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Cricut Design Space-Tips And Ideas

Cricut Design Space is the computer program that helps you create amazing projects with all of the Cricut cutting machines

Cricut Design Space is the computer program that helps you create amazing projects with all of the Cricut cutting machines

Cricut Design Space Basics

Cricut Design Space is the free software that works with your Cricut cutting machine to create all kinds of projects. You can upload your projects, touch them up, and finally send them to your Cricut machine to be cut.

If you opt not to have the Cricut Access Subscription Plan, you can still use the graphics and fonts. You will have to pay for those digital files when you go to cut them. But once you pay for them, you will always own them.

Using Multiple Machines

If you have more than one Cricut machine setup, you can connect both/all machines to your Cricut Design Space account at the same time via either Bluetooth or USB. And don’t worry about cutting the wrong design with the wrong machine. No matter how many machines you have connected, your very first step on the final cut screen is to select which machine you want to use from the top dropdown menu. In this way, you can always be sure you’re using the intended machine for your project.

Finding Free Fonts

To find free fonts, type in your text and click “Font” on the top editing menu. Go to the Cricut tab, click on “Filters,” and check the “Free” box.

Finding Free Images

Click on “Images” to find free images and check the “Free” box on the filters.

Finding Free Projects

For ready-to-make projects, click on “Projects,” and on the drop-down menu, select the option “Free.”

For ready-to-make projects, click on “Projects,” and on the drop-down menu, select the option “Free.”

Not only are there thousands of images, but there are projects put together that enables you to create things without having to design all the elements yourself.

There are images for cutting, vinyl and now even for sewing projects (available for the Cricut Maker) There are cards, scrapbook pages and a lot more. You can search by category or by name.

There are images and projects with all the best- and well-known crafters.

You can also upload images in jpeg and svg files.

You do not have to subscribe. You can just use the main features and load your own files into the program.

New Features In Design Space

  1. More shapes in the shapes panel a well as expanded shapes in Cricut Access.
  2. If you lose your project on canvas without saving it, when you go back to Design Space, it will still be there
  3. My Favorites is now called "Saved"
  4. Organize your projects into collections. Create up to 5 categories. Unlimited categories for subscribers.

Where Do I Start?

The first few steps are easy! It is time to unbox and set up your Cricut, no matter what model you have chosen.

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Once you have set up your Cricut, you need to download the Cricut App. You need to select the correct app for your device.

Now that you have completed the download, the first step that you should take is to make the sample project. Directions are included in the box that your machine came in.

After that, the best way to get used to the functions of the program and the machine is to make a few of the Make It Projects and the Community Projects. These are projects that are made for you. No designing needed. You chose the project, gather the supplies and hit the Make It Button. That will take you directly to the cutting page. So easy! These projects will help you gain confidence and understanding using your cutting machine.

You may also want to take time to view some you tube videos to help you learn even more about your machine. Give yourself some time. As you use your program and equipment, you will get better and gain more use for all the functions that Design Space has to offer.

Design Space Downloads

Design Space-Desktop Version

Design System Requirements

Most folks will not have any problems adding Design Space to their computer or other products

Most folks will not have any problems adding Design Space to their computer or other products

No matter what type of system you use, more than likely you will be able to use Design Space. But if you are concerned about requirements for design Space, here is the information you need to know

Windows OS

  • Windows® 10 or later*
  • CPU: Intel™ Dual-Core or equivalent AMD® processor
  • RAM: 4GB
  • 2 GB free disk space
  • An available USB port or Bluetooth® connection
  • Display: Minimum 1024px x 768px screen resolution
  • Broadband connection- Minimum 2 – 3 Mbps Download Minimum 1 – 2 Mbps Upload Standard data rates may apply
  • Offline available for Available for Design Space for Desktop Memory needs will vary based on usage

Mac OS

  • macOS 11 or later*
  • CPU 1.83 GHz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • 2 GB free disk space
  • An available USB port or Bluetooth® connection
  • Display: Minimum 1024px x 768px screen resolution
  • Broadband connection-Minimum 2 – 3 Mbps Download Minimum 1 – 2 Mbps Upload Standard data rates may apply
  • Offline available for Design Space for Desktop Memory needs will vary based on usage

I Phone-I Pad (IOS Devices)

  • iOS 14.5 or later
  • Broadband connection- Minimum 2 – 3 Mbps Download Minimum 1 – 2 Mbps Upload Standard data rates may apply
  • Offline available-Available for iOS devices Memory needs will vary based on usage

