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What is an art block? Maybe you're just bored and stuck

Tantowi grew up drawing and designing. Now she makes videos for a living and loves every second of it.

Art block is intellectual laziness.

Art block is intellectual laziness.

Artists around the world always seem to get stuck with a creative block at certain intervals. It is a phenomenon that has been experienced by many over the years, including those who are not artists but have to deal with other personal issues in life. In a way, blocks are inevitable and can be overcome with a simple change of environment. Changing environments does not always work, since what we call "art blocks" may be a result of something more profound than just boredom or lack of inspiration. Even for artists who are used to creating, there can still be cases where they become micronized in their ways and are unable to create anything even when they have the time and other resources available to them.

What Is an Art Block?

An art block is a psychological or emotional condition experienced by artists wherein they can't create works of art despite their continued desire to do so. It could happen to anyone and everyone, no matter how productive your workflow has been.

Going through an “art block” is a common problem for many artists. Art blocks can prevent you from making art, but it doesn’t have to. This is something I have experienced in the past. Usually, the affliction is caused by a perceived lack of opportunity combined with a lack of clarity about how to approach life's challenges. Several factors can contribute to an art block; sometimes it is due to an unhealthy lifestyle choice (such as smoking or drinking excessively), other times it is due to a personal matter that needs to be addressed properly (such as the death of a loved one).

Stuck in a Make Art Doesn't Mean It'll Last Forever

Inspiration is chaotic, and it doesn't always appear when you need it. Whether it's mental blocks, external factors, creativity crashes, or just the sense that you've done everything already, sometimes being stuck doesn't mean we should give up.

Stuck in a make art loop is a frustrating situation. You've put in a lot of hard work and feel like you're making decent progress, but nothing seems to be moving forward. It's easy to get discouraged and give up. Don't do that. You need to break this cycle by making a decision (either now or in the future) that will allow you to move forward with your goal. For most people, this means either ceasing all work on the project or making minor adjustments to ensure there's a better chance of success in the future.

Creativity Is a Learned Skill

Not everyone realizes it, but creativity is a learned skill. It takes practice to be creative, taking sometimes patience and careful instruction from those who have gone before. It's not something you can learn in a day or a week from someone else, although some can pick up skills faster than others. Creativity isn't something you choose, it's something you're born with. It's something we all have inside us, but some more easily than others.

It's learned by being exposed to a wide range of ideas, images, sounds and other elements that might not be present in our everyday lives. The more you are exposed to new ideas, the more likely you are to experiment and develop your creative style. The main thing to remember is that creative inspiration comes from anywhere. It doesn't need to be "in the studio". Most of the best ideas come from just being out in the world talking to people or watching things happen around you.

Stop Looking for Motivation to Create Art

It’s easy to feel like motivation is around the corner, but the reality is that it’s often elusive. It takes work, determination, and a lot of emotional energy to keep going when the going gets hard. We often find that when we stop looking for pleasing results in ourselves or in the areas of our lives where we feel we need improvement, those results fall by the wayside. This is where creating art comes in. Deciding to stop looking and start concentrating on what’s important can be incredibly rewarding.

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The problem is that we have too many ideas and goals in life and so are not motivated by anything specific. Art is a way to focus the mind and clear the mind of all distractions so that ideas and goals can be achieved. To find inspiration, one must first remove all clutter from their mind- there is nothing better than starting from scratch when starting an idea.

Figure Out What Is Interesting or Exciting to You

To figure out what is exciting and important to you takes time and reflection. First, you need to identify what's important to you within the context of your art practice. Are you mostly interested in honing your craft? Or spending more time developing an interest in art? Becoming passionate about something requires set goals and timelines. Once you have set goals for yourself, there are still opportunities for growth and change. For example, if I was having trouble reaching a certain level of skill in painting, I probably wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for passion.

Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of creating and lose sight of why we're doing it. It's been said that creativity is a window to your soul and that it's better to be obsessed with creating art than never to create at all. This can be true. If you pursue an artistic career, however, focus on one thing at a time. Do not do too many things at once because you might get tired or distracted. Keep motivated and inspired by only doing new things that truly excite you and give you joy, not because you're expected to do them, but because you're excited about them.

The creative person does not suffer from an inability to create. The block is in your thinking, not your ability to create. Creative people have not been deprived of the satisfaction of creating because they lack natural resources. No matter how limited the circumstances, the ability to create still exists. It depends on where you are in your life. The artist is not suffering from an 'art block.' He is suffering from a creative slump. The slump is when you let your guard down, allowing your imagination to run wild without any checks and balances.

Don't Expect Too Much, It's Not Going to Be Perfect the First Time

Most start-ups fail. But sometimes they’re not failed by a lack of product or technology, but by a lack of marketing. Start with creating your art and see where you can take it. Then learn from your mistakes and improve. Some early successes were due to people thinking they knew it all and rushing into things. That only makes things worse because the failure feels less if it was predictable. Run your creativity. Your artwork won't be perfect on the first try.

Art is about failure. It's about jumping out of your chair and hitting your drawing board. Only by failing often can you learn from your mistakes and improve. The key is to avoid taking the easy path, which will let you shrug off failures as temporary setbacks. Instead, push through them, figuring out how to avoid them next time. As an artist, I'm often discouraged by how quickly my skills stagnate and I start to lose motivation. This post is dedicated to helping you avoid these common problems and get more done in your life.

How Artists Can Find Inspiration in Their Lives

Life is an open book. We don’t always see life from the angle of those who are directly affected. The artists are fully aware of this fact, which is one of the reasons they can find inspiration in the most mundane situations. You shouldn't create an aura of coolness or awesomeness around you; you should find new eyes to see what you do every day and see new possibilities. The most successful artists can find new ways to express themselves and can build a community around their work. Success comes from making your art relevant to the lives of those around you. As long as you take an honest look at who you surround yourself with and how you live your life, your work will take you where it needs to go.

We spend so much energy trying to find inspiration in our daily lives that we forget that inspiration is all around us. Just take a walk through any city and you'll find plenty of sights that inspire literary and visual artists alike: graffiti tags, colorful lights, sculptures, cars, children playing in parks. This simple idea is that inspiration can come from any source, whether you are an artist or not. All you need to do is be aware of what's going on around you.

Most people experience creative block at some point in their lives. We are not born with this limitation, however. Some people simply can't pursue personal interests or passions. Learning how to identify the causes of creative blocks and how to break free from them is the key to overcoming this difficulty. Rest assured, there is hope. Usually, creativity blocks are temporary and can be overcome with enough inspiration, time, and motivation.

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