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Best Xyron Tips and Ideas

As a professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to turn family memories into legacies for 20 years.

The Xyron Machines -Tips, Ideas and Inspiration

The Xyron machine adds adhesive to card stock projects

The Xyron machine adds adhesive to card stock projects

Paper Projects Without The Messy Adhesives

If you are a paper crafter, card maker, or scrapbooker, then you know the frustration of getting glue on your fingers and your projects. I can't even count the number of times; I have had glue on my fingers and ruined a project! It is just plain frustrating to have sticky fingers and be handling paper

There is an answer to the mess of glue and all the frustration. That answer is the Xyron Machine line. I have several sizes and I could not imagine being without them. I use this machine for so many things, that it has more than paid for itself! You are only limited in its use by your own imagination. Here are some of the ideas and tips that I have learned and wanted to share.

With this tool, you will be able to a create a sticker from almost anything you can imagine.

The Xyron series offers a lot of opportunities to be creative. Each one of the sizes has specific uses, and you will want more than one in your craft room. You will want to get the most use out of these machines, so here is a guide to each of the series. each of these Xyron tips and ideas has been selected for different paper crafts and crafters.

Do you love vellum and acetate for your projects but struggle with how to adhere to them? Xyron to the rescue. You can use one of these tools to get this to adhere to any of your projects without seeing any glue or tape. Perfect for all of your paper projects.

For anyone who makes junk journals or art journals, these tools will be a game-changer. You can print any image and create a sticker for any of your pages seamlessly without tape and glue. 0

Ways To Use Your Zyron

There are dozens of ways and reasons that your Zyron will become one of the most important tools in your craft space. Here are a few of the top uses for the Zyron units:

  • Photo stickers
  • Scrapbook pages
  • Rubber stamps
  • Embossed designs
  • Vellum and parchment embellishments
  • Frames
  • Fun foams
  • Paper collage pieces
  • Ribbon -placing it on paper projects
  • Craft space labeling
  • Invitations
  • Greeting cards
  • Junk journals
  • Bible journals

You will find more uses around your home and craft space!

Zyron Projects And Ideas

Making Sticker Is A Breeze-Learn More

You can make all kinds of custom stickers with the Xyron machines

You can make all kinds of custom stickers with the Xyron machines

Advantages Of The Xyron Sticker Makers

You might be thinking to yourself, what are the advantages to having one of these sticker makers? Are they worth spending the money on?

Here are some things to consider:

  • No matter which machine or size you chose, they have an edge-to-edge adhesive coverage. You can save money by running images edge to edge
  • No batteries or electricity are needed
  • Clear adhesion for vellum and acetate
  • No messy glues or stains on any of your projects
  • No waiting time for the glue to dry
  • Permanent and repositionable options available
  • You can create stickers in almost any length you can imagine
  • Ahold that is even better than glue
  • Non-toxic acid-free adhesive
  • Easy to refill

Make A Binding For A Mini Book

You can use material and your xyron to create fast and permanent biding =s for your mini books

You can use material and your xyron to create fast and permanent biding =s for your mini books

Basic Directions For Using A Zyron

No matter what size of Zyron you are using, they all work basically the same.

Step 1 Loading The Adhesive

Every Zyron comes with a adhesive cartridge that needs to be loaded into the unit. On the Xyron 250, all you do is lift the top cover and snap the cartridge in with the larger side of the roll facing you. Snap the lid back down and you're ready to go.

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Step 2 Place The Sticker

Design your sticker on any type of paper you'd like. With the abundance of vibrant and unique papers in the scrapbooking departments you're bound to fall in love with some great designs. Here is a piece of scrapbooking paper cut down to make a mailing label. Place the paper design side up in the front end of the Xyron.

Step 3 Feed The Sticker Through

With a couple of turns of the crank, your sticker goes through the machine and comes out the other end.

Don't worry if your paper design doesn't feed through the Xyron perfectly straight, it will be fine when you remove it from the adhesive backing. A serrated edge allows you to tear the sticker off cleanly and with ease.

Step 4 Peel The Sticker

Remove the backing and place your sticker wherever you would like

What has Changed At Xyron

When I started crafting the models that Xyron was offering were pretty standard. There were only a few models available. The cartridges were clumsy and difficult to load in my book.

They are now calling their older models the Historic models. There are refills available for these models, but you need to know the exact name of the model to get the right refills.

In my book, getting a newer model would be worth the money. I like the newer drop in refills. A also like the newer creative stations with their multi function uses.

You can still get some of the older models on Amazon, but my concern would be that as time goes on, refills might be more difficult to get.