Android Devices (offline not currently available)

  • Android 9.0 or higher
  • Mobile devices and tablets only
  • Chromebooks not supported
  • Qualified devices
    • Samsung: Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab A, Galaxy Tab S series
    • Google: Pixel series
    • LG: G, K, or V series
    • Motorola: Droid G, Z, E, Turbo or Moto series
  • Performance varies by chipset, processor speed, and manufacture
  • Broadband connection -Minimum 2 – 3 Mbps Download Minimum 1 – 2 Mbps Upload Standard data rates may apply

More Design Space Basics

Design Space Updates

Cricut is consistent in making improvements in its Design Space Program

Cricut is consistent in making improvements in its Design Space Program

In April of 2021, Cricut announced and put into effect some new features in Design Space and here they are:

  1. Offset-The first thing to know about the offset feature is that it only appears in the new canvas, not in the classic canvas. So if you are not seeing it across the top of your canvas, you need to reset the canvas to new. You would do this in your Design Space settings. Offset creates a shadow effect behind your text. You can do this in black or any other color you desire. Great for scrapbook titles, journals and cards.
  2. Organizing Your Projects- All of your saved projects can now be organized in categories. You just go to My Projects. Hit the organize button. Then select the projects you want in that specific project. Then select and name the projects you want in that category. Once you have selected and hot done, you will see your categories listed

As of January 29,2020, Cricut Design Space is now offline. This means that you now operate the program without going to your browser. On the home page of the new program rather than a jumbled-up version. You can find project by materials. I like that feature because I do not cut fabric or leather. It is faster, and no more of those annoying flash updates. The font menu is now bigger, easier to read. There is also a drag and drop feature that makes it easier to upload files. Same features, just better.

More Design Space Update Information

You will know the cost of a digital image or font when you select the item. When you go to cut it, the program will bill you the cost if you do not have a subscription.

You will know the cost of a digital image or font when you select the item. When you go to cut it, the program will bill you the cost if you do not have a subscription.

Cricut Access Information And Ideas

Cricut Access is a paid membership that gives you instant access to an impressive and giant library filled with over 250.000 images, hundreds of fonts, and ready-to-cut projects.

Cricut Access Standard

In this plan ore features are added. Unlimited use of 200,000 images, unlimited use of 700,000 plus fonts, 10% off licensed images, 1000s of ready to make projects., and unlimited collections. You also get 10% off purchases, including machines (up to $50 savings per item)

Cricut Access gives you access to 30,000+ images, 1000’s of projects and over 370 fonts. If you are going to be using your Cricut a lot, then this will save you a lot of money than if you were to buy every project and image individually. This is a subscription program that you can order monthly or yearly to get access to all of these features.

  • Unlimited use of 250,000+ images
  • Unlimited use of 700+ fonts
  • 10% off licensed images2
  • 1,000s of ready-to-make projects
  • Unlimited collections3

Depending on your plan, you can get other benefits like discounts on licensed images, fonts, and physical products.

You also receive Priority Member Care

Cost: $9.99 monthly or $95.98 yearly

Premium Cricut Access

You get all of the advantages of the standard plan. On top of that you also get

  • Unlimited use of 250,000+ images
  • Unlimited use of 700+ fonts
  • 10% off licensed images
  • 1,000s of ready-to-make projects
  • Unlimited collections
  • $10 coupon for every 3 months (includes free shipping)4
  • 10% off purchases, including machines (up to $100 savings per item)
  • 20% off all materials
  • FREE economy shipping on $50+ order

Cost: $119 per year, paid yearly only

Beyond your subscription, some images will have a fee. These fees would be on special licensed products like Disney.

Is Cricut Access Available Outside The USA?

At this time, members in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, and Ireland may purchase their subscription to Cricut Access on, or in the Design Space for Desktop, iOS, and Android apps.

Members in Austrapa and Eurozone can purchase their plan through Design Space for Desktop, iOS, and Android apps.

All other members may purchase their subscription through the Design Space app for iOS or Android only.

New In Access

  1. Subscribers can now create, cut and draw-ready monograms. Just enter the initials that you want to use, choose a style and view the options. Anyone can view the options for free, but only subscribers can complete the project.

