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About Andrew Wyeth - American Artist

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Photograph of Andrew Wyeth painting plain air (crop) By Williamwaterway

Photograph of Andrew Wyeth painting plain air (crop) By Williamwaterway

Introducing Andrew Wyeth and his Paintings

Find out about Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) - one of the USA's most popular and celebrated artists.

Wyeth was an American Contemporary Realist Painter who worked mainly in watercolor and/or egg tempera. He died on 16th January 2009 age 91.

This compendium provides an introduction to Andrew Wyeth and links to resources where you can find out more about his life and work. These include: official websites, past exhibitions in museums and art galleries, books about the artist and his work and where you can find images online.

Please note that all Andrew Wyeth's work is copyright protected

"a lifetime of paintings whose meticulous realism have captured the American consciousness, and whose austere vision has displayed the depth and dignity of rural American life."

— Citation of National Medal of Arts to Andrew Wyeth on November 15, 2007

Andrew Wyeth - BIOGRAPHY

Andrew Newell Wyeth (July 12, 1917 - January 16, 2009) was an extremely well-known American Artist who was extremely popular in the middle of the twentieth century.

He painted one of the most well-known paintings in America - Christina's World (Collection of Museum of Modern Art in New York City)

However his the representational nature of his work fell out of favour with the contemporary art critics and scholars and his work was typically ignored by them from the 1960s onwards despite an enduring popularity with the public. However Wyeth - who always said he painted for himself - continued to paint until just before his death and continued to delight his admirers, collectors, and the public which loved his paintings.

He was born in in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania in the Brandywine Valley near Philadelphia. He was the youngest child of artist and illustrator and artist N.C. Wyeth - who illustrated many of the adventure story books of the early 20th century such as "Treasure Island" and "The Last of the Mohicans." His father provided him with early lessons in art

In 1937, at the age of 20, his first solo exhibition of watercolour paintings at the Macbeth Gallery in New York sold out. This indicated how popular his paintings were to become during the rest of his career.

Wyeth married Betsy James in 1940 having met her in Maine in 1939. She was a huge influence on him after his father died and managed his affairs. They had two sons Nicholas and Jamie - with Jamie also becoming an artist.

He was identified by Time Magazine in 1950 as being one of the greatest American artists. He became symbolic for some as the artist representing the real and representational and was ranged against the new vanguard of expressionist painters such as Jackson Pollock

In 1986, Wyeth made public a collection of 246 artworks of a neighbour called Helga Testorf. These comprised drawings, studies and paintings. Two aspects which raised eyebrows were that many of the works were of a nude Helga and these had all apparently been kept secret from his wife.

Wyeth was a very popular artist with both museums (exhibitions tended to generate high attendances) and the public until the end of his life. His artwork is now in many major and important collections in the USA - including those of major museums.

Awards he received


  • 1963 - the Presidential Medal of Freedom - from President John F. Kennedy (first American painter to receive this award)
  • 1977 - elected to the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France (the first American painter since John Singer-Sargent)
  • 1978 - asked to join the Soviet Academy of the Arts
  • 1980 - elected to Britain's Royal Academy (first living American painter).
  • 1988 - Congressional Gold Medal

BOOK: Andrew Wyeth: Autobiography - by Thomas Hoving and Andrew Wyeth

RECOMMENDED: Rated an average of 5.0 out of 5.0 stars (22 customer reviews)

I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK. I've read this book and if you like Wyeth I highly recommend you try to get hold of a copy.

Scroll to Continue

The reproductions are excellent and the stories he tells about each painting ensure that you will will always look at them in future with a much better idea of how they came about.

The book presents a comprehensive retrospective of Andrew Wyeth's artwork and includes 138 tempera, drybrush, and watercolor paintings and pencil studies.

Andrew Wyeth always made it clear that he painted for himself. The book also includes a record of his interviews with Thomas Hoving, and through these Wyeth comments on the different paintings and contributes facts about their genesis and meaning, his life and his art

Photograph of Andrew Wyeth painting plain air (crop) By William Waterway Marks

Photograph of Andrew Wyeth painting plain air (crop) By William Waterway Marks

You can see a video of an interview with William Marks commenting on his visit with the Wyeths in 1977 and watching him paint

Andrew Wyeth - Obituaries and biographical notes

There were very many obituaries of Andrew Wyeth following his death in January 2009. I believe I've tracked down all the main ones and have included them below.

