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31 Fabulous Gifts in a Jar Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


If you enjoy giving homemade gifts, you are probably aware that gifts in a jar are not only for Christmas gifts. Just name any occasion where you need a gift and you can most likely find a filled jar idea that will suit the occasion.

Think along the lines of bridesmaid gifts, college student gifts, thank you gifts and housewarming gifts. Maybe you need a teacher gift or a new mother gift. As you can see, the opportunities are endless.

In this article you will find ideas for filling the gift jars: anything from cookie mixes, soup mixes and pies, to hand scrubs, bubble bath and sewing kits.

For the instructions to make this exceptional Valentine date night gift in a jar, go to Southern in law .


1. Sugar Scrub Spa Gift

There are two recipes for sugar scrubs, the Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub and the Sweet N' Spicy Brown Sugar Scrub. A great and unique teacher gift or bridesmaid gift. Find the instructions and recipes at Tidy Mom.


2. Owl Candy Jars

These would make great gifts for teachers, neighbors or anyone who loves candy. In other words, this is a gift anyone will eat up. You'll find the tutorial for this super cute filled jar craft at CLUB.CHICA CIRCLE.


3. Cowgirl Cookies

Everything that you need to know to make this yummy cookies in a jar gift is explained at Bakerella.


4. Hot Chocolate

A nice steaming cup of hot chocolate is always a welcome gift. You'll find the free printables and instructions at how does she?


5. Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

I love the fresh smell of lemon, so this recipe looks especially good to me. See how this lemon sugar hand scrub is made by finding the recipe and instructions at instructables.


6. Spa in a Jar

A great gift idea for a bridesmaid, graduate, birthday girl or teacher. Go to The Gunny Sack for what to include in the jar.


7. Pie in a Jar

Because canning jars can be put in the freezer and in the oven, you can make pie in a jar. Find out how to make these pies by going to OUR BEST BITES.

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8. Oatmeal Bath

There is nothing as soothing as an oatmeal bath. To make a jar gift of oatmeal bath, go to Davet designs for the directions.

9. Valentine Day Gift in a Jar


10. 365 Things We Love About You

An idea for Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas for mom or dad. A jar full of reasons why he or she is loved. See how this was made by going to The Princess and the Tot. Use this idea for any occasion for any one.


11. Bath Fizzies

An attractive and thoughtful gift. Martha Stewart has the instructions for these bath fizzies.


12. Cookies For Santa

Santa, and everyone else will enjoy the cookies made from a cookies in a jar gift. You'll find the instructions and recipe at Make It Do.


13. Bath Salts

Save unique bottles to use making these bath salts as gifts. Go to my own ideas for the bath salt recipe.


14. Sunshine Cookies

Surprise a teacher or co-worker with an appreciation gift of cookies in a jar. Find the instructions at eat at Allie’s.


15. Salted Caramel Sauce

Imagine wrapping a jar of salted caramel sauce, two red apples and two green apples in a clear bag to present as a gift. RECIPE girl gives pictured instructions.


16. Homemade Vanilla Extract

One of the nicest gifts you can give someone that likes to cook or bake, is homemade vanilla extract. Find out how to make it by going to the Homemade Gifts Made Easy site.


17. Beefy Bean Soup Mix

Although soup is good any time of year, it seems to go best during the winter months. Make and give jars of beefy bean soup mix, you'll find the directions at Delish.


18. Pamper Yourself

Another great idea to show someone how much you appreciate what they do for you. Find the instructions for making this gift in a jar at The frugal Girls.COM.


19. Spiced Tea

This spiced tea is so delicious and anyone would appreciate a jar of it. Find the recipe at Sing FOR YOUR SUPPER.


20. Marinated Mushrooms

I know folks that would really appreciate a gift like this. This is an especially nice gift for someone that has everything. This is a homemade gift that is one of a kind because it is made by you. Find the recipe for making this great gift in a jar at Lavender and Lovage.


21. Mexican Hot Cocoa Mix

You'll find the recipe and instructions for this gift in a jar at Craft Night With Stacy.


22. Montreal Steak Spice

A great gift for dad or anyone who like to barbeque. Go to for a list of the ingredients and instructions.


23. Curried Lentil Soup

A perfect one of a kind gift. Find the recipe and instructions at Good Housekeeping.


24. Punk Rock Cookies

Have the kids help when making gifts in a jar. They'll see how satisfying it is to make, rather than buy, gifts. Go to the POST PUNK KITCHEN site for the instructions.


25. Christmas in a Jar

Make this Christmas elf jar gift by going to Polka Dot Chair for the instructions. You'll be happy to know that included are printable labels.


26. Sweet Ginger Skin Polish

A beautiful way to show your mom or sister in law how much you appreciate them. Go to my own ideas to see how this great gift is made.


27. Lemon Rosemary Scrub

Think how special the person you gift this to will feel when they find out you made it for them yourself. Find the instructions for making this scrub at Yesterday on Tuesday.


28. Cinnamon Honey Butter

Give cinnamon honey butter to friends and family members who appreciate homemade with love gifts.


29. Spiced Tea

You'll have some happy friends who receive this thoughtful homemade gift. You'll find a great recipe for spiced tea on the SASSY & SWEET site. Make your own labels or purchase labels in the scrap booking section of the craft store.


30. Hot Chocolate Snowman

If you make crafts for a craft fair, you can be sure that these would sell great. Not only are they filled with the making of hot chocolate, they could be lined up as Christmas décor in the kitchen (if they last that long.) The tutorial for making this snowman and the filling is found at The DIY mommy.

31. Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

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Loraine Brummer (author) from Hartington, Nebraska on December 09, 2014:

Hi Chelsey. Thanks for coming to visit and I appreciate your comment.

Chelsey from Ottawa, Ontario on December 08, 2014:

These are great ideas. I've been trying to figure out some unique gifts on a lower budget this year. This is fantastic. I really want to make those candy owls!

Chin chin from Philippines on November 25, 2014:

L0ts of great ideas from all over the web collated in this page. Thanks for sharing.

Loraine Brummer (author) from Hartington, Nebraska on October 02, 2014:

Thanks, Jen, for your visit. I agree, the Older Than Dirt gift jar is a great one. Better for giving than for getting, for me.

Jennifer Beckers from Palm Beach County on September 22, 2014:

I love the Older Than Dirt!

peachy from Home Sweet Home on September 10, 2014:

wow, so man y jars ideas you have here, gonna make the christmas jars

scoobygang on July 24, 2014:

Lots of great ideas for gift jars! Awesome lens! :)

siobhanryan on April 16, 2013:

Great gift ideas

belinhafernandes on April 02, 2013:

Hi again! I read that you have a blog! I am going to google it and see about your projects for kids too! I don't work with kids but I always did projects with my nephew. He keeps asking for my help with school projects these days and I like that!

belinhafernandes on April 02, 2013:

Thank you for such a wonderful collection of ideas! This is so new to me! I never got one of these and I would love too!These are really good ideas to try!

anonymous on April 02, 2013:

This is indeed the best gift jar information that I have ever seen, and I cannot wait to make a few of these. Thank you!

Leila from Belgium on March 13, 2013:

I'd love to make them for selling on our non profit. Some of the ideas we already had but this lens brings so much more!!! Great lens!

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