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Why Loom Knit?

Christie is a Video Tutorial Teacher in the concentration of various Fiber Arts.

KB 5/8 gauge knitting loom and project

Loom Knit by: Christie Davis

Loom Knit by: Christie Davis

Knitting With Looms

Loom knitting is an awesome alternative to needle knitting. Almost anything that can be knitted with needles can be knitted with looms. Some examples are: cables, lace, double knitting, stranded color work, intarsia, and other endless stitches and patterns. Since loom knitting requires the use of a loom and a pick it does have advantages and disadvantages compared to needles.


Looms come in several sizes. They can be found round, rectangular as in double or single knitting boards, in a Lego type configuration, square and other shapes. Unlike needles, looms can create more to carry for on the go knitting. There are also many gauge sizes just like needle sizes for various weights of yarn. You may be asking yourself do looms have any advantages?


Loom knitting is faster than needle knitting and for many it appears to be easier on arthritic joints and upper body injuries.

Most of all they are lots of fun. Simple knit stitches are easy for a young child to learn and be able to knit a hat rather quickly to wear or give as a gift.

In conclusion, if you haven't tried loom knitting I highly encourage you to give it a try. I've been loom knitting for 7 years and it has become my passion. I find knitting looms challenging, rewarding and a joy to create with.

KB Premium Chunky Round Loom Set

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