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Birds Nests Crafts: Make Birds Nests


Step By Step Instructions For Birds Nest Crafts With Illustrations, Materials And Handy Tips

Welcome to my birds nests crafts page. I want to show you how easy it is to make really attractive birds nest decorations at any time of the year. So in this article I'm working my way through the seasons making birds nests and taking pictures as I go along.

I started this page in February when it was just above freezing outside. There weren't too many things green or in flower then, but still I found enough things to make a really pretty birds nest. So far I've covered late winter, spring and summer, and I can't wait to try out my ideas for autumn and Christmas.

There are lots of different materials and methods suggested for making decorative birds nests, but I prefer one simple method that's foolproof, quick and easy. I don't think you need to be complicated about making the basic nest; and it's what you do with it afterwards that makes it beautiful and fun to do.

This is such a great craft; I love it because all the family can join in from the youngest upwards. It's great for kids because they can come up with something that looks great easily and quickly. For little ones you can make the nests first, give them whatever decorations you choose and then let them decorate them however they please. If you have more time you can take them on a nature walk first and help them find things for their project.

I like to make these bird nests out of what I find, but If you need to buy materials you can visit Birds Nests For Crafts where you can buy what you can't find.

And for inspiration, or to buy birds nests ready made and beautifully decorated, take a look at Decorating With Birds Nests. You'll find lots of beautiful examples of birds nest crafts ideas there.

Happy crafting!

The Basic Birds Nest - This is very like a Robin's nest.


What you do with the nest next is up to you.


My Favourite Birds Nest Material

Cocoa fibre: the easiest way to make a birds nest decoration.

This is the easiest, quickest way to make a decorative birds nest. It also happens to be one of the most realistic.

I'm using cocoa fibre pulled from an old hanging basket liner here. (not a used one, as I want to be able to put it on my table without inviting a lot of little crawlies as well!)

If you don't have any spare cocoa fibre matting hanging around you can buy it here: CocoMoss Fiber Liner For Hanging Planters.


Tease a good handful of the fibre out into a round ball, and then mould and shape it around the base of an up-turned cup.

This soup mug is the perfect size for what I want, but just choose something that is the size of the nest that you want to make.

Tweak and twist the fibres until you are happy with the look of your nest.

Three Mini Nests Made Using Cocoa Fibre


Here are three nests that I made using this technique.

To decorate them I found some fluffy feathers by the bird table, some moss on a garden step and some little sugar covered chocolate eggs in my local store.

Note that I didn't put the sweets directly into a nest decorated with bird feathers or moss!


A few sprays of Ivy from the garden get wrapped around. Do this once you've placed the nest on the table just where you want it.

Decorating Birds Nests In Spring For Easter - A bird nest in a flowerpot with a spring primrose


Birds Nest Table Centerpiece For Sunday Lunch

Today I put one of my birds nests in a lovely old flower pot. There wasn't much in the garden to use for decoration. as its snowing. I found some fresh green Ivy shoots, and nestled in a little pot of primroses that I bought from the garden centre last week.

Are You Tempted To Try Birds Nests Crafts?

Summer Birds Nest Decoration - This nest hold bunches of herbs from the garden


I made this one as part of a 'seasons bounty' gift to a friend. If you look at the photo you can see there is water inside the birds nest. I wanted to keep the picked herbs fresh until my gift got delivered so I came up with the idea of making this nest into a water container.

I made one nest and lined it inside with clingfilm. Then I made another nest a little smaller and sat inside the first nest on top of the cling film. With a bit of tweaking and trimming, the plastic was hidden.

I poured in about a third of a cup of water and arranged the bunches of herbs, setting just their ends in the water. As I was doing this, it occurred to me that this was the perfect solution for when I want to decorate a bird nest with flowers for a table centre piece.

How to Make Bird Nest Cakes

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Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on May 03, 2014:

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