Plus the citation for his award of the National Medal of Art awarded in 2007 - two years before he died

By their very nature they provide a comprehensive biographical resource about his life and a commentary on the value of his art in America.

Andrew Wyeth, one of the most popular and also most lambasted artists in the history of American art, a reclusive linchpin in a colorful family dynasty of artists whose precise realist views of hardscrabble rural life became icons of national culture and sparked endless debates about the nature of modern art, died Jan. 16; he was 91.

— New York Times - Notable Deaths of 2009

The OFFICIAL Andrew Wyeth website

Mr. Wyeth's copyrights belong to his estate. Unauthorized uses of copyrighted images are not permitted.

Note: All individual paintings on this website are reproductions available from

  • Andrew Wyeth
    This is the official website of the American artist Andrew Wyeth. It includes images, exhibition history, research resources, details of the Catalogue Raisonné and copyright information.
  • Andrew Wyeth | Images
    A small selection of Images by Andrew Wyeth on the official website of the American artist Andrew Wyeth.

Interviews with Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth: A Secret Life

RECOMMENDED: Rated an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 28 customer reviews

Richard Meryman's biography of the painter, Andrew Wyeth attempts to examine the character and complex personality of this famous painter - and the motivations and processes he used to produce his paintings.

The book is based on 30 years of research - including frequent visits and conversations with the artist and his family and friends.

About the Artwork

"I paint the things that emotionally mean a lot to me....

I just can't make up something.

It's got to be something I have felt."

— Andrew Wyeth

Wyeth's approach to painting

Most of Wyeth's drawings and paintings stem from subject matter close to home. Most are of the people, buildings, interiors and landscapes associated with:

  • his studio, home, landscapes and neighbours in Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania - where the Kueners Farm was situated. in 1948, he began painting Anna and Karl Kuerner. He also met Helga Testorf at the Kuener Farm and then painted her between 1971-85. When they were revealed to the world, there was a scandal as it was assumed she had been his lover. Leonard E.B. Andrews (1925-2009) purchased almost the entire collection of Helga Paintings so that they could be preserved as a collection - and then sold them three years later
  • his summer home in Cushing, Maine - next to the Olsen Farm, where Christina Olsen lived

However his paintings also portrayed a complex and enigmatic inner life.

His father's death in a car accident in 1945 acted as a profound influence on Andrew Wyeth's subsequent style.

After the accident, his paintings:

  • became more serious, metaphorical - and at time intensely emotional
  • however some of the paintings are an abstracted notion of an emotional response to events and situations in his life.
  • nevertheless subjects were rendered in a very realistic way
  • and he began to use a muted palette

His approach to painting was to make several studies in an abstract way - using pencil or 'washy brushy' watercolour before beginning a painting proper. He painted in an apparently realistic way using watercolour, drybrush (a watercolor style in which the water is squeezed from the brush), and egg tempera.

Words used to describe his art by those who preferred more less realistic and more contemporary art were "sentimental" and "illustrative". The comments probably say more about those saying them.

“I think the great weakness in most of my work is subject matter. There’s too much of it.”

— Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth and egg tempera

VIDEO: Andrew Wyeth paints Tom Hoving - This is the only known video capturing Mr. Wyeth at work.

A Video created by Tom Hoving at Chadds Ford in 2003

VIDEO: Andrew Wyeth's watercolour works

Original Works and Exhibitions - Frank E. Fowler Representing Andrew Wyeth

This is the website of Wyeth's representative, Frank Fowler

"I honestly consider myself to be an abstractionist."

— Andrew Wyeth

VIDEO: Andrew Wyeth paintings

Andrew Wyeth - omnibus sites

These are comprehensive omnibus - and now archival - sites about Andrew Wyethr which provide access to their own perspective on Wyeth as well as pointers to other sites providing information about Wyeth

Photographs of Andrew Wyeth

It's not too easy to track down photographs of Andrew Wyeth and/or his studios and/or his models online - but it is possible.