Cricut Design Space Tips


  • There are many different models of Cricut cutting machines. In order to load the correct design tools within Cricut Design Space, make sure your machine is selected from the dropdown arrow in the upper right corner of Cricut Design Space.
  • Having problems finding the specific image you are looking for? Try leaving off the "s" on your search term. Try using another word for the same thing.
  • Filter "image sets" to get more options. Click the small information icon (i) in the bottom right-hand corner of any image within the Cricut Design Space Image Library. Click the green “View Images Sets” text to see the full set of images. Image Sets can also be searched by clicking the “All Images” button and then selecting “Image Sets” in the bottom left-hand column.
  • Check out the Community section in Design Space! The function here is much like the Make It Now function. Instead of Cricut designs there are designs made by community members.

Cricut Design Space Tips

Cricut Design Space Is user friendly. You can create projects that you never thought possible.

Cricut Design Space Is user friendly. You can create projects that you never thought possible.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts in Design Space are combinations on your keyboard that allow you to complete different functions with a few keystrokes. You can make some changes on your canvas quickly and easily.

So, to use these shortcuts, you need to be on your canvas page.

There are a few keyboard shortcuts that make the whole Cricut Design Space experience faster and easier. Here are some of the easiest to use:

  • Copy – control C
  • Paste – control V
  • Delete – delete button
  • Undo – control Z
  • To save the project, click and hold down Ctrl or Command and click S. This opens the save dialog box. From here, I can type in the name of my project and click save.
  • To undo something, hold down Ctrl or command and click Z
  • To redo something, hold down Ctrl (Command on Mac) + Shift and press Z again. That will redo the last action.
  • The grey grid background in Design Space can be changed. You have 3 options for your background type. Solid white, large grey grid, or small grey grid. To toggle between the different types of grids hold Shift and then click G. Continue to do this as many times as you need to get the grid look you want.

Keyboard Shortcuts To Edit Or Remove Pieces From Your Design

  • Ctrl + X cuts/removes it from your canvas
  • Ctrl + C will copy the design
  • Ctrl + V pastes it back onto your canvas
  • Ctrl + D creates a duplicate copy

Using The Mouse

You can also use your mouse in combination with your keyboard for some shortcuts. In addition to the zoom function mentioned above, you can also try the following.

  • To pan around the canvas, hold down the spacebar and drag around the canvas. You will see that your cursor changes to a hand. You can easily pan around the canvas by moving around while holding down the spacebar.
  • To quickly duplicate an item on your canvas, hold down the Alt (Option) key. You’ll notice that your cursor changes to a cursor with a + beside it. Drag an item to the side and you’ll see that it duplicates on the canvas.

If you have used keyboard shortcuts before, here are some updates you should view.

Print out the keyboard cheat sheet for more ideas and tricks

Keyboard Cheat Sheets And Ideas

  • Cricut Design Space - Save time with these keyboard shortcuts - YouTube
    In this new video series, we go through all those beginner essentials you needs to know to get the most out of your Cricut.This video shows you how to save t...
  • Learning Library
    Keyboard cheat sheets and more are included in one page. This quick reference will guide you through the right material and tools for your project and offers helpful tips on working with vinyl, paper, and iron-on.

The Offset Feature In Design Space

Here is what the offset feature looks like

Here is what the offset feature looks like

More Cricut Design Resources And Ideas

Newest Design Space Feature-Kearning

Cricut Design Space Tools Terms

ToolWhat It Does


Connects two or more shapes together.By default, Design Space will rearrange the images to make the most of the materials you are using. If you want to keep things spaced exactly as you have them on the screen you need to select all of the images and then select attach.

Color Sync Tool

You can change the different colors on the canvas or make them all the same. Navigate to the Color Sync Tool along the right-hand side of the design canvas. Here, you will see all the colors currently in use on your project, and you can simply drag-and-drop any layer into another color already represented.


The Contour tool allows you to hide unwanted pieces of a design, and it will only be activated when a shape or design has elements that can be left out.

Copy And Paste Between Projects

Now you can copy design elements from one Design Space Canvas and paste them to another. Just select and copy the desired object (or group of objects), then paste them into a new or existing Design Space canvas.


Design Space function that lets you keep objects together on your mat. You can also ungroup them to make changes to the design


Allows you to keep selected layers out of sight. Use the eye icon in the layers panel to access this function. You can hide them without deleting them. Generally, hide is used when you want to size one layer in the design.

