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My Favourite Free Crochet Cardigan Patterns and Crochet Sweater Patterns for Baby

Lisa Auch Crochet Addict. My hobby is Crochet, yarn and all things crafty

Beautiful Cosy little Sweater to keep baby Warm

Easy baby cardigan crocheted from the TOP down

Easy baby cardigan crocheted from the TOP down

Crochet Cardigan Patterns and baby sweater crochet Patterns which are Perfect for welcoming Baby into the world

Nothing is as cute as babywearing a beautifully handcrafted crochet cardigan or a cute crochet sweater. I just love these patterns not only because you can see how Easy they are to Crochet. But the finished result is beautiful when worn on baby. There is just soemthing special about a hand crocheted item, and Nothing is as special as Baby going home in one of these handmade sets. S

o Whether you are looking for the most beautiful vintage styled crochet baby sets, (These are usually called Baby Layette sets) or more up to date trendy and Cute Baby cardigans, sweaters, or crocheted baby hooded tops. E

You are guaranteed to find the best easiest free crochet patterns for baby cardigans right here. Because I personally have tried and tested all patterns on this page!!!

And the best part is all crochet patterns on this page are free.

I will only add free patterns for the baby sweaters or cardigans that I can fully give my personal seal of approval to.

The sites I link to are all safe and tested by myself.

I love to crochet baby sets, and I was especially looking for an easy to make crochet cardigan pattern, to my delight I found lots that were not only easy to make but quick to make up, look very pretty and can suit either a boy or a girl.

My friend was desperate to find a lilac crochet cardigan for her daughter to wear for a wedding and found it difficult to find one with a pretty pattern, something a little bit more fancy than just plain.

If you are looking for something in particular leave me a message. Of course, I shall do my best to find patterns and add them to my ever growing list here, making this one of the best collections online of Free and easy to crochet cardigan patterns for baby.

As always if I can help you or you get stuck just leave a message and I will try to work it out for you

Baby Going Home in a Crochet Cardigan

Cute baby going home crochet outfit

Cute baby going home crochet outfit

White Baby Cardigan - ....with pretty finish and crochet flower

I hunted high and low for a simple plain baby cardi. I found this pretty one. Available in 4 colors too, but it proves there is a definitely a lack of baby cardigans online to buy. No wonder I am always being asked for the baby cardigans

So get busy with those crochet hooks!

Is it easy to crochet a Baby Cardigan?

YES! especially some of the easy patterns worked all in one and from the top down.

Before I started to learn to crochet. I did not know how to crochet a baby cardigan, and felt the task a little intimidating.

How wrong was I, not only did I work out how to crochet a baby cardigan. It was that well received I have had several requests after posting pictures of the cardigan online. It remains one of the most popular patterns I am aske dot make for a newborn baby. (It is also My BEST seller!) .

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0-3 months Baby Bear Cardigan Pattern

Baby Bear Crochet baby cardigan. This is made from the TOP down and all in one piece. It is a simple Beginners easy to understnd pattern.

Baby Bear Crochet baby cardigan. This is made from the TOP down and all in one piece. It is a simple Beginners easy to understnd pattern.

Easy to Crochet Baby Cardigan and Baby Sweater Patterns (Newborn-3 months) - Perfect for wrapping your little one up in

I have collected here the top easiest crochet patterns for button fastening baby cardigans. Following the easy to crochet yoke and joining your yarn to crochet the sleeves, makes these patterns ideal for beginners at crocheting baby sweaters. Can suit for a boy or a girl.

Top Tip:

A popular Question always asked when crocheting baby items is

'What side do you put the buttons on for a Girl or a boy?

When wearing the baby jacket girls have their buttons on the left side of their cardigan and boys on the right.

Lilac crochet cardigan set I made

Beautiful Frilled baby crochet set pattern

Beautiful Frilled baby crochet set pattern

Your go to Free Crochet Baby Cardigan Patterns - one stop shop for free baby cardigan patterns for babies

Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Cardigans

Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Cardigans

This is my ever growing collection of go-to baby cardigan patterns. When I am asked to crochet a set for mum sometimes they bring me a photo or a pattern. Or ask if I can use the pattern they pick, some work out some not so, so I have collected a great list of Patterns to either print and download or just keep the list safe in your bookmarks as a goto selection of baby cardigan patterns that will never let you down and always work out.