These are sites I've found - but I'm always happy to hear about others.

Wyeth in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Wyeth and Pennsylvania

Nearly all of Wyeth's work has been about only two locations:

  • The Olson farm in Maine and
  • the Kuerner farm in Pennsylvania - near his home and studio in Chadd's Ford.

Location of Brandywine Museum

Brandywine River Museum 1 Hoffman's Mill Road, Chadds Ford, PA - on Google Maps

The Brandywine Museum is open Daily, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Andrew Wyeth Home and Studio at Chadd's Ford

Andrew Wyeth's Studio - Chadds Ford Studio opens to public in Summer 2012

In the summer of 2012, Andrew Wyeth's studio at Chadd's Ford was opened to the public for the first time. Wyeth's widow gave the studio to the Brandywine Museum who then restored it. Tours take place between April and mid-November - see the website listed below for more details of dates and timings. A complimentary Brandywine River Museum shuttle bus provides transportation to the Andrew Wyeth Studio.

Andrew Wyeth painted in his studio at Chadd's Ford Wyeth for nearly 70 years - from 1940 until 2008. There are very many paintings which were painted in this studio. The museums suggests that thousands of works of art are associated with this studio.

The Brandywine Museum has restored the rooms to the way they would have looked at different times when Wyeth lived and worked there. The atmosphere and palette of the the larger studio space is much the same as his paintings - austere, cool and spare.

Sources for painting around the studio include

  • the Brandywine River and its valleys
  • the farms and the countryside around Chadds Ford.
  • Karl and Anna Kuerner's farm can be found about one mile from his parents' home in Chadds Ford.

The white clapboard that houses Andrew Wyeth's studio at Chadd's Ford used to be an old schoolhouse. It was built in 1875 as part of the Chadds Ford School District and lies just off Creek Road, south of U.S. 1. His father NC Wyeth bought it in 1925. It also served as a home for Andrew Wyeth until 1961.

Andrew Wyeth valued his privacy and there is a sign on his Studio Door which reads "I am working so please do not disturb." Plus - just in case visitors did not get the point "I do not sign autographs"!

Wyeth at Kuerners

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars (12 customer reviews)

This book is written by Betsy Wyeth, his wife, who explains how he works and contains 370 reproductions, 315 of which have never been reproduced before.

"In the 1980s, Mr. Wyeth was the subject of an intense media spotlight for his "Helga" series of 45 paintings and 200 sketches. These pictures, many of them nudes, were the product of hundreds of modeling sessions with a Chadds Ford neighbor, Helga Testorf, over a 15-year period. No one else, not even Mr. Wyeth's wife, had previously known about them, and their disclosure to the public was arguably the art event of the decade."

— 'Washington Post' 16th January 2009

  • Andrew Wyeth Prints, The Helga Collection
    Andrew Wyeth prints - featuring the Helga collection."The Helga Pictures" are a fantastic compilation of tempera and dry brush paintings, watercolours and pencil studies secretly created within a span of over fifteen years. Andrew Wyeth created over
  • New York Times - Leonard E. B. Andrews, Buyer of Wyeth Art, Dies at 83
    Leonard E. B. Andrews, Buyer of Wyeth Art, Dies at 83By DOUGLAS MARTINPublished: January 12, 2009Leonard E. B. Andrews, who rocked the art world when he bought 240 previously unknown Andrew Wyeth works depicting a mysterious, sometimes nude woman kno

Andrew Wyeth: The Helga Pictures - Wilmerding & Wyeth

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars (16 customer reviews)

This book is associated with the original exhibition of the Helga Pictures and has been critically acclaimed.

"What you have to do is break all the rules."

— Andrew Wyeth

Wyeth in Maine

Christina's World: Paintings and Prestudies of Andrew Wyeth

This book contains rarely seen watercolors and drawings Andrew Wyeth made of his friend Christina Olson, her brother Alvaro, and the weathered Maine farmstead where they lived.

VIDEO: The Olsen House - a photo tour

A photo tour of the Olsen House, made famous in paintings and drawings by Andrew Wyeth.

Artwork on View

Andrew Wyeth in Museums and Art Galleries


His paintings are in the collections of many American Museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) and the Museum of Modern Art.


