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Animal Crafts For Kids


Animal Crafts for Kids

A selection of delightful animal crafts for kids ranging from those suitable for preschoolers to more complicated crafts for older kids.

These activities will be a lot of fun for children. These crafts will help teach fine motor skills as they color, cut, paste, thread, and position beads and stickers. They will also learn about different animals in a fun way which will be helpful for science and geography. Many of these animals will make great gifts or decorations for various holidays throughout the year.

Many of the crafts on these pages are printable - simply download the file / picture and print it out on your printer. Most of these will then require cutting, folding, and pasting. Others will require some extra materials which you probably have on hand, such as paper plates, empty toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, paper bags etc. For some of these crafts you will need to have access to special supplies, such as chenille stems, pompoms, foam shapes, craft sticks etc.

My own photo - cute giraffe with a bendy straw for his neck made by my children. Here is a pattern if you'd like to make your own.

Fun Animal Crafts

On this site you'll find a selection of animal perler bead (AKA fuse bead and hama bead) patterns. There are pets, farm animals, wild animals, birds, dinosaurs, and marine creatures to choose from.

The really fun thing is that these patterns can be used for a lot more crafts than just fuse bead projects. The square designs can be used as cross stitch patterns or you could print out some graph paper and get the children to color in the squares or stick colored stickers in the squares according to the pattern. I am also including some templates on the right which you can download and print out then use to color or add colored stickers. Just click on the thumbnails above the seahorse to see them.

Perler Bead Pet Parade

Turtle Crafts


Here's a really cute idea for kids to make. Simply purchase this printable turtle lollipop holder (comes in in three colors), print out the page, cut out the shapes, fold and insert a lollipop. These make lovely party favors or quick and easy Christmas or Valentine's Day gifts for the class.

More Printable Animals Crafts

This page is crammed full of different animal crafts suitable for preschoolers and young kids. Many of the crafts are printable – print out the page of body parts (eg for the elephant, there are ears, eyes, legs, a head, body, trunk, and tail). You then color or paint the sections, let them dry, cut them out, and glue them onto a piece of paper. The animals have been sorted into the following categories:

  • swimming creatures (fish, dolphins, turtles and whales)
  • shells and tentacles (eg crabs, jellyfish, octopus)
  • other water dwellers (eg beaver, otter, platypus)
  • reptiles and amphibians (eg alligator, chameleon, frogs, komodo dragon, snakes)
  • dinosaurs (eg stegosaurus, triceratops, tyranosaurus rex)
  • pets (eg rabbits, cats, dogs, hamster)
  • farm animals (eg cows, goat, horse, pig, sheep, donkey)
  • zoo animals (eg elephants, big cats, bears, pandas, gorillas, giraffes, monkeys)
  • other mammals (eg armadillo, camel, hedgehog, koala, llama, meerkat, rhino, skunk, yak)

Animal Crafts using a Variety of Materials

The animal crafts on this website are suitable for little children. They are made using easily available materials. You'll find the following groups: birds, farm animals, insects, ocean animals, reptile and amphibians, zoo / safari animals, dinosaurs, and rabbits.

This page contains a nice variety of different animals, mostly suitable for younger children. You can either choose by the creature's habitat (Australian, desert, farm, forest, jungle / rain forest, ocean, pets) or by the type of animal (bird, fish, insects, mammals, amphibians and reptiles). Many of the crafts here only require supplies which are readily available (eg paper, glue, egg cartons, paper plates, cardboard tubes), and not specialized equipment.

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Animal Mosaics Kit

Sticky Mosaics Kit - Pets

Sticky Mosaics Kit - Pets

Printable Paper Animals Models

You'll finds a huge number of printable models here (and on the following pages). Many of these are quite complex and intricate with several pages to print for each model (suitable for older children, teens, or adults), but some, like the zebra, giraffe, and rabbit on the last page, are a bit easier, requiring only one printable page.

Farm Animal Collage Kit

Printable Split Pin Animal Crafts

Most of the crafts on this page are free. There are split pin animals available as a pre-colored download, or in black and white for the child to color. Once you have printed, colored, and cut out each element, they are put together with split pins so that the creature can move its legs, head, and tail. Fun!

Bird Crafts

bird crafts

bird crafts

Bird Crafts for All Ages

Dozens of bird crafts for all ages - preschoolers to adult. Find chicken crafts, dove crafts, owl crafts and more.

How do you plan to use these animal crafts?

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Kumar P S on August 27, 2012:

Wonderful lens ! Thanks for sharing.

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