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Powerful Dragon Wallpapers

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Extraordinary Dragon Wallpaper Art for Computers and Other Screens

Dragons have had an interesting history, as originally they were considered to be more of a reptilian serpent, although that could be different under different cultures.

Most of today's imaginings and depictions of dragons include a thick, scaly body which protects it from enemies, making it difficult to hurt it in battle.

Fantasy books, games, films and art have also helped to define what most of us think of dragons today, with includes a long tail and fire breathing from their mouths.

In the past most dragons have been considered enemies of mankind, although today they can be considered friends or foes.

Either way they are formidable whatever side you are on in reference to them, and the wallpapers of dragons included in this article focus on the powerful look and feel of the dragon, and in some cases where they dwell, which usually is accompanied by fiery lava which the fire-breathing dragons prefer.

There are other types of dragons as well, including frost dragons, but we'll mostly look at those that prefer fire. They also offer the best images for enjoying throughout the day.

Dragon Coming Out of Volcano

With this first dragon wallpaper we see what a comfortable home is like for a fire-breathing dragon. The comfort level of this beast is a little different from humans i would say.

This dragon is very scaly and ominous, giving the sense that he isn't one that plans to be friendly to mankind.

What makes this a great choice for a wallpaper is the contrasting color of the volcanic lava and the rest of the dark cavern which swallows most everything that is not lit up by the light emanating from the lava.

Wallpapers are all about visual effects on our senses, and this one definitely gives out a powerful vibe.

dragon wallpaper

dragon wallpaper

Wallpaper of Woman Riding Dragon

Here is an example of a dragon and human that have befriended one another, or at least are working together for mutual benefit.

Everything about this dragon wallpaper is awesome, including the background and fantastic dragon itself.

It's hard to tell if this dragon and rider is soaring off to battle or if they're attacking this city. The positioning of the woman seems to indicate she's not under distress or duress, so she could be the attacker.

I'm assuming this is a battle scene. The only reason I say that is it appears this citadel or city is built around a volcanic area, which could be the source of what seems to be fire lapping the areas of the fortress.

Either way, this is a fantastic depiction of a dragon and the medieval influence obvious to the scene.

Oh yeah. How about that magnificent two-headed dragon? As if one head breathing fire isn't enough.

woman riding dragon wallpaper

woman riding dragon wallpaper

Dragon and Warrior Battling

Next is a great battle scene between a dragon and warrior. The closeup of the dragon is awesome, making you feel you're very close to the action.

I like the details of the scales on the head, and the strength powerfully reflected in its thick legs.

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You can see from this that this is not a dragon that is attempting to make friends.

Using dragon battle scenes like this are a good way of getting your juices flowing and remembering that you can be a warrior when facing all that like if throwing at you throughout the day.

Unicorn Battling Dragon Wallpaper

This wallpaper of a unicorn battling a fierce dragon quickly removes any imaginings of the friendly little unicorns we may have see or read about when we were children.

While the dragon looks powerful and fierce, the unicorn lacks neither of those traits either, as you can see by the look on its face and the determination accompanying its attack. After all, he's the one that has this dragon back on its legs.

What's even more impressive is it seems the dragon had just released fire from its mouth which had little or no effect on the unicorn. Not good news for the dragon.

What is very compelling in the picture is that bright light at the end of the unicorn's horn. It seems to be implying all its power is there and the dragon is leery of it.

Again, this is the type dragon wallpaper that is inspirational as to facing the giants in our lives. Whether portrayed by a human warrior of a magical unicorn, we can face and overcome our problems if we don't give up.

dragon, unicorn battle

dragon, unicorn battle

Powerful Dragon Wallpaper Scene

To me this is one of the more amazing dragon wallpaper scenes I've found. The backdrop of its fiery lava home, the dragon apparently rising up out of it to face this foe, and the nonchalant look of this fascinating being the dragon is looking at makes it a tremendous image.

The fantastic character holding the sword is a little different than I have seen before, and he oozes confidence. After all, how many people could walk in the lair of a dragon and be unaffected by it all? It's like an allegory of a person that has all sorts of problems but is unaffected by them all. Pretty cool!

As for the art in and of itself, it's very well done, and all of it works together to form an amazing whole to enjoy and be inspired by.


Amazing Dragon Wallpapers

Wallpapers have all sorts of reasons for being used, and to me those looking for inspiration and encouragement while going through hard times, it doesn't get much better than putting some dragon wallpapers on your computer or other screens to remind ourselves to stay the course through the battles of life.

Besides that, fantasy are in general looks magnificent, and when you add dragons, lava, warriors and unicorns to the mix, the result is an extraordinary visual feast to waken up the senses and make you feel alive.


Andrew from Rep Boston MA on July 13, 2014:

A Unicorn and a Dragon fight...wold be truly epic indeed! Legendary vs Legendary in a battle of might and wits.

Thanks for the cool hub!


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