Kerned Font

This function is an automatic feature that spaces letters in fonts so that they appear more natural,


Tells the machine which tools you will be using. Will have a different menu depending on which model you are using. Line types can be cut, drawn, score, deboss, engrave,etc

Double Cut

This is the act of cutting a material twice. You can do this by pressing the go button after you have completed a cut and before you unload your mat.


Fill is a function where you apply a color or pattern inside a shape or object. Fill applies to the color or cut layer, or the pattern of a print then cut layer


This is a function that allows you to turn any image into a single. printable layer for the Print and Cut feature. This tool is extra support for the Print then Cut Fill setting


Selects the font for your project. You have options to use free fonts. There are also fonts that you can purchase to own

LineType And Fill

Tells the machine which tools you will be using. Will have a different menu depending on which model you are using


Function in Cricut Design Space that allows you to show a layer in reverse. This is used mostly for iron on vinyl


Creates decorative outlines to shapes, text, or groups of objects to make your designs pop.

Pen Thickness

From the Canvas, you can now preview your design with thicker or thinner pen & marker tip sizes — so you can better imagine what your project will look like.


The slice tool is perfect for cutting out shapes, text, and other elements, from different designs.


The welding tool allows you to combine two or more shapes in one. It is the act of joining objects together permanently


A function that lets you separate objects that are grouped together. In ungrouping you can rotate, flip, move or resize text or oblects.When you are done, you can regroup them

More Design Space Tool Ideas

The New Home Page For Cricut Design Space


The Cricut Design Space home page is newly improved and offers lots of new features. Once you have signed in with your logon and password, this amazing page will come up to show you the features available.

One of the features you will notice at the top of the page is a section where you will see features like special promotions, new product announcements, tutorials and maintenance messages.

The page is broken up into four parts. There is the header, the banner, My Projects and Featured Content.

The Header

This is an area on the left side of your page. You can move back and forth between your home page and this page.

  • This is the area where you can calibrate your machine.
  • You can update your firmware (the Cricut Design Program)
  • Manage your Cricut account

My Projects

Here you can open recent projects or start a new project. by clicking the New Project icon. That will take you to the Canvas where you will start creating in Design Space.

Ready To Make Projects

This down slightly below My Projects. These are designs from professional artists. These projects have been put together so that you can go right into cutting and creating in one or two steps.

They are divided into different categories featuring different materials and techniques. You can customize any of these projects for your needs.

There is a " see more" feature that will allow you to see more in any given category. An arrow on both sides allows you to move backwards and forwards within a category.


Cricut Design Space Resources

Main Canvas Page

The main canvas page is your workspace. It may seem overwhelming but once you get used to the functions, it will become the easiest program you can work with.

  • The Top Panel is pink and is used for editing
  • The Left Panel is blue and is used to insert font, images and more
  • The Right Panel is green and is used for layering.
  • The Main Canvas is purple and is your work area.

Your canvas is broken up into a grid. You can position objects on the x and y-axis by using one of the tools in your toolbar. The canvas is a digital picture of hpw your project will look on the cutting mat.

If you want to change the measurements from inches to centimeters, you can do this by clicking on the TOGGLE button (in the hamburger menu) in the top left corner and then selecting SETTINGS. A window will pop up with all your available options for the design space. Set it up in a way that works for you and your creative style.

The Top Panel

The top panel (pink) in Design Space is where you will edit and arrange elements on the canvas. All of the functions are clearly labeled. You can:

  • Choose your font type.
  • Change the size of objects.
  • Align or distribute objects.
  • Rotate objects.
  • Save your project.
  • Hit “make it” button.
  • And more

The Hamburger icon (3 bars on the left) is a toggle menu that gives you all your account information, machine information, calibrations, preferred materials list, etc.


Each time you start a new project, it will say “Untitled.” You haven’t specified what the project is or saved it yet. It’s a blank document similar to a Word document or a Google Doc.

When you click on this link, it will take you to any project you have saved or made previously. You can organize this area and delete projects that didn’t work or that won’t be remade in the future.

Save Option

This option will be available once you have put something on your canvas. It will remain greyed out until you have a design element ready to go. As with anything you design or work on, you should save regularly.

Make It Button

Once you have everything the exact way that you want it, it is time to make the project. The Make It Button will take you to the cutting mat part of the program.

Left Side Canvas Options

New Projects

Use this option at any time to start a new project and get a blank canvas. After you click on it you will be prompted if you want to save your current project or replace it with a blank canvas.


