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Make A Black Cat Necklace


Bewitching Black Cat


This frightening black cat crossed your path and is now hanging around your neck.

Black cats are a favorite icon for Halloween. They have become a traditional Halloween symbol. This symbol makes a fun jewelry charm for a necklace. In this article you will learn about how I made a black cat necklace, purse charm, and candy corn friendship charm.


Black Cat Necklace

My black cat necklace is made simple. I like to interchange my necklace charms on my chains so I didn't connect the charm to the chain. It can be removed for another fun Halloween charm or any of your choice.

Black Cat Necklace Supplies

  • Silver Chain
  • Silver Clasp
  • 3 medium silver jump rings
  • 1 silver eyelet eye-pin
  • 3 beads - 2 orange and 1 white
  • Black Cat Charm

Black Cat Charm Instructions:

I took a eyelet eye-pin and put a orange bead first, then a white bead and last another orange bead. My orange beads have black around the edges. I used my jewelry pliers to make a loop with the rest of the eye-pin sticking up so that the open end goes down through the first two beads to make a closure. In the bottom of the eyelet eye-pin I gently opened a medium jump ring and slipped it through the eyelet loop and put a black cat charm on it. Then gently closed the jump ring.

Chain Instructions:

Make your chain the desired length you'd like. I used one of my other necklaces as a comparison for length. Connect a medium jump ring to each side of the chain. As you do that slip on the clasp so it connects between both jump rings then gently close each one. Its best to do one side first then the other.

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Slip your charm on the chain and your necklace is done. Now you can wear it out and about to show it off.

Compliments To Wal-mart

My charms and some of my jewelry supplies were purchased at my local Wal-mart. I had a few of the beads, parts and jewelry pliers from other jewelry crafts I've done before. So thank you Walmart for your crafty jewelry section in assisting me this fun project.

Wearing my Black Cat Necklace

Wearing my Black Cat Necklace

Wearing my Black Cat Necklace

"A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere."

— Groucho Marx

Black Cat Purse Charm by CherylFay

Black Cat Purse Charm

Black Cat Purse Charm

"Sometimes it happens that a black cat lets you pass in front of it."

— Author Unknown

Black Cat Necklace Comments

Cheryl Fay Mikesell (author) from Mondovi, WI on September 28, 2012:

Thanks Jane! I had a lot of fun making the necklace charms. Don't you just love the eyes on the cat on the pumpkins.... :)

JaneNew on September 28, 2012:

Hi, I have a black and white cat that I found abandoned in my yard on Halloween, six years ago and he is such a sweet pet. I think black cats are so beautiful! Nice lens and I love the picture of the cat on the pumpkins!

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