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★ Bead Stringing & Weaving Tutorials For Beginners | Beading Jewelry Making Ideas ★

Creative Bead & Pearl Jewelry Projects and Patterns

When learning how to make your own jewelry, beading methods are usually the first thing you learn. Beading is ideal for people starting out in jewelry making because you only need very few (and inexpensive) materials at first, and there are so many techniques you can progress onto that you'll never get bored! Beading is still a very popular hobby amongst crafters, and this page will summarise what you need and what you can learn.

Below you will find information on the tools, stringing materials and findings you can use for your creations, plus many projects for beginners and advanced beaders alike. Instructions for using cord, wire, thread, elastic, beading wire and memory wire are all included. There are also many tutorials for learning how to weave beads, both on the loom and off-loom, and free patterns for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.

I hope this page inspires people to get beading :)

Lavender Beaded Flower Earrings

Here, beads have been woven onto a brass filigree flower backing.

Here, beads have been woven onto a brass filigree flower backing.

Best Beading Books

To get a comprehensive guide to beading from an expert, a book is the best way of finding all of the information in one place.

Beading Introduction

Beads are an extremely popular component of jewelry, and there are basic and advanced techniques you can learn to make the most of your beautiful beads.

Beads are usually incorporated in jewelry items via one of the following methods:

- Using beading thread through the bead holes to string them all together, creating a flexible piece.


- Using wire through the bead holes and securing at each end to create 'bead dangles' or other non-flexible bead links.

There are then many more advanced techniques or extra 'fancy bits' you can add to either of these methods. These extras range from wire wrapping and making intricate wire clasps, to using a beading loom or adding knots in the thread between each individual bead.

The usual metals used for jewelry making are silver- and gold- plated, brass and sterling silver, although there are other (more expensive) options too.

Beads can be made from a wide range of materials, from pearl and shell, to glass and wood. Click here for a great round-up of information about the different types of beads available to you.

Simple Beaded Jewelry for Beginners

Clay Mosaic Bead Necklace

Beading With Thread & Cord

A List Of Tools

Products You Will Find Useful

To start with, a beginner shouldn't buy too much equipment (no matter how tempting it is!) until they have learnt the basics and decided that they definitely are still enthusiastic about the hobby.

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The basic products I would recommend would be:

- Wire cutters

- Chain-nose pliers

- Flat-nose pliers

- Round-nose pliers

(The above tools are all for wirework, so if you aren't planning on working with wire you won't need these :))

- Small precision scissors

- Ruler

And for working with beads specifically, these products are very useful:

- Beading tray and mat

- Beading awl

- Beading needles

- Beading tweezers

Spring Meadow Woven Design


Photo and jewelry by Preciosa Ornela - Click Here for the tutorial.

Lessons For Beading Using Wire

Woven Seed Bead Bangle

This gorgeous bangle is made up of 12 ft of thread and over 1000 beads!

This gorgeous bangle is made up of 12 ft of thread and over 1000 beads!

Bead Weaving Lessons - Mainly Off-Loom Stitch Tutorials

Bead weaving can be done on a loom, however mostly beads are woven 'off-loom', where there is more freedom in shape and design, and there are a variety of stitches you can use to create jewelry pieces, such as peyote and brick stitch. Aside from jewelry, woven beads can be used for ornaments, purses, bags and more.

Delica and Czech seed beads are the main types used for weaving. Make sure you choose seed beads that are consistent in size and shape, as I made the mistake of buying a big pack of seed beads when I started out and because they were not that great quality (and also weren't designed for weaving) they were all slightly different sizes so couldn't be used...oops!

Knotted Cord Necklace

Further Bead Weaving Stitches - (Continued From List Above)

Silver Wirework Bracelet

Sterling silver wirework spirals and wrapped bead loops.

Sterling silver wirework spirals and wrapped bead loops.

Necklace Patterns & Designs - Including Bead Weaving As Well As Regular Beading

Closures, Fastenings & Findings

Bracelet and Earrings Patterns - A Mix Of Regular Beading & Bead Weaving

Seed Bead & Opal Tube Pendant

Bead Knotting Tool

This tool is an absolute MUST HAVE item if you want to thread pearls and beads in a traditional, knotted way! It helps makes 'knot placement' and 'tension' perfect every time, enabling you to produce fine, professional looking jewellery. Not only will the quality of your pieces improve, you will also find with a little practice, that the time taken to create a design is massively reduced!

Beading Techniques & Projects - Interesting Ideas To Try, Plus More Free Patterns

Wire Loop Beaded Necklace

This is the simplest kind of necklace you can make with non-beading wire; just thread each bead on a short length of wire and add a loop on each side to make a bead link. Then you simply join the links together.

This is the simplest kind of necklace you can make with non-beading wire; just thread each bead on a short length of wire and add a loop on each side to make a bead link. Then you simply join the links together.

Knotting Instructions For Traditional Pearl Jewelry

Products & Tools For Pearl and Bead Knotting

There are a few different knotting tools to choose from; some are simply sharp points to help you tie knots, and others measure out distances to help you make evenly spaced knotted pearls or beads. It's up to you which you choose, but I can personally recommend the Beadsmith knotting tool since this is the one I have used myself.

Memory Wire Bangle

Combining Beads & Pearls With Wirework - Simple Techniques & Projects

If you are interested in making bead dangles rather than stringing beads, you will need to learn a few simple wire techniques. A bead dangle is where you thread a piece of wire through one (or a few) beads and either make a loop in one end of the wire (if using a headpin as your wire), or a loop in both ends of the wire. The loops allow you to join bead dangles together or to other components like earring hooks or chains.

The loops can be 'wrapped' which is where extra wire is wound around the loop (and sometimes the beads too) as an embellishment. This method is more secure than simple loops.

Intricate Seed Beading

Beadweaving Loom Options

Beadweaving looms are specifically for helping you thread in and out of beads in order to make flat designs, which are often used as part of a piece of jewelry, but can also be used for other décor items like wall hangings. Here are a couple of the best options on Amazon:

Loom & Off-Loom Weaving Videos

Other Creative Beading Books

For masses of expert instructions and design inspiration in one place, books are an excellent choice and can be referred to at any time. Here are 2 of the most highly rated beading books available:

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