This is where you can set a specific type of template to help you visualize how your design will look on a certain item. It can be helpful for spacing and sizing. The template is not cut out.

On some of the templates you can change the sizing in the drop-down menu to match what you are working on.


Use this option to see all the available Cricut Access (Ready to Make Projects) These are projects that are already completed for you, and you can just make them! Some of the projects are customizable once you open them.

You can search specifically for projects included with Cricut Access by using the drop-down menu. There are also other categories such as “Free” or “Free for Cricut Joy” These free projects are great to try out if you are just learning to use your machine.

Insert Images

When you click on the Images tool, you will see the Cricut library of images open. This is where you can select from thousands of images that can be inserted into your project. You can search for a specific image by using the search bar, or you can select from a category below the search bar.

Click on the plus symbol next to each filter to open up your options. Click the minus symbol to close the options.

Text Tool

When you select this option a text box will appear, and you can type your desired text. The text you typed will then appear on your canvas.

To edit your text you will use the options in the tool bar across the top when your text is selected.

Shapes Tool

You can use this option to insert basic shapes into your design. The current available shapes include:

  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Star
  • Octagon
  • Heart

Upload Tool

This is where you can upload your very own images and designs. When you click on it you will see this screen below. You have the option to upload an image or a pattern fill. You can either drag and drop a file or selected a file by clicking on browse. Files must be .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .svg, or .dxf. At the bottom of your screen, you will see your recently uploaded images.

More Tool Ideas

Everything You Need In One Bundle

Some Design Space Basics

When you first get on Design Space, the whole thing may feel a bit confusing, But once you get started and get used to the program, you will actually find out how easy it is to use.

There are several basic areas that you need to know when getting started.:

  1. Your Canvas-This is the page where you design your project. All the tools you need to create and customize your images and text are all on this page.
  2. The Cut Page- This is the page where your materials are cut once you are happy with your project. Once you are finished with your design and you hit the Make It button, the program will automatically go to this page
  3. Layers-A portion of the design not connected to any other. Layers are located in the Layers Panel on the right side of the Cricut Design Space screen
  4. Mat Order-The order that your mats are cut. This is determined automatically in the Design Space Program.
  5. Matless Cutting-Available only on the Cricut Maker 3, Explore 3, and joy when using Smart Materials. Smart Materials are the only materials that can be cut without a mat.
  6. The Upload Page- This is where you will upload SVG files that you have downloaded from your computer.

New Design Space Feature Kerning

Design Space Tips

These are the tips that will help you get the best results no matter which Cricut model you have

These are the tips that will help you get the best results no matter which Cricut model you have

Design Space seems very daunting, especially to beginners.

We have gathered some Design Space Tips to help your everyday Cricut use. Some have been around a while, some are new, and some are from experience.

Here are some tips that will help you while you are creating and navigating the program.

  • If you are on the main project page, the canvas page, and you want to see the keyboard shortcuts, hit the question mark on your keyboard.
  • If you wanted to make multiple cuts but it did not change the number for the design, just load another mat, and hot the start button and the project will recut.
  • If you want to cut out two same projects and you forgot to duplicate it, you can just load a new mat with material and it will cut again. You don’t even have to restart the project or click on the finish
  • When you’re working on the canvas, press the question mark on your keyboard and the keyboard shortcuts will pop-up.
  • Simply by dragging and dropping the images, you can move a cut anywhere on the mat and even rotate it using the handles on the upper right-hand corner. Moving images around on the mat is very handy if you have some scrap paper and want to use multiple colors on paper on one mat. This function is also handy if you want to do several different images on one mat.
  • To find FREE imagesuse the Filter within the Design Space Image Library. Simply select the “Free” option to see an array of images you can insert into your projects at no cost!
  • Want to find your free fonts without going through the whole list? Cricut Design Space will have any fonts that came with your computer plus the fonts that you may have downloaded from other free fonts websites. To find the fonts you can use without incurring additional charges, simply choose “My Fonts” from the font menu filter. This will show you ALL the fonts installed on your computer, as well as any Cricut fonts you may have purchased
  • A recent change to Design Space now allows ANY line to be easily changed from cut to score to draw with the simple Linetype drop-down menu on the top toolbar: This tool is especially useful when you have a Maker and are using the different tools available

More About Cricut Access

The Cricut Smart Dial


The dial settings are relatively simple to master.

