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Coloring Pages with Words


Quote Coloring Pages | Words to Color

Coloring pages with words is a great way to get your message across in an artful way.

Some coloring pages have quotes that you can color and display. These are great for reinforcing a lesson or idea in a fun new way.

This fun P is for Pumpkin coloring page lets children trace the letters to learn penmanship and new words.

Coloring page courtesy of Twisty Noodle. Visit the Web site to download this and more coloring pages with words.

What's Your Favorite Way to Color?

Coloring Pages with Words | Teach Handwriting Skills

These coloring pages will help kids learn correct handwriting skills while having fun!

Read All About Me - Kids Can Color and Share Their Favorites

A Big Box of Crayons - for Coloring All the Words You Can Find

Color Vintage Black and White Ads - Undertaker Ads for Coloring and Display

Undertaker ads courtesy of The Graphics Fairy. Click the image to visit Karen's Web site.

Undertaker ads courtesy of The Graphics Fairy. Click the image to visit Karen's Web site.

Click this image to visit The Graphics Fairy to download this and more undertaker ads. Color them and use in your crafts.

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Variety of Coloring Pages with Words - Sports Logos and Teams, Black and White Clip Art

Travel Posters and Luggage Tags - Color and Display

Quotes to Color - Sayings and Quotes Coloring Pages

Movie Posters to Color - Find Classic Posters to Color

More Coloring Fun

Mandala I colored with colored pencils.

Mandala I colored with colored pencils.

Coloring as Therapy

The Guardian wrote an article Why Colouring-in Books Are the New Therapy in June 2014. This article explains that coloring is a great way to release your "inner creative."

One London woman, who had moved to the city from a farm, realized her neighbors kept to themselves, so she gave them all crayons and asked them to draw themselves. They did!

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Will You Color Some of These Coloring Pages with Words?

Bill Armstrong from Valencia, California on November 13, 2012:

You know I actually buy these books, not for myself, Wee Maggie just loves them ;) thanks for sharing

Lee Hansen from Vermont on October 24, 2012:

Some of my most popular printables are coloring pages with letters to trace or bubble letters filled with pictures. Fun!

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