugs and plates? Loads of possibilities!

Sketchbook Blogs & Galleries - Great Sources of Inspiration

12 Drawings a Day

12 drawings a day = 1 second of animation a day.

This amazing video was created over 3 years by sketching on hundreds of used bits of paper.

Photograph Doodling

This style of drawing is so fun - you just use you imagination to recreate your own scene within a photograph.

This style of drawing is so fun - you just use you imagination to recreate your own scene within a photograph.

Do You Draw?

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I wrore a blog entry about my experiences some 300 drawings in - it's got some points important for the motivational aspects. I'd be happy if you'd include it in your list above!

Have a great day!


betsy-loveldsauthor on April 19, 2014:

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I keep intending to drawing more often, but I get stuck on what to draw. I feel like everything I draw should be exactly the way it is in my head, but often that doesn't happen. It's so relaxing when it "works," though. You've got some good ideas here.

primarolia on June 15, 2013:

Great lens...Thanks for the tips..

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If i get some crayons, paper, pencil or ballpoint pen - my imaginations roll over in the form of gods, animals, nature, cartoon figures etc. Now a days I am getting my hands on Tablet to create something new and share...

Carol Houle from Montreal on June 03, 2013:

I used to draw and paint in oils. For a long while I was inspired by book covers and ads in magazines. I really like your prompt sections. Makes me want to give it another go. Nice lens!

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Fantastic ideas, can't wait to begin! Just having a slight problem; am living in Tanzania and they don't sell nice sketch books here. What to do; make one myself with (cerial boxes) cartboard as front and back? Any ideas on this one; anyone???? Thanks!!! Inge

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I love to draw since young and was quite good at it but I quit because life gets in the way and people said you can't make a living selling art (not true of course). I wish I never listen to their opinions and I wasted years of not drawing. I started to draw again this month mostly because my young daughter loves scribbling and playing with crayons so I thought why not inspire her to pick up drawing? Within 2 weeks I filled up 2 sketchbooks and started my third. It's fun and I think I won't stop this time. You have some great ideas on this lens that I wanted to try. Thanks for sharing them.

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Great Lens! I draw every day, of course, it is how I make my living. Still, I still have times when I just don't "feel" it. However, it always passes and i begin to feel that need again. you presented a lot of good info for beginners. I have met so many people who have always longed to create and i always tell them to "just do it." Start small and be persistent. Your lens would be a very good place to start. :)

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I love to draw everyday. Recently though, I have decided to spend 15 to 20 minutes a day drawing a baseball sized card, using the basic foundations of drawing techniques. I am less then a month into it, and have realized that with the cards, I can see the development and improvement rather quickly.

CozyKitty on November 15, 2010:

I've always felt like i can't draw, but now i'm really inspired to give it another go. Fav + thumbs ^!


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