He has had exhibitions at the National Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art

wyeth centre

I've visited the Wyeth Centre in Rockland, Maine and seen Andrew Wyeth's paintings - and that of his family - at first hand. It's a very worthwhile visit for any fan of his work.

A Wyeth retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2006 drew more than 175,000 visitors in 15 weeks, the highest-ever attendance at the museum for a living artist.

Wyeth's "Soaring" - a short curatorial talk

The title of the Philadelphia exhibition, "Andrew Wyeth: Memory and Magic," alludes not only to the first major exhibition in which Wyeth was included, the "Magic Realism" show of 1943 at New York's Museum of Modern Art, but also to the importance of magic and memory in his work. "Magic! It's what makes things sublime," the artist has said. "It's the difference between a picture that is profound art and just a painting of an object."

— Smithsonian Magazine (16th January 2009)

Andrew Wyeth - Exhibitions

Andrew Wyeth in Online Galleries

Also try "Andrew Wyeth" in Google Images

  • Andrew Wyeth
    Andrew Wyeth - images and biography
  • Artcyclopedia. - Andrew Wyeth Online
    Andrew Wyeth [American Contemporary Realist Painter, born in 1917] Guide to pictures of works by Andrew Wyeth in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.
  • Andrew Wyeth Prints
    Discusses Andrew Wyeth prints, his biography and the famous Helga pictures.
  • Art by Andrew Wyeth
    Andrew Wyeth's Works of Art - listed by title and date
  • Art by Andrew Wyeth
    Andrew Wyeth1917 AD - 2009 ADAndrew Wyeth has unfortunately passed away. He was a great artist and has left a tremendous legacy. RIP Andrew.Andrew Wyeth's Works of ArtTitleDateA Feather in Her Cap1987 ADAdrift1982 ADAirborne1996 ADAlvaro and Christin
  • Art by Andrew Wyeth
    Andrew Wyeth's Works of Art by Title and date

Reviews and Comments

Reviews of Andrew Wyeth

Blogging about Wyeth

A numbers of art bloggers and others have written blog posts about Andrew Wyeth. Most of these were created following his death in 2009.

  • Gurney Journey: Andrew Wyeth: Absence and Presence
    To mark the passing of Andrew Wyeth yesterday, I'd like to focus on just one aspect of his paintings: his instinct for removing elements from his compositions.
  • lines and colors - Andrew Wyeth, 1917 - 2009
    Andrew Wyeth, an American realist painter who in some ways epitomized the conflict between late 20th Century Modernism and the Realist tradition, died today in his sleep in his home in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania at the age of 91.
  • lines and colors - Andrew Wyeth
    I should start out by admitting that, although I really like some of his work, Andrew Wyeth is not one of my favorites. Partly it's because I find much of his work cold, not in the sense of his frequent depiction of winter scenes, which I like, but i
  • Andrew Wyeth, Rebel - Welcome to SOAP - the new Seattle Art Museum Blog
    On Wednesday night at SAM, my colleague Patti Junker delivered a sensational lecture that she titled "Andrew Wyeth, Rebel." Few people think about one of the premier realists of the 20th century in terms of rebellion, but SAM's curator of American ar
  • Seeing a Master- Andrew Wyeth's Helga -
    I asked the first person I met to point me to the Wyeth exhibit. It was down the hall, past the gray room, on the left.I turned the corner.These paintings will be marveled over for a thousand years.
  • Artist and Studio | Andrew Wyeth
    Photos of Andrew Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth's studio, Andrew Wyeth with Helga his model
  • David Owen Art Notes: Andrew Wyeth: At the Kuerners
    For Christmas, I received a copy of a thirty-six year old book, Wyeth at Kuerners, and, while the snow falls, I am leafing through it. What makes the book unusual is that the editor—Andrew Wyeth’s wife, Betsy James Wyeth—focused, not on her husband’s
  • Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco - News: Andrew Wyeth Biography
    A review of the work of Andrew Wyeth and Richard Meryman's biography of him"If you like Wyeth's work this book by Richard Meryman is a very good read. In its 400 pages it looks at Wyeth's life in detail, examines his family, the characters he painted

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