  • The top button which is a circle with a line in it, is your on and off button
  • There are three buttons on the bottom. The ones with the arrow up and down is the button to accept your mat or remove it. The C with the antenna starts your cut once you have loaded your mat. The two lines together will stop your cut at any time you need to.
  • The actual dial sets the type of material you are going to cut. The customize button is for any material not on the dial. When you get ready to make your cut, design space will give you a list of materials to select.

he Cricut dial settings are so easy to use !

On & Off Button- located at the top of your dial. You simply press the button to turn your machine on and off.

Paper Feed Button-this button is used to load and unload your paper. Seat the mat on the unit close to the feed and depress the paper feed button. Your paper should move right in place for your cut

The Cricut Button- This is the button that you use to start your cut, once you have selected your project and sent it to the Cricut It is the middle bottom button marked as a C. It will light up and tell you you are ready to start.

The Stop Button-This button is located on the right side of the bottom set of buttons. It is used to stop a cutting if something happens. Most often because a paper problem or a bad cut.

Materials Setting

The settings button helps you use the right blade setting for the materials that you are cutting. It coordinates with the access system to cut the right materials with the right depth.

Each of the settings are self explanatory. However, when you use the custom setting, the Cricut Access Program will give you a choice for the exact material you are using.

Explore 2 Tip For Smart Dial

Set your dial to "Custom" setting and ;eave it there permanently. This will cause Design Space to prompt you to select the material you are cutting. You will have less errors and waste less material. After all, who has not forgotten to change the dial when changing materials

Uploading Old Cartridges


if you have some old Cricut cartridges, you still have the option to upload those images. These machines offer the last chance to do so. If you opt to purchase the Cricut Maker, that option is not available.

Linking your cartridges is easy:

  1. Navigate to www,cricutdesign/com and sign into your account.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, click again on the green account button and select “Cartridge Linking” from the drop-down menu
  3. Insert the cartridge firmly into the port on the Explore machine. Make sure your Cricut Machine is turned on and connected to your computer.
  4. Once the cartridge is detected, you will be prompted to link the cartridge to your account. Click “Link Cartridge.”

Cartridges can only be linked to one account. Once they are linked they cannot be unlinked,

Uploading Images To Design Space

The uploading images feature gives you unlimited project options

The uploading images feature gives you unlimited project options

The best and easiest designs to upload to your Design Space program are SVG files. These are files that are either free or purchased. Often bloggers offer free SVG files on their websites. There are SVG shops that offer SVG files for a small price so that you can select the specific files you want to work with.

They are premade designs files that are created with the idea of using them on a program like Design space to create projects.

You download them to your computer and then upload them to the Cricut Design Space program on your computer.

Unzipping A File

If your file is a zipped file, you need to unzip it before loading it into Cricut Design Space. Once you get the hang of using this function, it is so easy.

  1. To unzip on Windows, double-click the file, select "Extract All," select a folder, and then click "Extract."
  2. Double-click the ZIP file
  3. Click Extract all. It's the icon that looks like a folder with a zipper and four blue squares near the top of the window
  4. .Check the box next to "Show extracted files when complete." It's at the bottom-left corner of the window. This makes it so you'll be taken to the unzipped files as soon as they are unzipped.
  5. Select a folder to unzip to. If you want to place the unzipped files in a location other than the current folder in which the ZIP folder is stored, do the following:\
  6. Click Browse... on the right side of the window.
  7. Click the name of the folder in which you want to store the unzipped folder.
  8. Click Select Folder.
  9. Click Extract. It's at the bottom of the window. Your ZIP file's contents will extract to an unzipped folder in the selected location. Now you can upload the file into Design Space

Uploading The File To Design Space

  1. Open your Design Space Program
  2. Select New Project
  3. Click the Upload Button on the left side of your canvas page
  4. Click the Upload Image button.
  5. Then you click the Browse button. You can drag and drop with Windows, if you prefer, but I think it’s best to Browse for your file
  6. Find Your SVG File. If you do NOT see the SVG file, but instead see something that says “Chrome HMTL Document,” this IS your SVG file. Windows is simply not showing it as an SVG because you do not have an application installed that understands and identifies it.Find your SVG file. Make sure to use the unzipped version
  7. Once the image is loaded, add some tags and hit save.

