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DIY Furniture Refinishing Ideas | Decorative Painting & Restoration Technique Tutorials

Furniture Revamp Projects Roundup

To save yourself some real money when decorating your house, you can buy old, dated or worn furniture at yard sales and thrift stores and then refinish them yourself with simple DIY skills. Creating a refreshed finish yourself is also very satisfying, and you can make your updated furniture to suit your personal taste and to fit in perfectly with your existing home décor and color scheme.

On this page I have listed many inspiring and creative tutorials for repurposing various objects into new furniture pieces, as well as for sanding down a surface and refinishing with varnish, wood stain or paint. Projects include makeovers for tables, chairs and dressers, plus there are step-by-step instructions for taking your revamping a stage further by adding upholstery; you can learn to restore damaged chairs or simply change the fabric to something more modern.

I hope that this page gives you plenty of ideas and inspiration :-)

Before & After Chairs

Introduction To Refinishing

Ideas For How You Can Revamp Your Furniture

Refinishing old and worn furniture by yourself can save a lot of money compared to taking it to a professional; and if you enjoy DIY it can be a very fun and satisfying project too. If you are actively looking for new furniture, especially if you have just bought your first home and you're short of money, tatty furniture you find for low prices at auctions, antique fairs, car boot sales etc. can be made to look like new with some TLC. You can also buy cheap new furniture and add your own unique twist onto it to make it unique. Before you have had practice with refinishing furniture though, it would be best to stay away from the antiques!

Here are some ideas for ways you can revamp your furniture:

- Upholstery: You can either add new foam, batting and fabric layers onto something like a sturdy coffee table in order to transform and re-purpose it into a stool, or (more often) you can re-upholster a piece of furniture to refresh and update it. Re-upholstering is a popular way to revamp old chairs, footstools and chaise longues that already have the padded seating. Tufting is a traditional style of upholstery where you thread through the foam, batting and fabric layers at regular intervals to create a pattern of depressions all over the upholstery.

- Re-purpose an object or piece of furniture: For instance, you could turn old doors or windows into tables, upholster a wood crate to make a footstool, or add legs to a metal storage box to make a side table. Many larger wooden items, especially box shapes, can be turned into a useful products for the home.

- Add a new tabletop: Attach new strips/planks of wood, mirror pieces, make a glass tabletop, add mosaic tiles and grout it, or even add a layer of resin and embed items in it - like buttons, glitter, plastic charms, glow-in-the-dark stars or anything you like if it's small and thin enough!

- Stencils: You can buy a huge variety of stencil designs, or you can draw your own design and cut it out of contact paper before sticking it onto your furniture and painting over it. This technique is very versatile because any pattern you think of can be achieved. Want a giant octopus on your chest of drawers? Easy! If you only want straight-edged simple patterns like stripes or chevrons, the edges can be marked by using masking/painter's tape as the stencil.

- Re-finish: This is where you re-do the finish that was already present on the furniture, and is mostly a method used on pieces where the wood grain is on show and simply is varnished. First the original finish is removed by using a chemical stripper and /or sanding the finish off by hand with sandpaper or with an orbital sander. Then sanding sealer is added before stain is applied along the grain. The top coat is either layers of polyurethane varnish or lacquer (with sanding in between each coat), or penetrating oil.

- Painting: This is probably the most popular way for revamping furniture at home because it's pretty easy to do, and the choice of colors is almost endless so you can match your furniture exactly to your color scheme. You can use brush-on paints or spray paints, whatever your preference (see the links below for tips and how-tos). Different paints and glazes can produce different effect such as crackle or distressed/vintage. Enamel paints, latex paint and chalk paint are popular types, and chalkboard paint is popular at the moment too for various projects. Sanding and an undercoat of primer is usually required before applying paint. Click here for a great summary on painting furniture.

- Wall decals: You can easily apply wall decals or stickers onto furniture for an instant pattern.

- Printing: This is a method of printing the same shape onto the furniture over and over - for instance by using a foam stamp and paint.

- Adding different hardware: You can add various brackets and metal corner pieces to your furniture, as well as changing the handles/knobs for something more interesting and unique - such as leather handles, or ceramic/handmade/antique knobs.

- Extra add-ons: You can cut-out simple shapes from wood to add to your furniture as a raised design, or you can add other uses to your furniture such as extra shelves, built-in lighting, curtains or jewelry storage.

- Lining: You could line your furniture, e.g. inside the drawers, with wallpaper/wrapping paper/maps/fabric etc. using decoupage techniques in order to add an interesting design feature.

- Artistic license: If you are artistic you can add your own painted murals or doodles.

Tools of the Trade

Whether you want to remove the original surface finish with an orbital sander or a piece of sandpaper it's up to you; if you can afford an orbital sander then go for it, but otherwise sandpaper will do the job!

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With wood you have a choice of finishes including wood stain (to keep the natural grain pattern showing through if using a solid wood) or paint (which is best on manufactured boards like MDF), and I've included both options below.

Lastly, I've also listed an excellent staple gun for anybody who is keen to take on an upholstery task. A staple gun is essential for a professional finish and a much quicker making time.

How to Paint Furniture - Advice, Tutorials & Tips

Furniture Transformation

Painted Chest of Drawers

I think the color combination of this paint project is very elegant, and the bird silhouette adds uniqueness.

I think the color combination of this paint project is very elegant, and the bird silhouette adds uniqueness.

Painting Designs, Techniques & Ideas

Shabby Chic Drawers Makeover

I don't know I would find just awesome and artistic ceramic knob handles, but all of the ones on this example are so interesting!

I don't know I would find just awesome and artistic ceramic knob handles, but all of the ones on this example are so interesting!

