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Dora the Explorer Printable Coloring Pages

Dora the Explorer Coloring Books

Printable Coloring Pages

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Dora the Explorer and Friends

For over a decade the popular animated series "Dora the Explorer" has delighted children as the watch the wonderful little girl and her terrific and interesting friends interact with one another as they participate in all sorts of activities.

Among the more notable characters in the cartoon series are Boots the Monkey, León the Lion, Swiper the Fox, Isa the Iguana, Tico the Squirrel, Benny the Bull, and Diego. Of all of them, there is no doubt Boots is her best friend of all of them.

As for objects that would usually be considered inanimate, there are the talking backpack and map to help Dora to accomplish her tasks.

All of this provides great material to use in projects for children, including online printables that can be quickly downloaded, and/or printed out, to provide instantaneous gratification for the children. Included below are a sampling of Dora the Explorer printables that can be immediately used, and also to give you an idea of what is out there for the children.

Dora Printable with Boots and León

Any child looking for a coloring page including Dora the Explorer would require that Boots the Monkey and León the Lion be in the illustration to color in.

This is a great image of the trio in a group hug, showing their affection and love for one another. Children love the three and would be thrilled to be able to color in the printable to their satisfaction.

It's a good illustration because it has larger and smaller areas to color in, which means it would appeal to a larger range of children - from beginners to the more skillful.

dora the explorer coloring page printables

dora the explorer coloring page printables

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Dora Birthday Coloring Page

Since most children love themed birthday parties, including a printable of Dora hugging Boots the monkey with the 'happy birthday' salutation is a terrific way to keep the kids busy when they need something to do.

The lettering, hearts, Boots and backpack are terrific images for children to test their skills at while providing opportunities for a variety of colors to use for the image.

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Dora and Boots Going to Grandma's House

Here's an image most parents and grandparents enjoy, as would the children who see the mailbox with grandma's name on it signifying the highly anticipated visit they also look forward to.

The happy, skipping motion of Dora and the always-happy face of Boots adds a touch of delight that children feel when looking forward to visiting their grandparents.

Children will love coloring it in while dwelling upon their next or current visit to grandma's.

Hooray for Best Friends! (Dora the Explorer) (Deluxe Coloring Book)

Dora and Boots in Boat

Next we have Dora and Boots on one of their adventures, as they row in a boat towards what appears to be an island.

Also fun is the group of characters waiting for them as they wave. The frog, grasshopper, and snail (Fiesta Trio) will delight children for sure as they see and interact with all this positive energy.

This would especially be great for children who like to use a wide variety of colors in their pictures.

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Dora Riding in Car

Finally we have this cute image of Dora riding in a car with her friends. As always, Boots is showing his positive disposition while Dora retains her friendly smile.

The sense of adventure permeates this coloring page, as do many of the images which captures the essence of who Dora is and what is being portrayed with her and her group of unique friends.

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer has captured the imagination of children since the series was introduced, and the adventurous little girl and her coterie of friends has children glued to the screen whenever they get a chance to watch it.

That has generated enormous interest in the characters from children, and printable coloring pages are a terrific way to allow them to quickly do an activity that is sure to hold their attention.

These digital illustrations of Dora and her friends is just a small sampling of what can quickly and easily be grabbed on the Internet.

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