How To Upload An Image To Design Space

More About Uploading Images In Design Space


One of the best features of the Cricut Design space is the print and cut feature. It takes images off the Design space program and allows you to print them on the printer attached to your computer. It then cuts the printed image out. It is a great feature.

There is a new Print Then Cut Feature that allows you to print and cut up to 4 cards in the new Cricut Card Mat

Here are just a few tips to make your print and cut feature a better experience:

  1. The images print better on inkjet printer Laser printers are heat induced. Design Space will have a harder time reading the registration marks.
  2. The images print and cut better on white paper. The machine may not be able to read the registration marks that are used to make the cut on colored paper. You can, however, print the registration marks on white paper. Then cut them out and tape them on the colored paper. Or you can print the registration marks on sticky paper and place them on a colored sheet.
  3. Sometime the Cricut machine struggles to read those black registration lines, it is coming up with an error. If you try to cut glossy paper on it I recommend that you take a scotch tape (make sure it is the matte finish), and place it over the black registration lines, just by doing that the Cricut machine will be able to read it.
  4. If you need a very large image size for this feature, use Chrome. Safari or Internet browser. Firefox does not support larger images.
  5. If your print and cut isn’t coming out perfect, make sure you have calibrated your machine. If you’re still having issues, wipe the sensor with a clean soft brush or a lint-free cloth.
  6. When you are doing the Print Then Cut feature, avoid sunlight shining on the Cricut machine. It can mess up the sensor light. That will make for a poor cut.
  7. If you want some text and an image to print and cut together, select both of them. Then group them and select flatten. The image and text will print and cut together.
  8. When using print and cut, make sure there’s no direct sunlight/light falling on the machine as it can mess up with the sensor light and result in wrong cuts.

More Print Then Cut Ideas

How To Cut Multiple Colors On One Mat

It is really simple to cut multiple colors on one mat. This is a perfect idea when you have a lot of scrap paper that you would like to use up. Here is how to get it done:

  1. On the Cut "Prepare" screen, select an image and click the three dots (...) in the upper left corner.
  2. Select "Move Object," and move it to another mat with other layers already on it.
  3. Place the different colored layers as far apart as possible on the single mat. (I like to put them into the far corners or the very top and very bottom.)
  4. Use the grid lines on the virtual mat to determine the material size for each layer. In my project, 6" squares were sufficient.
  5. Place the materials on your physical mat in the spots that correspond to the layer locations on the virtual mat. For my project, I put the gold paper in the left corner and the green paper in the right corner.
  6. Now, you can load one mat, one time, and your Cricut will cut the entire project in different colors at once!

Cricut Writing Feature

One of the best features of the Cricut Design Space is the ability to create words and text with the Cricut Writing feature

One of the best features of the Cricut Design Space is the ability to create words and text with the Cricut Writing feature

One of my favorite Cricut features is the ability to write with pens in all kinds of fonts. There are so many ways to use this feature. Here are my favorite tips for writing with pens.

Cricut makes a wonderful line of pens that fit perfectly in the Cricut. They are made in so many colors that you will be able to create inspired projects.

  1. If you are having problems getting your pens into the pen holder, place a craft stick under clamp A. As you insert the pen, stop just as the pen kisses the craft stick. Close the clamp. Pull out the craft stick. Your pen will be in the right position to get started writing.
  2. If the pen that you would like to write with is too thin, try wrapping some electrical tape around the barrel till it fits snuggly in the holder.
  3. Store your pens with the tip downward. That way the ink is always ready to be used.
  4. Make sure to load your pen at a 45 degree angle. Watch that the triangle on the pen is facing the correct way to get the most from your pens
  5. Always keep the pen covers on the end of the pen when using it to write on your projects. That way you won't lose them.

The Cricut Cut Screen


Saving The Most Commonly Used Materials

Are you growing tired of searching through the 200+ custom material options to find the same Vinyl, Medium Cardstock, and Everyday Iron-On settings over and over again? Be sure you are utilizing the Materials “Favorites” function!

Once you locate a material you use frequently, click the star on the right-hand side of the row. This adds it to your Favorites tab under Material Selection. If you choose “Favorites” instead of “Popular” under Materials, you will see a mini menu of all the materials you cut the most often!

Using The Mirror Feature

If you’re working with text and iron-on, be sure to turn on “Mirror” before cutting. This will cut out a mirror image, and when you go to iron on the design it will be correct.

