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Scrapbook Title Tips

Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Learn how to create a title for baby pictures and scrapbook sayings

Learn how to create a title for baby pictures and scrapbook sayings

Getting Started With Scrapbook Titles

I never understood when I got started as a scrapbook artist how important the titles of our scrapbook pages are. They will literally make or break your page.

Think about how odd it would look if you saw a scrapbook page without the title. It could have the nicest pictures and embellishments. It could have a delightful story on a journal piece. Yet, without the title, it would be imbalanced and lacking something.

What does the scrapbook title do:

  • It engages the reader to want to learn more
  • It introduces the page
  • It ties the design to the theme of the page
  • It sets the tone for your page

Learning to make great a great title for your scrapbook page is adding the icing on your cake. Just like the title of a book, it captures the interest of those viewing your pages. It tells the story. It draws the interest of the person to your art.

The question always comes up, " Do you start with the title or add the title after the fact?"

Well, the simple answer is that there are no hard rules for adding titles for your scrapbook page.

I , personally like to gather the pictures together that I plan to work on. The I decide how many pictures I will be using. Then I decide if I am going to make a two page layout or a single. Then I select the base paper I am going to use. I like to arrange them on the paper till I am happy without adhering them to the paper. Then I start thinking about the title and where I am going to place it and any journaling.

You figure out what works for you. As you do pages you will refine how you get it all together.

Consider The Materials For Your Title

Almost anything goes when it comes to the titles on your scrapbook pages. There are all kinds of options when it comes to scrapbook pages.

  • Pre-cut letters or words
  • Chipboard
  • Cardstock
  • Patterned Paper
  • Rub Ons
  • Printed titles
  • Die-cut titles and letters
  • Wire
  • Titles made from label makers
  • Stamped titles
  • Letters From Magazines
  • Foam Letters
  • Die-cut letters and words
  • Letters or words cut from an electronic cutting machine
  • Vellum letters and titles
  • Alphabet stickers

Alphabet Stickers-Easy Way To Create Scrapbook PageTitles

Creating Contrast With Your Titles

Would seem a little obvious normally that you would not want to use the exact same color on your title as the color of the base paper of your page.

Well, you actually could, if the letters were outlined in another color or in say glitter. The point being there are no hard rules how to create your titles, because it is your art !

Here are some contrast ideas to add Some zing to your titles:

  1. Add dimension to your titles-rather than just flat titles, layer them so they stand out on your page.
  2. Use different fonts-you don't have to use just one font-mo\ix it up a bit, Give it the unexpected element
  3. Make some of the title a different size-Make the word or group of words that are the most important a larger size
  4. Put them on more than one line
  5. Bold part of the title
  6. Use different colors on the words of your title
  7. Put them on a shelf-make a shelf with a piece of washi tape
  8. Use different letters from different sets
  9. Use Black letters to make your title stand out and off the page
  10. Use a fabric flower for the first letter of your title. Or use smaller flowers for the first letter of each word.
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Use Stencils For Your Title

Create a stencil for your title to add interest

Create a stencil for your title to add interest

Adding Texture To Your Scrapbook Title

Adding texture and bling to your scrapbook titles adds extra interest to them.

There are times when I am creating a scrapbook title where I lose the dote on my letters or punctuation mark. Use a sequin, tiny jewel, or piece of confetti to dot the "i" in a title.

If using letter rubber stamps, allow extra space in between each letter. Then use glitter glue and draw squares or circles around each letter. This technique is perfect for a birthday page!

For a masculine page, cut out letters from sandpaper.

Free Scrapbook Page Title Ideas

Here is one of my pages where I used both the top and the bottom for the title. I also used some odd left over letters to create interest

Here is one of my pages where I used both the top and the bottom for the title. I also used some odd left over letters to create interest

Where To Put Your Scrapbook Page Title

Think of the paper on your scrapbook page as your canvas. The pictures are usually your focal point. The embellishments ( anything that you use to decorate the page ) are your emphasis on the focal point ( your pictures)

When we create a page, even if we don't consider it, we are creating shapes. Sometimes the shape we create id a triangle. sometimes a square, sometimes a diamond, but we are always placing the arrangement of the things on our page as a shape.

You can place your scrapbook page title anywhere on your page. There are no set rules for where your title is.

So with that in mind, you will want to arrange all your other elements first and then determine where best your title might fit in. Use your shapes to find the right place to place your title, rather than just placing it wherever you find a spot.

