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★ DIY Hanging Mobile Tutorials | Creative Decorations & Chandeliers for the Home ★

Homemade from Fabric, Paper, Felt, Wire & More

If you want ideas and tutorials for making your own unique hanging mobiles, wind chimes and chandeliers, you have come to the right place! Below you will find fantastic ideas for decorations to hang from your ceilings, including those made using found objects, paper, clay, knitted ornaments, felt, fabric and leather.

Hanging ornaments can really set a scene and can be a beautiful focal point in a room. Usually, individual ornaments are hung from yarn, thread or string from a central frame like a branch or wooden ring, or they are hung at different levels using lengths of balanced wire. Great designs can be created including scenes such as 'under the sea' (with sea creature and seaweed ornaments) or the sky (an example of which you can view below).

I hope this page gives you lots of ideas :-)

Origami Cranes


CLICK HERE for instructions on folding your own paper cranes.

Photo and mobile by Radiant Reflections.

Materials, Ideas & Themes

Introduction To Mobile Making

A type of home décor people normally associate with baby nurseries, mobiles now come in many different styles and forms, from modern designer pieces to personalized photograph displays. No matter which room you want to make an eye-catching ornament for, there is a DIY on this page to help you.

Mobiles are usually lightweight with a frame made of wire or wood. There can be a single frame at the top (a popular design is a horizontal hoop or a cross), or there can be several levels. Modern designer mobiles often consist of many carefully balanced wire levels, whilst traditional designs have less.

Materials you can use for the actual hanging ornaments sections are almost endless; from old cutlery to clay charms, paper pieces (e.g. origami or folded paper objects), paper mache shapes, mini stuffed toys, wood cut-outs and naturally sourced items like shells, driftwood and sea glass. If you can imagine it, you can make it!

My favorite way of coming up with an idea is to think of a theme first. This will depend on the room it will go into, and who it is for. For instance, take into consideration the décor style and the color scheme of the room, plus the age and taste of who the mobile is for. You can make a mobile based completely on just the colors of the room, or you could incorporate the colors into a theme.

Here are some themes to get your creative juices flowing!::

- Underwater

- Pop art

- Black and white

- Vintage

- Nautical

- Seaside

- Pirates

- Memories

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(could incorporate photos and keepsakes)

- Space

- Fairytale

- Ballerina

- Cowboys

- Farm animals

- Desert island

- Sky

- Jewels and diamonds

- New York

- Jungle

- Circus

- Rock concert

I have also seen some amazing mobiles which are completely custom made around a person's favourite hobby or pastime (for instance, guitar playing, cooking, golf etc.) and using someone's personality as inspiration makes it more thoughtful and unique.

Mobile Kits

Here are some excellent mobile kits which would provide a fun weekend activity, and you'll end up with something lovely for your home.

DIY Hanging Decorations

Paper Streamer Chandeliers


CLICK HERE for instructions on making these fun paper chandeliers.

Photo and mobile by Becky Farley.

Shell & Driftwood Windchime

Homemade Mobile Tutorials

Bird House Mobile

Hanging Ornament How-Tos

How to Make a Cloud Mobile



This simple mobile is designed to be mounted onto a wall indoors, or be hung by string if it's lightweight enough, and incorporates painted wooden clouds hanging from a branch.

What You Will Need:

* A straight-ish tree branch; how long it is is up to you. This will be the heaviest part of the mobile so if you don't want to have to mount it onto the wall with screws, you're probably best using quite a short and thin branch. Or you can use a length of driftwood which is very light.

* Wood (for the clouds); I would recommend a nice natural wood (pine is relatively cheap), at least 1/2" thick for the nicest look, however you will then require a scroll saw to cut the cloud shapes out. If you don't have access to a suitable saw, you can buy all kinds of laser-cut wooden shapes online or in craft stores. You could also find a woodworker or laser-cutting company to cut out the exact shapes you want if desired.

* Saw (optional - see note above)

* String/thread/ribbon/yarn; this is what you will string the wood shapes onto so what you choose depends on how heavy the wood shapes you're using are and what look you want. Regular string would work well, or if you want a prettier option, ribbon or handspun yarn is possible.

* Drill

* Materials to hang or mount or your mobile on a wall

* Paint; you can use any wood paints, or even wood stain if you are using a natural wood. I am using 2 different paints for this example.

* Paintbrush

* Sandpaper

- If you haven't had them pre-cut, first cut the cloud shapes out of the wood. In my example I am using 9 clouds.

- Drill a hole near the top (in the center) of each cloud. For 6 of the clouds, also drill a hole near the bottom which lines up with the hole at the top.

- Sand the edges smooth and clean off the sawdust so the pieces are clean.

- Paint the clouds in the colors you want to use. In my example I have painted just the fronts of 6 of the clouds, and left the rest natural wood.

- Leave to dry.

- Take a length of string/thread (approx. 20") and double it up so there is a loop at one end. Pass this loop through the hole in the top of one of the clouds, then take the tails of the string and feed them through this loop. Pull the tails tight to secure. Do the same for each cloud (just for the holes at the top of the clouds).

- Arrange the clouds on the floor in the order you want to hang them in.

- Tie the top 3 clouds to the tree branch with the loose string tails. Then attach the 2nd row of clouds to those above them by tying a knot through the pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the shapes. Then attach the 3rd row in the same way.

- When everything is connected you can hang the mobile up.

- Finished!

TIP: If you don't want to work with wood, you could also make shapes using polymer clay, or perhaps sew soft shapes like shown here.

Laser Cut Wooden Shapes

This selection includes cloud shapes, which are perfect for the above project, plus a few other useful shapes that would be perfect as components in hanging mobiles. Because they are made in unfinished wood, you can stamp your personality on them by choosing what colors to paint them, if you want to draw on any doodles and designs etc.

Kawaii Crochet Mobile


Photo and mobile by Rachel Mackin.

CLICK HERE to download the free crochet pattern for this adorable rainbow mobile from Coats Crafts.

Wind Chimes & Dreamcatchers to Make

Photograph Mobile

A more grown-up idea for a mobile is to hang up photos, souvenirs and items that mean something to you. Show your life/personality!

A more grown-up idea for a mobile is to hang up photos, souvenirs and items that mean something to you. Show your life/personality!

'Themis' Geometric Mobile

DIY Photo Mobile

Outdoor Decor Ideas

Clay Heart Mobile


CLICK HERE to see how you can make your own clay heart and driftwood mobile.

Photo and mobile by She Likes Cute.

Homemade Dreamcatcher

More Ceiling Décor Ideas

Driftwood & Sea Glass

Wire Sculpture Mobile

Top Mobile Making Books

Books are brilliant resources for project instructions and inspiration.

Paper Planes


I think this paper plane mobile by Julia Manchik is my favourite.

Ideas & Inspiration

Floating Feather Mobile

Chandeliers & More - Chandelier Style Creations, But Without Lighting

Beautiful Butterfly Orb


Made from paper butterflies and flowers, plus silver colored wire.

Photo and mobile by ButterflyOrbs.

If you would like to buy an orb, click here to browse the shop.

DIY Mobile Videos

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