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How to Create a Plaster and Paper Mache Mask

Soul Comes In All Colors Mask Postcard

on Zazzle. Link is shown below.

on Zazzle. Link is shown below.

Hiding Behind a Mask For Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween? How about making a plaster and paper mache mask? There are a few ways to do this. It can be a mask of some animal, a creepy creature or the profile of your face.

This is about how to make a mask using your own face as the mode. The instructions are below on how to make a cool looking mask.

What mask will you be hiding behind this Halloween?

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Link to these is shown below

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A Quick and Painless Way to Make This Mask or Just Enjoy a Print

The 8"x10" photo sculpture on Zazzle shown above can be changed in to a mask. Cut off the bottom stand and cut out the eyes. Cut two long pieces of yarn and staple one on each side after it is lined up to where you need it.

Paper and Plastic Mask on Amazon

See link below

See link below

Paper Mache and Plaster Mask Ideas on Amazon

Above are plain paper mache mask which you can decorate and plaster face mode. The different ways to decorate these mask are with markers and paints. Or add different color newspaper strips or colored photos from pages out of magazines. Paste them on with Mod Podge glue, Elmer's or homemade glue.

Create a theme. Make your face mask look like an animal or add some blood paint or some ugly, hairy moles. Use your imagination.

These won't be a custom fit as they would if you made it completely by itself. But it is an easy way to create your mask.

Find many varieties and ideas to make these

paper mache, plastic masks and kits on Amazon here

How to Make a Mask Out of Plaster Bandages

By DianeBB on Photobucket

By DianeBB on Photobucket

Materials Needed to Make Mask

Instructions on Making the Plaster Mask

The Fun Begins

1. Better to make this a two person operation, where the one person is laying down and the other person is doing the work. Our daughter did this without any help, even though we offered.

2. Make sure to clear an area and put down newspapers. Work in an area that can easily be cleaned.

3. Make sure that your face is clean of makeup and jewelry. Wear a t-shirt that you don't care if it gets messy. Pull back your hair and make sure that there absolutely no way that it will get in the way.

4. Spread a liberal coating of Vaseline all over your face. Our daughter didn't use Vaseline. She wrapped her entire head with plastic wrap and left a couple of breathing holes for her nostrils. Many people add straws in their nostrils for better breathing.

5. Cut 1" by 3" strips of the plaster gauze. Dunk each on in a bowl of warm water. Squeeze out the excess water. Start at the top of the face and work around the outline of the face. Overlap each strip.

6. Continue to fill in and thicken with a couple of layers. Next build up certain areas of the face and reinforce the nose. To build up the cheeks, use smaller strips.

7. Now that the gauze has been added, allow about 30-40 minutes. The mask will start pulling away from the face. At this time, the mask can be taken off. This is the time to examine it to see if there are any areas that need extra work. Add more gauze if necessary.

8. Allow 24 hours for the mask to completely dry.

Make sure to protect your skin

Don't forget the glue

Idea For Using This Diversity Mask

by Sandyspider on Redgage

by Sandyspider on Redgage

Decorating the Mask

Add the paper for a paper mache look

Once the mask has completely dried, it is time for the next step. Cut strips of newspaper of cartoons or what ever your theme is. Or cut strips out of magazines of photos and words, as our daughter did.

Glue the strips over the mask with Mod Podge glue. Our daughter had the clear and sprinkle glue. She went all out and decorated the inside as well.

Brittany was the only student who made a plaster and paper mache mask for her multicultural class. All the students took an easier route. The teacher asked if she could keep the mask. No other mask even came close to comparison. It did sit as a display until it was eventually given back. Throughout the high school years, much of her artwork sat in the display cases at the high school for all to see.

My Daughter's Mask Reminds Me of Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras Mask - Wear these for Halloween too.

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Soul Comes In All Colors Mask Card

by Sandyspider Gifts on zazzle.com

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