See the full list of FREE crochet Baby Cardigan Patterns HERE

Crochet Patterns and Crochet Set Patterns for Baby - Vintage to modern crochet patterns for Baby

I do like to have a few baby crochet patterns around, it also gives me some inspiration for my next projects, many of the crochet books are well laid out with lots of pictures to follow and examine, making the seemingly daunting task of crocheting a baby set very easy to follow and make.

Crochet a Cardigan for Baby

Nothing is Sweeter than a little one in a hand made item - (photo is my own)

Nothing is Sweeter than a little one in a hand made item - (photo is my own)

REad more of my Hubpages articles on Crochet

I progressed to crocheting cardigans and sweaters for baby when I had mastered

'How to crochet a Baby Hat'. It seemed a natural progression, and after crocheting hats I was used to shaping. Increasing and decreasing whilst crocheting.

Always read through the patterns first, Some baby cardigans are made in one piece, some are made starting at the neck and using the "yoke" technique. When you work out how the cardigan is crocheted up, It really is quite an enjoyable and easy crochet project.

If you are a beginner at crochet, I would suggest you read my page ,

How to Crochet.

Where you can learn the basics of crocheting. Once you have the basics and are confident at understanding a very basic crochet pattern, these crochet Cardigans are perfect for your next projects.

Picture is Authors Own however I followed the Vintage crochet pattern for this cardigan as shown ,HERE

Crochet Baby set - Vintage Crochet Cardigan and Baby set

crochet Baby cardigan- crochet baby set-

crochet Baby cardigan- crochet baby set-

Modern or Vintage Style Crochet

I just love this cardigan set, it has that vintage feel about it, yet it embraces everything that is delightful to new babies. So Sweet and cuddle worth.

Another Baby Set Free Pattern


A Lovely crochet Baby Set, cardigan, booties free pattern

This is gorgeous and started at the yoke. Again worked Top Down I love cardigans made this way as it is so much nicer fitting a young baby, especially under the arms.

Size Newborn, ideal for baby going home outfit. Free crochet Pattern for pretty Baby Set

Free Crochet Baby Cardigan Patterns

Little Sets for Little People

Its really easy to make a pattern suit your own needs with a little bit of creativity, I love making and posting ideas to give help and inspiration

I have always struggled to find crochet patterns that would suit little baby boys. So using an easy baby cardigan pattern I made the booties and hat to match in co-ordinationg colours.

Newborn Crochet Sets for Boys - Cute and Adorable Crocheted sets especially for Boys

Make this set with Free Patterns

Make this set with Free Patterns

Crochet Cardigans for Boys - Easy Crocheted baby boy sets

Finding crochet patterns especially for boys is a hard task, So I have grouped together here my favorite patterns to follow for making crocheted cardigans, for boys. I like to finish off with a little applique especially suited for boys like a little teddy bear motif.

Boys Hooded Sweater Cardigan Crochet Pattern (free) - make for the boys or change to suit for the Girls

free crochet baby sweater patterns-crochet patterns for boys

free crochet baby sweater patterns-crochet patterns for boys

Cardigan Crochet Patterns for Newborn Baby Boy - 0-3months Cardigan Crochet Pattern

crochet cardigan-crochet baby sets-free crochet patterns-boys

crochet cardigan-crochet baby sets-free crochet patterns-boys

I loved this Pattern once I got into the swing of the pattern stiches it really was made up very Quickly.

The website has good FREE crochet patterns, available in US and USA crochet terms.

For this Cardigan Crochet Pattern Click HERE

Free Pattern for Crochet Sweater, hat and Booties Set - Baby Layette Crochet Sets

I keep finding lovely free crochet Patterns for Baby sets. People keep asking me for them so I will post any good ones I find here for you

Do you have a favorite pattern from a crochet cardigan for baby? will you be crocheting a cardigan? Do let us know you stopped by

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Lisa Auch

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I'll have to pass this to my grandma to make something for my baby in September :)

Merry Citarella from Oregon's Southern Coast on January 23, 2014:

Love this lens even though I can't crochet. Hope to learn this year. These are all adorable so I can't decide which I like best! Thanks for sharing it. I'll bookmark it hoping I learn soon!

Susan Deppner from Arkansas USA on October 13, 2013:

As much as I've said for years that someday I'll have a granddaughter, I'm still rather partial to little baby boy things - and I love the little boy sweaters here! Hopefully one day my sons will have sons.

funkystarfish851 on May 09, 2013:

Fab lens! I love crocheting baby items

anonymous on April 15, 2013:

I love to crochet baby clothes, I have crocheted the hooded cardigan. Thanks for the free patterns. I will bookmark these for further use.

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