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A Book Repair Video Showcase

Mickie is a retired librarian who wants to save the world one book at a time.

DO NOT repair you books using duck tape!

DO NOT repair you books using duck tape!

Learn To Repair Those Broken Books on YouTube!

This page presents the best videos about book care and repair that I could find. Hopefully, you will learn a technique that will help you save your beloved books. PLEASE Repair the "everyday" books that are on your shelves. If at all possible, do not send them to a landfill.

To help you understand why repairing books is a "green" thing to do, watch the video The Story of Stuff below. It will change your whole outlook on throwing stuff away.

The book shown to the left was definitely repaired incorrectly. Of course, the owner thought he was doing a good job. Unfortunately, he used duck tape (aka duct tape) thinking that it was long lasting. Guess what? Duck tape only lasts for a few years. It can also do harm to the paper.

It is not always easy to make repairs the correct way. One reason is that the products to mend those broken tomes are difficult to find and to choose. Believe me, I have tried to find repair products (like glue) in craft stores. Sometimes the best sources have been online.

Below you will find several "How To Videos", some supply sources, and other information on preserving your beloved books.

By all means, extend the life of your everyday books! It is my goal "to save the world, one book at a time".

image source: Photo Mickie Goad/Mickie_G - all rights reserved

Note: For antiquarian/old collectible books, you'll need specialist advice that is not covered by this article.

Repair Books? - What is your opinion about repairing a real book?

Please remember that you should not repair collectible items or antique books yourself!

How an Expert Restores an Old Book - Minimal Intervention is the first rule!

Remember, do no harm if you repair your own book. Only make repairs that are necessary for your book to last.

Responsible Book Care - How to take care of books so they will not need repairs --

This short film provides informative lessons about preservation and proper book care. My personal favorite on this video is showing you how to properly photocopy a page from a book. Don't break that spine!

Bet ya did not know that there is a proper way to take a book off a shelf! Well, watch this 10 minute video to find out how.

Three Simple and Common book repairs you can make: - (1) Drying wet pages (2) fixing loose spines or covers (3) removing pencil marks

Three minor book repairs you can easily do. One tip that I really like is using an "ace type" bandage on a book after the repairs are made to maintain the book's shape.

Brodart Acid Free Bind-Art Adhesive - Brodart is a respected name in book care

I have used several types of glue when making book repairs. Most often I use adhesives from Brodart. I have also used products from Elmer's such as their excellent acid free glue sticks.

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My Favorite Glue for Book Repair

Repair a torn page with adhesive (glue):

This is the method that I prefer to use. Remember, do not repair any book that is valuable or antique. DO NO HARM. I repair books that belong to me or to my grandchildren using an acid free pva glue from Brodart. I repair these books so I can use them again and again.

Supplies needed: pva glue, bamboo skewer or small paint brush, waxed paper

Use Japanese Rice paper to tip in a page or fix a tear:

Repairing a Torn Page with tape:

I love that the instructor states that one should not use tape if the book is valuable. But sometimes one is forced to use tape. This video demonstrates a responsible way.

Note: According to the National Library of Australia (sorry, link is not available at this time), "Adhesive tapes are OK if they are used on something we wish to keep for only a few months, sticking a note on the milk bottles or wrapping a gift but as a rule, avoid using tape on anything you want to retain long term. The main thing to remember is not to use adhesive tapes to repair any paper item that you wish to keep permanently."

I prefer to use a PVA book repair glue, acid free if possible. Keep on scrolling down to the Amazon links to see what I recommend.

How to fix a loose page - or a page that has come out.

Simple instructions to glue it back in!

Loose Hinge Repair: - How to tighten a loose binding --

A video made by Demco that promotes their product. You can use a glue of your own choosing, however.

Repair a Loose Page, a loose section, or a torn page:

I like this video because there are three very basic repairs. I like the idea that the artisan does not use tape on the torn page, but uses glue. This is what I do on my own books. The video gets "stuck" just before the torn page repair. You just have to click on the "dot" and move it a little further along to make it move forward again. This is a really good instructional video, so please be patient with it.

Remember, these techniques should not be used on true antiques or valuable books!

Reattaching a Book Binding:

Presented by a professional restorer. Watch and learn the way Amanda Buck reattaches a cloth book cover. It is complicated, but you can learn a valuable method for mending a book. There are 3 videos in this series that you will find here. Just click on the small images to begin each.

If your book is valuable or antique, you should send it to her to fix; do not risk ruining it.

Beginners Guide to Book Binding

Info on Binding a book to repair non-valuable books

Sometimes videos are finicky and do not download. Therefore, I am providing a link to book binding videos for you. Watch and Learn!

Basic Book Binding Techniques -- powered by This video shows how to drill holes in a book to fix a binding. It uses cloth tape to cover the spine.

Straighten Bent Book covers:

An interesting idea that you can easily try on books that have warped or bent.

How to make a simple book weight for your own repairing projects:

A book weight helps to hold the book in place while the glue is drying on your repair. Just place it on the flat, closed book to put pressure on your book. You can also use a weight to hold the book open while you are making a repair.

Free Book Repair Manual:

Clicking the Conservation Book Repair link below will open a new window which will lead you to a free training manual that you can download.

Book Repair Supplies on Amazon - An Instruction book, glue, and yes, tape.

Remember, have a professional repair any valuable collector's item or antique book!

Book Tape 4" wide.

Acid-Free Book Tape

Thinking about Professional Book Restoration?

This professional fine bookbinder, Amanda Buck, gives valuable information about restorations and decisions you might need to make about repairing valuable books. Ms. Buck has several informative videos about how she goes about restoring antique or valuable books.

A very helpful book repair manual:

Did You Find the Information You Needed In these videos?

Let me know if you found these book repair videos helpful.

Do you have another video or site you want to share?

Also, if you do not agree with the methods and recommendations here, please feel free to make a statement. I do not bite.

Put your reports here. Thanks again for visiting!

© 2008 Mickie Gee

Thanks for visiting my "Book Repair Video Showcase"!

MariaMontgomery from Coastal Alabama, USA on March 17, 2014:

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Great lens.

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This lens is so helpful! Thank you so much!

Mickie Gee (author) on September 22, 2011:

@Zodiacimmortal: Thanks for the heads up about the broken video. I will replace it with an even better video.

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Thanks for posting this. It's a great resource for preserving old books and the memories that go with them. Great lens idea!

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This is a very comprehensive article. Great Job!

anonymous on May 28, 2010:

Books should always be repaired. They're like old friends to me and I prefer a book to look as though it's been loved, rather than forgotten on a book shelf. Many's the time I've taken books round to my sister, she's got a thermal binding machine and she's rescued a lot of my old friends. :)

She did once print out directions to the nearest Waterstones and put that in as an extra page once though....

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