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Free Crochet Flower Patterns


Easy Crochet Flower Patterns and Tutorials

All these patterns are so easy that once you make one, there will be no stopping you. Learning how to make a flower is easy when you use these applique patterns ideal for headbands, hats, scarves, bags. In fact I can attach a flower to most of my crochet projects.

My daughter was looking for a headband with a flower design on it. I made a head band with no problem but I had no clue how to crochet a flower. It looked complicated, and as I only really had the basics of crocheting I was a little nervous to attempt these but knew they would finish off some of my projects just perfectly.

These crochet flowers looked so cute and dainty to me, but very advanced for a beginner like me.

I can't believe how easy they were to make, though.

To my delight I have found plenty of crochet flower patterns that are easy and collected them here for you too.

Small crochet flower

Small crochet flower

Teeny Tiny Flower with Leaf Pattern

This pretty little primrose flower would look gorgeous used on a hair slide for little girls, or sewn onto a bag or purse.


Cotton thread, small amounts of a main color and a contrasting color for flower and green for leaves

Size 2 or 1.75mm steel hook, or size preferred

Flower pattern:

Rnd 1: With contrasting color thread, ch 2, 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Join with sl st to first sc. Cut off thread.

Rnd 2: Attach main color, [ (ch 2, 3dc, ch 2, sl st) in the same sc, sl st to the next sc], 5 times, making 5 petals. Cut off.

Leaves pattern:

Rnd 1: With green, ch 10, slip stitch into 3rd stitch from hook, sc, hdc, hdc, dc, dc, trc, trc, chain 3 slip into last chaning on hook. DO NOT TURN, working back along the foundation chain.

Ch 3, trc, trc, trc, dc, dc, sc,sc, ch 1 and slip into top point of leaf (row 1s 2nd ch.)

Sew leaves to the back of flower.

Layered flower

Layered flower

My Favourite Flower Pattern With Layered Petals

This is my favourite because I can make it any size I want using larger or smaller hooks and just keep adding on a back round for the amount of layers you want.

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People ask me for an easy crochet pattern for dummies! This is it! Honestly!

Layered crochet flower

Layered crochet flower

How to Crochet a Two-Layered Flower

One of the easiest ways to make a double layer crochet flower!

Larger Outside Flower:

4.00mm Hook

Pink yarn

Ch 5, sl st to create a ring

Rnd 1: ch 1, do 10 sc in the center of the ring, join with beginning chain with sl st

(An alternative start: Magic ring chain 1, 10 sc slip into 1st, pull ring to tighten)

Rnd 2: *ch 3, skip one chain, slip st into the next stitch, * repeat ** until you have 5 total loops, sl st in the beginning stitch

slip into the 1st loop

Rnd 3 *ch 1, do 6 dc in the chain 3 space, ch 1, sl st in the loop you are working on , slip into the next loop to start another petal, *Repeat, ** (6dc petals)

Small Middle Flower:

Ch 2, slip stitch in the 2nd chain from the hook, this creates a ring. *ch 2, 2 half double crochet in the ring , ch 2, slip stitch in the ring, *repeat 5 times to create a small flower

Centre and attach flowers together

Easy Tutorial

These flowers have only used basic crochet stitches

Basic crochet abbreviations used in patterns:

ch - chain stitch;

sl st - slip stitch;

sc - single crochet;

dc - double crochet;

tr - triple (treble) crochet.

After our success with knitting a hooded scarf last year, the children at my daughter's school were getting bored knitting squares. When she arrived with her headband and crocheted flower, we made a deal that if they learned how to knit the headbands, I would make small flowers for them! It is a great motivator! And great to see the children engaged in such a fantastic craft.

This is their favorite design: Watch the easy-to-follow video!

Flower crochet headband

Flower crochet headband

Easy Free Patterns

As a beginner at crochet I wanted to try each of the patterns out to see if they really were that easy. I have included photos of my finished flowers following each pattern. I will also add more patterns as I find them and add photos as I make each one.

Video Tutorials

I have found these easy to follow crochet videos to accompany the patterns.

