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Back to School Crafts For Teenagers


Fun Teenage Crafts To Make For School

Too old for construction paper, but too young for dorm décor? These fun back to school crafts for teenagers will fill the gap for crafty teens, not to mention saving some money on school shopping.

Here you'll find craft ideas for DIY school supplies, homemade book bags, locker decorations, back to school fashion and more.

Whether it's a simple notebook cover, a homemade pencil pouch, or a custom locker chandelier, this master list of high school and junior high craft projects has a tutorial that fits the bill.

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Books and Notebooks - Make your own notebooks for school

Even if you've outgrown cartoon characters, there's no reason you can't have fun, individual school notebooks. Check out these easy back-to-school craft projects for cool ways to personalize your notebooks, textbooks, and three-ring binders.

Pens and Pencils - School pens and pencil crafts

Fun pens and pencils are a back to school essential (at least until we achieve the paperless classroom), but you don't have to be content with boring ballpoints and overpriced pencils. Here you'll find a bunch of different ways to customize your pencils and pens.

  • Striped Pencils
    Paint cute candy stripes on plain pencils for a fast and fun back to school craft.
  • DIY Pretty Pencils
    How to decorate your pencils with Japanese washi paper.
  • Toadstool Pencils
    Follow these easy instructions to make a cute pencil with a colorful mushroom topper.
  • Paper Pencils
    For a truly hardcore back to school craft, create your own pencils out of decorative paper.
  • Duct Tape Rose Pen
    Fold a floral pen topper out of colorful duct tape.
  • Marbleized Pen
    Use polymer clay to decorate a unique pen for school.

Bags and Cases - Essential back to school crafts for teens

With all these DIY school supplies, you'll need a way to carry them. Fortunately there are a whole slew of craft tutorials for book bags, DIY backpacks, pencil cases, and even reusable lunch bags.

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Locker Swag - Cool ways to decorate your locker

Decorating a school locker is one of the fun parts of heading back to school. Here you'll find just a few ideas for magnets for school, as well as magnetic organizers and other locker decorations.

Back to School Fashion - DIY fashion ideas for teenagers

Create your own back to school styles by upcycling last summer's clothes, decorating your own shoes, and more.

  • T-Shirt Shrug
    Turn last summer's T-shirt into this fall's cute shrug with a minimum of sewing.
  • Jeans Skirt
    Transform your old jeans into a new denim skirt with this easy sewing project.
  • DIY Missoni Sneakers
    Paint your own pair of trendy chevron sneakers.
  • Armwarmers
    Learn the basics for making your own arm warmers or fingerless gloves out of socks.

Ready to start back to school? - Good luck!

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So many clever ideas! Wish I'd found this at the beginning of summer to have time to make all of them. Thanks for sharing.

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A great lens with so many wonderful ideas to choose from. Thank you for taking the time to share.

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i did not find this very useful if only you could give us fun easy crafts that we don't have to buy something such as magnet backs, and i would enjoy more locker decoration ideas

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Super lens to share with my twin girls graduating this year. Where has the time gone? PS. I had to wear the Real Saddle Shoes as a cheerleader back in my day. 1969 DuPont Dragons

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