How To Use The Xyron With A Planner

Create a custom planner with your Xyron

Create a custom planner with your Xyron

More Uses For Your Xyron - Why Xyron Is A Must Have For Any Crafter

  1. You can make your own pop dots. Buy the sheets of craft foam that have sticky on one side. Run the sheet through my Xyron and you have an entire sheet of pop dots for pennies. You can cut them to any size you need.
  2. Make glitter sheets and embellishments
  3. Adhere buttons
  4. Make your own washi tape with any ribbon or paper. Simply run a piece of paper or ribbon through your zyron
  5. Want to apply glitter the easy way? Run your piece through the Xyron. Peel back and apply your glitter
  6. Make stickers for your home and office
Perfect little Xyron for flat gems, buttons and diecuts

Perfect little Xyron for flat gems, buttons and diecuts

Xyron 150

This is the smallest Xyron and the easiest to use. You simply put the item into the opening and manually pull it through. This is perfect for small items. Can be used in scrapbooks, cards and planners. It does come with one refill

It will accept items about as thick as a nickel.

The refills come in both permanent and repositionable refills. Refills are 20 feet long.

Average price is about $10 but the width is limiting.

How To Refill

  1. Grasp the two tabs on wither side of the refill role at the bottom of the X
  2. Pinch the two tabs together and pull outwards to remove the old refill
  3. Insert the new refill upwards into the X
  4. Listen for the audible click to make sure that the refill is secure

Price point is about $12.

The disposable version of the Xyron 150

The disposable version of the Xyron 150

These delightful disposable sticker makers come in sizes of 1.5 and 3 inches, You get 2 of each in the bundle. They are disposable and are able to be recycled.

I have seen these in several different patterns. They would be handy to take to a class or a crop.

Create A Sticker 5 Inch Permanent Adhesive


Create A Sticker 5 Inch Permanent Adhesive

Comes with 10 feet of permanent repositional adhesive. Twenty feet drop in refills are available at additional cost.

Xyron 5" Sticker Machine

Create A Sticker 2.5 Ideas

Equally useful this machine can also apply adhesive to the back of chipboard objects!. The refills come in permanent adhesive or repositionable adhesive. This machine is great for scrapbook artists. This unit will take up to 2.5 width items. But the best part is length does not matter. It has a crank handle , so no electricity ! I find that the unit sticker paper tears off easily-very little waste. Does chipboard letters easily !

Anna Griffin Create A Sticker Mini Bundle


This Create a Sticker Bundle has been all glamed up and comes with 2 -2.5 " refills

Multi function unit. You change the cartridge to change the function.

Multi function unit. You change the cartridge to change the function.

Creative Station Lite

These units are available in both three inch and five inch sizes. The cartridges are acid free and non toxic. They have drop in cartridges that will help you change functions easily. It will allow you to use items .125 inches thick. Comes pre-loaded with 5 inches of permanent adhesive .

In my mind, this is probably the one machine that most crafters should have ! It certainly has the most functions in that there are many refill options.

Averages about $44. Refills vary in price Dimensions are 5x9,4x6 inches.

Weighs 2 lbs

You can create stickers, create magnets and laminate all in one machine by changing the refills.

Type Of Refills Available

  • Permanent-Comes in 3" and 5" widths and is 18' long
  • Repositional Adhesive- 5" wide and 18' long
  • Double Sided Laminate- 5" wide and 18'long
  • Laminate And Magnet-5" wide and 7 feet long
  • Laminate and Permanent Adhesive- 5" wide and 18' long

Price point is about $50.

Two cartridge sizes to handle both big and small projects

Two cartridge sizes to handle both big and small projects

Creative Station Standard

This is the larger version of the Creative Station. It takes both 5" and 9" . Perfect for your bigger projects. Create Magnets, make stickers and projects, and laminates, all in one machine.

Like the Creative Station Lite it will also create magnets and laminates.

It has a drop in cartridge-very easy to load

It has a built in cut bar, so there is very little waste.

You simply insert the project, roll the handle and cut when the project comes out.

The lamination is a cold lamination process.

It has an easy drop in cartridge. It comes loaded with one 9" 25 'long permanent cartridge. Other cartridges to create magnets and laminates are available for sale.

Machine Dimension is 13.75 x 6 x 7 inches . Weight is 4,8 lbs. Price average us about $93

Creative Station Products And Ideas

Xyron Tips - Best Ideas For Making The Most Of Your Xyron Machines

  1. When your machine is not in use you should remove the cartridge and place it back in its box for storage. This will keep your ezLaminator refills from becoming dusty. Also before loading the machine prior to being used again, you should clean or dust off the ez Laminator machine. Again this will keep the dust away from your projects.
  2. When you have wrinkles in your laminate try this trick. Get a piece of cardboard maybe 3x3 or 4x4 (if you don't have cardboard handy then try folding a piece of paper 3 times (into 1/8 page size)). Send this through your machine. As it goes thru it will separate the laminate just enough to help the laminate re-align with itself. The wrinkles should pull themselves out within a few inches.
  3. To ensure clean edges, trace your item with a stylist or a pen before removing the clear mask. You can also use a bone folder that you run around the edges to keep them clean
  4. To eliminate wrinkles in the laminate, run a piece of corrugated cardboard (approximately 4-inches square) or a strip of paper with multiple folds through the machine. This will force the rollers to separate and allow the laminate or adhesive material to pull itself back into alignment.
  5. If you are using lace or ribbon with your Xyron, make sure to press on the clear side to make sure that the material has picked up all the adhesive. You can also use a bone folder to press down
  6. Use a corner round paper punch or a scissor to round the corner of a sticker. This will give you a softer look.
  7. Use a decorated scissor to create a mailing stamp look.
  8. Create labels for your pantry and craft room with the Xyron

