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45 Fun and Easy Felt Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Of all crafts, I think that felt crafts have to be one of the easiest and most economical to make. Felt is an inexpensive craft supply, and yet you can make really outstanding projects with it. Felt is the perfect option, when it comes to kids crafts, because many of the felt crafts can be glued instead of sewn.

In my Google search I looked for felt crafts that displayed a nice picture of the project and directions for making the craft. In this article I am sharing the craft sites that answered those criteria.

To make the felt owls shown above, go to Juicy Bits for the instructions.

1. Monster Tissue Holder


2. Harvest Garland

You'll be able to easily make this elegant felt Harvest garland by following the tutorial given at The Paper Mama. This is so attractive and easy to make.


3. Square Felt Farm Animals

I love, love, love these little square felt farm animals and am going to be sure to make them with my grandkids. The instructions for making them are found at Little family fun.


4. Felt Froggy

Be careful, you might want to kiss him---and then he'd turn into a handsome man instead of staying his cute little green self. Go to Frugal Fun 4 Boys for the directions on how to make the little froggy.


5. Homemade Hand Warmers

These little owls are not only cute, they are also useful. You'll find the pattern and tutorial at Repeat crafter Me. I think this would be a great stocking stuffer idea also.


6. Felt Houses

I really love these little houses. Imagine adding a few Christmas touches to the houses and having a Christmas village. This would be really great when you have only a limited amount of space for decorating. Find the template and directions for making these houses at Poopscape Projects.


7. Felt Santa Claus and Sleigh

Making ornaments like this is making a family heirloom. Go to Dollmaker for all the patterns and instructions.


8. Felt Jewelry Tray

Talk about simplicity----and this is what you get. This jewelry tray is so simple, yet so useful. You can find the directions at funEZcrafts.

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9. Felt Hair Clippies

Your daughter will probably want to make one of these hair clippies for each of her girl classmates. For the directions go to Katie's Nesting Spot.


10. Felt Hearts

These little hearts are so precious. They could be used as ornaments or glue a pin on the back to make a brooch. The directions for the felt hearts can be found at favecrafts.


11. Felt Flower Wreath

This is almost more of a work of art than it is a craft. I think that I would get a deep picture frame and frame it. I think it is absolutely gorgeous. If you want to make one, find the directions at the Purl SOHO.


12. Quiet Book

Imagine all the time your little one would be able to entertain himself with a quiet book like this. Click on Martha Stewart for the directions for this little book.

13. Homemade Felt Christmas Stocking


14. Advent Calendar

I like this project as an Advent calendar, but I can also see this as a way to add colors to a rooms décor by making this as a wall hanging. Omit the numbers on the felt pieces to use this project other than for Advent. You can find the tutorial for making this craft at THE SWEET ESCAPE.


15. Hairclips

Simple and yet so cute that your little girl will want one for every outfit that she wears. Go to The Craft Train for the directions.


16. No-Sew Pencil Caddy

Try your hand at making these cute felt pencil caddies. Go to Creative Khadija for the directions.


17. Stuffed Pigs

These cute little barnyard animals do not look hungry. To make some of them, go to Dollmaker.


18. Halloween Ghouls

Imagine a whole mantle filled with these Halloween ghouls. You could have quite a display. To make these Halloween ghouls, follow the directions that you'll find at CRAFTS BY Amanda.


19. Felt Poppy Brooch

There are more ways to use the felt poppy brooch than just an elegant addition to a lamp shade. Consider putting it on a purse, as a corsage or even as a gift bow.


20. Christmas Tree Ornaments

The kids can make these Christmas tree ornaments with just a little bit of help. The tree ornaments are so beautiful and the kids will be so proud of their work. The instructions for making these easy and fun tree ornaments is found at musings.


21. Heart Necklace

Make these for yourself and all your friends. Better yet, have a party and make them together. For the directions, go to Kids Craftroom.


22. Birdie Ornament

You'll find a great tutorial at My 3 Monsters explaining how to make these bird ornaments.

