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Ballerina Crafts - Fun Ideas For Kids and Adults


Fun Ballerina Craft Projects

If you're having a ballerina party or just have an affection for these graceful dancers these crafts are just right for you. Browse through fun ballerina crafts for kids and adults, make your invitations or birthday cards, decorations and all kinds of other project ideas!

You will also find a free ballerina silhouette stencil as I find it to be very useful in many ballerina craft projects.

Most of the projects on this site are kid friendly but they will need a hand (or two) from adults with some of the preparations and when sharper objects are in use.

All photos on this page are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Ballerina Silhouettes

Free Printables For Your Craft Projects

I found this ballerina silhouette that is free to use - you can simply print them out and use them for any craft project.

Get Silhouette


DIY Ballerina Invitation or Birthday Card

Or just a fun project

This can be a fun project for kids or a great way for adults to make invitations for a birthday party.

Step by step instructions (pictures are bellow)

1. Prepare the card paperYou can use thicker paper, construction paper, cardboard in pretty much any color you like. Fold it in half.2. Make a ballerina torso and glue it on the paperI used the first ballerina stencil to make the silhouette (I removed the tutu) and have glued it to the centre of the paper where the fold is. If kids will be making this craft cut the silhouette for them. You could also draw the silhouette.

3. & 4. Make the tutuTake a piece of normal paper (it could be white, I used pink) and fold it like an accordion. When done, fold it in half as shown in picture 4. Glue the halves together (you will get a paper fan).

5. Glue the tutu on the ballerinaAll done


Stock up on Cardstock - In all the colors of the rainbow

You can always find a ton of colorful card-stock paper at my house. You never know when you will get the crafting itch so it's best to have a few at hand at all time.

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Ballerina Paper Doll

Fun project with a show at the end

See, I even did my nails for this project! Do you like my ballet shoes nails?

I saw this project on Spoonful (ballerina pupet tutorial.) and gave it a go.

I used red cardstock, painted the face and arms with pink acrylic colors, draw the eyes and lips with permanent marker and decided my ballerina was a blondie since I do have a lot of yellow color.

It was time to bling the doll up! The tutu is made out of bubble wrap taken from an old envelope and decorated with ribbons and a fabric flower.

This is a super easy project that allows for a lot of creativity and this is what kids will enjoy. When they are done making the puppets you can have them perform a dancing act with their finger puppets.

Hand Painted Ballerina Craft - Perfect for little and big hands


To prepare for this project you will need to cut out or draw the upper part of the dress. I cut mine out of pink paper and glued it onto the white.

Have the kids dip their hands in color and using their hand prints create the tutu. They can use more than one color. Messy fun!

Finish things up with a ribbon or two, glitter, flower embellishments, rhinestones...


No Sew Tutu Tutorial - Perfect For Ballerina Costume

Great Project for Kids and Adults

As a kid I always wanted to sew beautiful clothes but the fact that I didn't know how to sew was an issue. While I usually used glue to make my designer pieces (yes, they were designer like haha) I was always happy when I could do something without glue - just by tying the pieces of cloth together.

Tutu is one of the clothing pieces you can make without sewing and this makes it a perfect project for kids.

Check out the no sew tutu tutorial

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adrianna on September 11, 2014:

that is realey cute

Lorelei Cohen from Canada on May 19, 2013:

What delightful ballerina craft projects. I would have never thought of making a tutu from folded paper but it really does work so very well. That gives me tons of ideas for other craft projects for kids. Love you way of thinking. Absolutely delightful.

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