Furniture Revamp Projects

How To Make Clay Drawer Knobs


Changing the knobs/handles on a piece of furniture is a quick and creative revamp that anyone could try.

What you will need:

* Polymer clay; I would recommend white Sculpey, but any clay that you have to bake in order to harden it will work

* Parchment paper

* Baking tray

* Oven

* Non-stick surface such as a ceramic tile

* Kitchen scales

* Machine screws with matching nuts (one screw, one nut and one washer for each handle).

#8-32 is the usual size but if you find matching nuts and screws of a different size but which work on your drawer then great!

Screws that are 1 1/4" should work for most drawers but to make sure measure the thickness of the drawer front that your screw will go through and add at least 1/4".

Since you are probably replacing existing handles, when you take those out have a close look at the screws and nuts to give a better idea of what to buy. You should be using the same diameter as the existing screws so that your handle won't fit too loosely or too tightly.

* Wooden skewer/dowel/rod, or a pencil, or a paintbrush (handle), or a crochet hook etc. - just something long and thin to put a straight, narrow hole in the clay.

* Any paint/glaze/paper/water slide decals/fabric/rhinestones or any other embellishments you wish to decorate your handle with (optional)

* Superglue

* Sandpaper (optional)

* Clay cutting tools (optional) such as a cutting blade or a knife/cookie cutter that you don't use for food purposes

- Take an amount of the clay which is about the size you want your finished handle to be. Knead the clay in your hands to warm it up and make it softer/easier to work with. If you think the amount of clay is too little then you can add more, and if you think it's too big you can remove some and put it back in your packet. Leftover clay should be stored in an airtight container so it doesn't dry up.

- Work the clay into a ball.

- Place a piece of parchment paper on your scales (you don't really want to mix clay with anything that will come into contact with food...just to be on the safe side) and weigh the ball you have just made.

- Now measure out the same amount of clay on the scales and make another ball from it. Keep doing this until you have the number of handles you want. The weighing keeps the handles equal in size.

- Make a small ball of clay for each handle to use as a flat 'platform' to separate the clay ball from the drawer front. Take one of the larger clay balls you made before and, making sure it's a smooth spherical shape, press it on top of one of the smaller clay balls. Shape this base to how you want it (if necessary) and make sure it lies level against a flat surface.

- Use a wooden skewer/rod (or whatever else you have to hand) to make a thin straight hole in the clay by pushing it through the flat surface into the larger clay ball. Make the hole reach about halfway through the clay handle and widen the hole with your skewer so that a screw can be inserted easily. Test the screw in the hole to make sure - it shouldn't touch the sides.

- Take a nut and push it into the clay at the opening of the hole so it lines up. The top of the nut should be flush with the surface of the clay. Lightly push the clay surface (which now has the nut embedded in it) onto a flat surface again to make sure it's flat. If pushing the nut into the clay has caused clay to block the hole at all, use the skewer again to push any clay out of the way.

- Put a sheet of parchment paper onto a baking tray and spread the clay handles out on the tray. Put them in the oven by following the directions on the packet. It might be wise to do a test run with just one handle first to check that all goes smoothly.

- When the handles have cooled, the nuts will probably be quite easy to remove and so you should add a small amount of strong glue to the bottom and sides of each one and fix them permanently in place. Do the same for each handle. If you can't remove the nuts then you won't need to glue them as they are quite secure already.

- If you wish, you can sand the surface to create a smoother finish and remove any small bumps. Wash off the resulting dust.

- You can then choose to decorate the drawer knob in any way you like (or you could leave it as it is). Options include decoupaging the handle with a thin fabric or patterned paper, or painting the handle; perhaps using lace as a stencil or using another creative technique. It's up to you. Just make sure that the clay is completely clean and dry before decorating.

If you choose to paint the clay, I recommend using acrylic paints and sealing (after the paint has dried) with a few layers of Sculpey glaze. The glaze is not vital but gives a nicer finish.

- Finished!

This project is very versatile and there are lots of different variations you can try. You could make any clay shape for the handles including stars, hearts, flowers, trains - in fact cookie cutters would be ideal to use for cutting out these kind of shapes. Making a 3D geometric handle like this looks good as well.

There is also a variety of polymer clay colors and effects (like 'granite') available to experiment with, and you can mix clay colors together too to get different shades. Have fun!


Restoration & Finishing Techniques - French Polishing, Wood Stains and More

Gradient Dresser

DIY Upholstery How-Tos

Patchwork Upholstered Chair

This Parker Knoll chair has been re-upholstered with a patchwork design, and I absolutely love the result.

This Parker Knoll chair has been re-upholstered with a patchwork design, and I absolutely love the result.

Best Furniture Craft Books

These useful books are perfect to dip into when you need help and advice with your furniture project, and they provide lots of expert guidance in one place.

Furniture Transformations - Inspiration and Instructions

Reupholstered Tufted Chair

Reupholstering can dramatically change the look of a chair, and I love the new modern fabric on this one.

Reupholstering can dramatically change the look of a chair, and I love the new modern fabric on this one.

Creative Furniture Makeovers

Glass-Top Table Revamp

Restyling of an IKEA table.

Restyling of an IKEA table.

Dresser Makeover

More Project Examples & Tutorials

Craigslist Chair Makeover



Photo and chair revamp by DLThompson06 - Click here to read more about the process.

Upholstery & Furniture Restoration Videos

Making Furniture From Scratch

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, and you'd like to practice your basic woodworking skills, then instead of revamping old furniture, why not try building your own completely from scratch?!

Applying Wood Stain

How-Tos, Ideas & Inspiration

Dreamy Cabinet Makeover

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