23. Elf (or Gnome) Bottle Topper


24. Felt Hamster

Now here's a hamster after my own heart. No cleaning up after them and no gnawing either. Make these little pocket sized hamsters for all the little girls and boys that you know. Go to CRAFT AND CREATIVITY for the directions.


25. Felt Snowman

What can I say? This is a cute little snowman, and imagine all the different colors you could make too. Go to wild olive for the directions.


26. Banana Birds

Cute, just nothing but cute, describes these little birds. Make a flock of them with the directions from I Could Make That.


27. Monster Felt Board Book

Imagine the hours that the little ones will spend making different monster faces. You can easily make a monster felt board book by following the instructions that you'll find at Kix.


28. Hoot 'n Toot

I love these little fellows. I don't know what you'd call a group of owls, but I want to make a tree full of these. You can too; and for the directions go to Factory Direct Craft.


29. Felt Heart Wreath

This heart wreath would be a beautiful Valentine's day gift to make for a loved one. You'll find the tutorial for this felt heart wreath on the Everything etsy site. A very attractive wreath!


30. Felt Snowman Ornaments

These really cute snowmen are super easy to make. Find the instructions at Bugs and Fishes.


31. Mini Felt Pumpkins

Oh, how I would love to make these cute little mini pumpkins. A great addition to Fall and Thanksgiving décor. You'll find the tutorial for making these pumpkins at AMERICAN FELT AND CRAFT .


32. Elf Ornament

It's never too soon to start making new Christmas ornaments for your own use or to give as gifts. The tutorial for making this little elf ornament can be found on the Creative Craft Nights site.


33. Felt Barrettes

Hearts and little birdies to put on your barrettes, or think of other uses for these little felt pieces. Go to Lo(Lo)V(I)E for the directions.


34. No-Sew Wine Bag

You can dress up a bottle of wine, to give it as a gift, with a no-sew wine bag. Go to Something Turqoise to find the tutorial for this project.

35. Gift Idea: Make an iPod Case

36. Scandinavian Christmas Gnome


37. Felt Fishing Set

You can make this cute little felt fishing set by following the directions that you'll find at just another day in PARADISE.


38. Felt Covered Coin Papers

The kids will love making these for Christmas. Attach a ribbon to the top and use them for ornaments. Get the directions at Urban Comfort.


39. Love Bug

You could definitely give this little love bug as a Valentine's Day gift, but I think love bugs can be given any time of the year and for any reason. Find the tutorial for making Love Bugs at the incurable craftist.


40. Felt Valentine Gnomes

Of course you can make your felt gnome for any occasion, not just for Valentine's day, by changing the color of the felt used.


41. Felt Wreath Pillow

A beautiful felt wreath pillow that will enhance your elegant décor. For the directions, go to All that brings joy.


42. No-Sew Heart Pillow

Even the kids will love making this heart pillow. Find the tutorial at Sweet and Simple Living.


43. Bat Mobile

Now this is what I call a real bat mobile. You can find the directions for making this mobile by going to the AMERICAN FELT AND CRAFT site.


44. Easy Felt Snowmen Ornaments

These little guys are so cute. The kids will love helping make these tree ornaments. You'll find the instructions for making them at Sugarbee Crafts.


45. Gingerbread House Ornament

This is just one of about 4 or 5 felt ornaments that you will find at Imagine Our Life. You'll find the instructions for making this gingerbread house ornament on this page of the site.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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tfsherman lm on January 29, 2013:

I'm just now starting on felt flowers. This was a big help.

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Lots of cute ideas here. I learned a lot from the links you collected!

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Very lovely variety of Felt Crafts!

BelleBanks on November 17, 2012:

So many cute ideas. I love the owls and the Santa Claus sleigh

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Thank you so much for including my Felt Baby Mobile on your list. Giving you a shout out on my Facebook and blog!

ResearchAddict on May 12, 2012:

Love the felt hearts!

mytortoisemind on April 23, 2012:

Really great ideas, the tissue holder is so simple! Also think the owls will have to be attempted!

PoeticChristian on February 01, 2012:

very nice lens and great ideas.

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