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Columbine Flower Free Crochet Pattern


SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.


Crochet One... Or A Bunch!

This is a crochet pattern for a Columbine flower I designed. You can use these for so many things! Make a barrette, a necklace (out of very tiny thread with beads would be nice!) or sew a bunch of them to a sweatshirt or sweater.

I also have a pattern for a large doily made using these motifs that I haven't written up for online yet... soon, I promise!

All of my crochet is published under the name SheilaSparkles... my MIniature Schnauzer Rescue stuff is under SheilaSchnauzies. We are one and the same. Just to prevent any confusion!

All pattern and images ©SheilaSparkles


Let's Make Some Flower Magic!

Columbine Flower

©SheilaSparkles 2011

Please do not distribute this pattern by any means, electronically or otherwise. You are welcome to provide a link directly to this page instead. Thank you!

Ability Required: Intermediate

Special Stitches:

5-Single Crochet Popcorn (5SCP). Work 5 SC in designated place. Remove hook from stitch and insert in first of the 5 SC's. Grab thread and pull through loop on hook to make popcorn.


Use as appliques, fasten on to hair barrettes or hair elastics; fasten one or several to a pin finding, use to make earrings; hang with invisible thread as a suncatcher; attach to wooden picks as a single plant ornament or an entire bouquet of columbines ! These would be pretty decorated with glass or crystal beads either worked in or sewn on.

For each columbine you will need four colors of thread. The centers are always yellow; the rest of the petals are up to you! In nature, columbines come in virtually every color of the rainbow.

Center -

With Yellow, chain 5, join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1/ Work 10 SC in ring, join with sl st to first SC.

Round 2/ *Ch 3, skip one SC, SC in next SC. Repeat from * around, join with sl st to first stitch. Fasten off.

Attach Color 1 in any CH 3 loop.

Round 3/ CH 1, *Work 5SCP in loop, CH 3, sl st in next ch 3 loop. Repeat from * around, ending with ch 3, sl st in back of first 5SCP.

Round 4/ *CH 4, sl st in back of next 5SCP. Repeat from * around ending with ch 4, sl st in back of first 5SCP. Fasten off.

Attach Color 2 in any CH 4 space.

Round 5/ *CH 2, work 7 DC in ch 4 space. CH 2, SC in same space. Sl St in next CH 4 space. Repeat from * around, ending with sl st in base of first ch 2.

Round 6/ *CH 5, sl st in base of first stitch of next petal. Repeat from * around ending with ch 5, sl st in base of first ch 2. Fasten off.

Attach Color 3 in any ch 5 space.

Round 7/ Ch 1, work SC, DC, 2 TRC and DTR in same ch 5 space; CH 4, SC in first ch of CH 4 just made; work DTR, 2 TRC, DC and SC in same space. Sl st in next ch 5 space. Fasten off.

NOTE - Optional Edging: As shown in the photo of the three columbines, I will often do a SC edging row around each petal in the first set of petals. It adds more definition, I think. Sl st at right bottom of petal, SC in each stitch working 2 SC's on each corner. Sl at left bottom of petal.

Wouldn't it be fun to make a doily!

 Join a bunch together at the points (Attach thread in any point, ch 1, sl st in point of other motif, fasten off) to make a doily, runner, etc.

Learn To Crochet On YouTube - Right Or Left Handed

Please Stop & Say Hello!

anonymous on November 26, 2011:

Wonderful resource for those that crochet. I used to crochet, but lost that after a car accident for some reason. Very nicely done! Blessed.

Jeanette from Australia on October 14, 2011:

I love your crochet patterns! These look absolutely delightful =D

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