Repositioning Items On The Mat

You can actually move and rotate the items on your mat preview to exactly position your cuts or even pen writing. This is really useful when you want to use up scraps and just put them all over your mat, or when you want to do things like address envelopes (so the writing goes in the write spot on the envelope).

To reposition, just click (or tap) and drag an item in your mat preview to a new location. In the desktop version of Cricut Design Space, you can also move objects to another mat and hide them altogether by clicking the three dots.

Moving Items To Another Mat

In addition to moving images around a single mat, you can also move any image from one mat to another This feature not only allows you to condense same-color images into fewer mats, but it’s also a great way to quickly change the color of any part of your design without having to exit out of the cut screen and change the color manually on your canvas

  • Click on the 3 dots in the upper left-hand corner of any image on the cut mat.
  • Select “Move to another mat.”
  • Cricut Design Space will then allow you to choose another mat for that layer.
  • The image will land on the upper-left corner of the new mat, so you will likely need to adjust its alignment, so it doesn’t overlap other cuts.

Material Cutting Guide

You can cut everything from tissue paper to vinyl with your Cricut

You can cut everything from tissue paper to vinyl with your Cricut

You can cut just about any material that you can think of with your Cricut. Some models like the Maker series will cut more materials than the Explore. So, when you are considering which model to purchase, that may be a factor.

Here are my favorite tips for cutting materials. Each of these tips will make your Cricut experience easier and more rewarding.

  • Felt-Use contact paper to help you cut felt without all the fuzzies being everywhere. Place the contact paper with the sticky side up. Place the felt on top of the contact paper. This will prevent the fuzz from getting all over the mat (almost impossible to remove)
  • Save time by placing several items on one mat. Divide the mat into several sections for each color paper (the paper should be the same weight and kind of paper ). This one tip will save you a lot of paper and time, It's great for using scraps.
  • Always use a separate blade then the one you use for paper to cut vinyl. This will extend the life of both blades.
  • If you are cutting stickers, always add white space around each sticker. When you print your stickers, they will cut more accurately.

More Cutting Guides And Tips

Cricut Projects On The Net - Creative Ideas For Your Cricut

Look at the home page on your Cricut Design Space program. You will find plenty of ready to create projects and ideas. These projects will list the materials used as well as the tools you will need. Once you select the project, you will be taken directly to the cut page to begin cutting your project.

Everyone who owns a Cricut is always looking for ideas and projects to create unique cards, projects and scrapbook pages. Here is our collection of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Cricut Tool Tips

More Cricut Resources

The Cricut Foil Transfer Kit


Cricut (as of October 2020) has come out with a new foiling system. Rather than being a heat-based system, it is a pressure-based system that works with a special foil.

The positive part of this system is that you do not need a laminator or any other tools. The special tips come in a set. There are three tips available-a fine tip, a medium tip and a bold tip. The tips are inserted in the housing. In addition to the tips and the housing, you will also get 6 4"x6" gold foil sheets. And you will also get 6 4" x 6" silver sheets

The system is meant to be used with the Cricut Explore and the Cricut Maker. It does only work with the desktop version of the Design Space app. There are quite a few "draw " images that will also work with this foiling system.

The price point for the system is just under $40. More information and ideas for this system will be coming out in the days ahead.

Getting Started-Cricut Projects

Want More Craft And Paper Craft Ideas?

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Linda F Correa (author) from Spring Hill Florida on September 14, 2014:

The cricut expression guide that is listed above is the best guide on the use of your cricut. Do you have an explore or an expression? I also recommend that you join several facebook groups . You will learn a huge amount of information

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My Cameo has been sitting in my cupboard untouched for the past couple of years, but I haven't the heart to sell it. If I ever get a separate craft room to set it up permanently, I'm sure I will be using it a lot more. I'm actually now inspired to get it out and give it a test run! Also, I've been converting my cutting files, so I can use them digitally.

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@jcalbon lm: My husband got me a Cricut for Valentine's Day about 5 years ago (he had been watching me drool over the infomercial for years, lol) and I will say, I have not used it as often as I could have, mainly due to the price of cartridges. However, it does make cutting letters and certain elements of the cartridges I do have a breeze and much easier - especially when using the Auto Fill button (which just cuts out as many images as will fit on the page per the size you select the item to be)

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There are so many fun projects out there for cricuts, but I've always wondered how much use I'd actually get from one. (Like, is it a crafting tool that would be left on the shelf more often than not...) You've definitely inspired me to give one some thought, though.

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