Free Crochet Flower Patterns- Crochet Rose

Free Crochet Flower Patterns- Crochet Rose

How to Crochet a Rose

Undoubtedly one of the most popular flowers to make is a rose, but many shy away from it thinking it is more advanced.

If you can chain, single crochet, double crochet and skip a few stitches, then you can make this.

I love how it can also be transformed by the different colors used, or rolled more tightly to give it a tiny rosebud effect or loosely.

Small crochet flowers

Small crochet flowers

Three Small Flowers

These small flowers are all made slightly differently using two new techniques: the magic circle and the invisible join. And create cute little flowers for those special projects.

Beautiful flowers and applique

Beautiful flowers and applique

Crochet Pillows: So Much More Than a Granny Square!

Pillow with flower

Pillow with flower

I love granny squares. You can create so many things with them. My recent project was this crocheted pillow adorned with Crochet flowers. It is so easy to make, and I have made a few for gifts this year.

Have You Crocheted a Flower Before?

Small Star Flower

White star

White star

Granny's crochet pattern:

Chain: 17

Row 1: DC in 5th ch from hook *ch 1, skip next ch, in next ch following skipped ch DC, ch, DC* Repeat till end of row

Row 2: Ch 3, turn. DC 5 in ch 1 space *SC in the ch 1 sp, 6 DC in next ch 1 space* Repeat till end of row.

5 or 6 petal flower Really EASY flower crochet

1. Ch 6. Sl st into 1st ch to form a ring.

2. **Ch 3, 2 tc into ring, ch 3, sl st into ring** 6 times for six-petal (OR only 5 times for five-petal). Fasten off

Easy flower:

Ch 5, join with sl st in first ch.

Ch 1, sc 9 into ring (crocheting over tail as you go), join with sl st in first sc. (9 sts)

Ch 1, *sc 2 into st, sc 1 into next st, rep from * around; join with sl st in first sc. (14 sts)

Ch 3, *dc 3 into st, continue around; join with sl st in first dc. (42 sts)

Picot edge: *sc into st, ch2, sc into same st, rep from * around; join with sl st in first picot and finish off.

Sew a button or large bead in the center of the flower.

Note: If you want a smaller flower, simply sc in each round instead of dc.

Another easy flower:

CH 5. Form a loop.

1) sc ch 3, 5 times in loop.

2) Sl st in loop. Ch 3, 9 dc, sc in previous round. 10 dc in next loop, sc in previous loop. Continue around three more times, sc and s; st in beg ch. If desired, sc all the way around in contrasting color, sc in row underneath to separate flower petals.

Crochet headband with flower

Crochet headband with flower

Headband Patterns

I made this headband by:

60 chain st. (enough to go round my daughters head comfortably) and used 1/2 double crochet st.for 8 rounds.

And then simply attach our chosen flower.

With each of our flowers we have kept long ties, and used these to thread the flower to the headband. My daughter likes to change the flowers so we also used a pin to attach them.

How to crochet a Sunflower Headband

How to crochet a Sunflower Headband

free crochet flower patterns-crochet flowers

free crochet flower patterns-crochet flowers

3D Pattern

Perfect 3D flower with tw layers, fantastic and easy to make for your hats, headbands and all your projects that need that finishing touch.

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Rhonda on February 23, 2020:

Thank you for sharing the crochet flower patterns. I'm always looking for new patterns.

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thank you so much for the lovely flowers.

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Love your patterns I'm crocheting for a dogs charity along with other charity's your video made things clear the roses are lovely thank you

Belinda G Sutton on February 06, 2019:

Love your patterns. Very simple to folliw and they turn out exactly as pictured. There's so many things that can be done with these flowers and this makes them priceless to me!

Thank you for your generosity.


Belinda Sutton

AAA MINE AAAAACELL on February 05, 2019:

Flowers look lovely & looks like I wood enjoy crocheting them, my neighbor will be thrilled if I could contribute crochet flowers to many items we crochet to various charities

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I like your flower patterns. But, I didn’t find the pattern for the Rose. I am very interested in the Rose pattern.

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