More Tips Where To Put Your Scrapbook Title

  • If you have a spread on two pages that have the exact same theme (a layout) consider putting the title on one page rather than both.
  • Use a vertical title if you are placing it near a large photo
  • The letters of your title do not have to go in a straight line.
  • Slant your letters to the right or left
  • Bring one up and one down
  • If a page contains square matting, then place the title in the bottom outside corner.
  • For pages with circles and ovals, curve the title around a portion of the largest circle or oval on the page.
  • When using sticker words or phrases as a title, create a sticker title frame around the center photo.

Label Makers Create Scrapbook Titles

Add Some Color To Your Titles

Don't be afraid to add some color to your titles. You can use a color that brings out a color from one of your photos. Or use a neutral color like black, white or grey. Mix up the color. Use one color for each letter. Take two colors and alternate them.

Add color with glitter paper. Glitter paper comes in just about any color. Call attention to your title with glitter letters,

Here is a title that tells the story in a colorful way ! I love the use of printed paper behind the letters

Here is a title that tells the story in a colorful way ! I love the use of printed paper behind the letters

Take Some Time To Brainstorm Titles

So, notebook and journal in hand, I set out to brainstorm some titles. Grabbed a cup of tea and just started writing down whatever came to my mind. I thought about the kinds of pages that I wanted to create and just made some notes.

I keep my notebook handy because you never know when inspiration may hit.

Of course if you are not feeling creative, there are lots of resources for you where you can get lists of titles. Start with any scrapbook or card magazines that you might have. When you see a title that you like, jot it down.

Of course the internet is full of wonderful ideas ! Start with Pinterest ! Just search scrapbook titles and you will come up with a wealth of information.

More Scrapbook Title Ideas

  • Fill the open spaces of the lettering using papers that complement the theme of the layout. Create a focal point by increasing the size of one alpha and accessorize with embellishments. This is a great way to use those bits of scrap paper that you may have laying around.
  • Tilt one letter. By enlarging and tilting a lowercase alpha (such as the “e” in this example), mixed with uppercase alphas, your title will be more interesting and playful. This also provides an opportunity to dangle an embellishment. Making one or two words of your title bold will also call attention and help the viewer focus on the theme.
  • Use an ampersand to connect two words. Apply a stroke on a separate layer and offset slightly by moving up and over. You will find great ampersands in most collections containing alphas. The & symbol is a perfect example that you probably use often and could apply to this idea.
  • Combine alphas from different collections.
  • Spreading your title throughout the layout helps the viewer see every detail by carrying the eye across the page.

Great Resource For Scrapbook Titles

More Scrapbook Title Ideas

When You Cannot Find A Title

I know that sometimes I have a hard time finding inspiration for my scrapbook titles. I just cannot seem to find the right thing for my pages and layouts.

What I have found that works for me, is to scope out some scrapbook galleries for some ideas to get my creative juices flowing. One site I like to use is Another site that I refer to often is Pinterest.

Just type in scrapbook layouts. You will get a wealth of information.

More Scrapbook Title Inspiration

Making Scrapbook Titles For Beginners

More Title Tips

  • Hand draw a title with your own handwriting. You can make it simple or make it as fancy as you would like
  • Use Scrabble tiles to create a single-word title. You can buy these tiles on the internet. You can often find them in thrift stores.
  • Use Die cuts to create a title-Think about the words that you already have in your stash
  • Tilt one letter in your title-They all do not have to be straight
  • Use two complementary colors to create more interest
  • Use vertical letters along the side of a large photo
  • Keep it short-Your title should not hog the page. Keep the rest for journaling.
  • Chose the location for your title- It does not have to be at the top of every page. Move the title around to see what works best.
  • Add texture to make the title stick out Use different letters, use sequins to dot a letter. Use cut-out fabric letters. Almost anything can be used as a letter.

More Title Letter Ideas

Use letters to create interest on your pages

Use letters to create interest on your pages

Inspiration For Your Scrapbook Titles

Final Thought On Scrapbook Titles

Your scrapbook pages are in essence your personal art work. They are unique and personal for your family and the generations to come. Create your pages and enjoy them. Know as you grow in your art, you will get better. But mostly, enjoy the process as you move forward. This is your journey and your art ! Be just who you are, where you are.

© 2019 Linda F Correa

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