Xyron Mega Tape Runner

Zyron Mega Tape Runner

I don't know about you, but I love tape runners, especially the ones with the nice handles and the long refills. Makes my crafting so much easier. But the problem is that many of them come with long detailed explanations(usually with drawings) how to reload the adhesive cartridges. It is confusing and messy. When Xyron came out with their own Mega Tape Runner, I jumped on it right away. It is a simple drop in refill. You can get the refills in either 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch. Each refill is 100 feet. My other large tape runner is gathering dust. Xyron has once again answered this crafters needs

There are two widths of refills available for this tape runner. Both the 0.25 inch and the 0,50 inch come in 100 feet length.

Placing a new refill is easy. You just remove the old refill and drop in the new one.

Easy Easter Tags With Xyron Tape Runner

Make holiday and Easter tags with your Xyron Tape Runner

Make holiday and Easter tags with your Xyron Tape Runner

Add Texture To A Card Front

It's easy to add texture to a card front or a journaling piece for a scrapbook page with your xyron and some tissue paper. Once you get the hang of this, the possibilities are endless.

Here is how to do it:


  • Xyron machine
  • Tissue paper
  • Card stock
  1. Cut the card stock to the size that you need.
  2. Run it through your Xyron machine
  3. Smooth the adhesive covering to be sure that it is all over the card stock
  4. Cut a piece of tissue paper slightly larger than the card stock
  5. Roll the tissue paper into a tight ball
  6. Unroll the tissue paper carefully
  7. Remove the cover from the adhesive side of the card stock
  8. Gently place the tissue paper over the adhesive side of the card stock
  9. Smooth the paper a bit
  10. Cut any excess off the edges of the cardstock
  11. Decorate as desired

Xyron Adhesive Eraser

Make Foam Tape With The Xyron

Free Projects Using Your Xyron - Great Ideas For Xyron Machine

Zyron Techniques - Unlimited Use For Your Zyron Machines

  • Use Xyron for Tissue and Crepe paper. Xyron adhesive does not cause the color to bleed and it doesn't get any cheaper than tissue paper for creating fun projects. Crinkle the paper to create texture.
  • For easier alignment, when applying a full sheet of paper to a scrapbook page, peel off the white paper liner as you stick it to the page.
  • Save material by stacking items when making different size stickers. Put a larger item on top of a smaller item (make sure the small item is away from the edge of the large item) and run them both through the Xyron adhesive together. Adhesive will be applied edge to edge on the smaller item and on the larger item everywhere except where the small item was.
  • Mosaics are easily made with Xyron adhesives. Run items through the Xyron and then cut to the desired shape and size. It's simpler than applying adhesive to hundreds of small pieces.
  • Run the stencil through Xyron repositionable adhesive. Place it on the wall or furniture pieces to be painted. Simply lift up the stencil and reposition to create the desired pattern.
  • Run card stock through the Xyron before cutting. Remove release sheet and place card stock face down on Cricut Mat. Use the "Flip" feature and cut the desired shape. Yippee, a sticker shape that's easy to handle.
  • You can run several small projects side by side to save adhesive.
  • Need adhesive on BOTH sides? After you run your item through a Xyron machine, take off the clear cellophane, flip it over and run it through again. Both sides will have edge-to-edge adhesive!
  • Use the Xyron to make shaker cards. The elements of your shaker cards can adhered with the Xyron adhesives.

Make Stickers Within Minutes

Xyron Technique Videos - My Favorite Xyron Techniques For Paper Crafting

Create A Glitter Gift Tag

This is a perfect way to use those leftover pieces of cardstock that you may have sitting around. Nice for Christmas in reds and green. You could use them for Easter in pastels. A birthday in any color is a nice idea. How about a blue or pink gift card for a baby shower.


  • Card stock cut to gift tag size
  • pice of cardstock to catch the glitter
  • Xyron
  • Bone folder
  • Brad embellishments
  • Paper pierce tool or scissor tips
  1. Fold the cardstock over and run the bone folder over the fold
  2. Run the cardstock gift tag through the xyron
  3. Lay the gift card on the catch paper.
  4. Remove the adhesive cover from the gift tag
  5. Sprinkle the glitter on the tag
  6. Rub the glitter into the paper with your finger
  7. Create a small hole in the bottom right or left of the gift card
  8. Push the brad through the hole and open the brad
  9. Cover the inside of the gift card with paper