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DIY Cereal Box Mail Holder Craft

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Cereal Box Mail Holder

Cereal Box Mail Holder

DIY Cereal Box Mail or Book Holder Project

There are many times when I have so much mail that my table is a complete mess. It is so hard to go through all of them and sort it out. So, I decided to make something cute to organize all of my mail—hopefully this will inspire you to stay on top of your incoming mail, too!

Materials Needed

  • 2 cereal boxes
  • Tacky glue and hot glue
  • Scissor or box cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pen or marker
  • Scrapbook papers

Cereal Box Mail Holder Craft: Step-by-Step Instructions

This is a fun and easy craft at the end of which you'll have an adorable and decorative box for your mail!

Step 1. Measure and Mark Up the Boxes

First, measure the height you want your mail box holder. Mark the lines on the boxes. You can do a straight or slanted line on the side of the boxes. I decided to do a slant line.

Step 2. Cut the Boxes

Cut the boxes. Check to see if the boxes line up.

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Tip: It’s easier if the boxes are the same size too.

Step 3. Use the Hot Glue

Hot glue the boxes together.

Step 4. Measure and Cut the Scrap Paper

Measure and cut the scrap papers to fit on the box and glue it on using the tacky glue. Using hot glue will give it some bumps. I would prefer using hot glue, but not for this kind of craft.

For bigger cereal boxes, you'll probably use about five scrap papers. For smaller ones, you'll use about four scrap papers.

Try This Fun Craft!

I think it is easier to start from the bottom to sides than the inside to outside. What works for me might not work for you. You can do it how I did it or find your own way to glue the scrap papers on.

You can do it how I did it or find your own way to glue the scrap papers on.

Hope you enjoy this craft tutorial and that it inspires you to try it! Thanks for reading.


Lynsey Hart from Lanarkshire on January 29, 2017:

This is a really cute idea! I love the papers you have chosen too. I would totally do this if I didn't have a super organised filing cabinet!

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