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YouTube Vlogging for the First Time

Penny Lulich has won numerous awards for her baking and cooking, including the top prize in the Hubpages Recipe Contest.

My Daughter Rachel Taste Testing Handpies For A Stone Wall Cottage Home Vlog


What In The World Is Vlogging? And Why Am I Doing This?

Stone Wall Cottage Home

Stone Wall Cottage Home

Vlog (Video Blog)

I'm of a generation of folks who have never heard of blogging or vlogging. When I tell a friend that I'm going to start a vlog, they ask me what in the world that means. I proceed to inform them that vlogs are experience based videos that many folks are making on YouTube these days. I suggest a few of my favorite vlogs for them to watch; Positano Diaries, The Chateau Diaries, Kara and Nate, and Flying the Nest to name a few. The next question I get is, what are you going to make videos about? And here's where I get very excited because I realized the way we live at Stone Wall Cottage Home is a perfect platform for home lifestyle and travel videos. And that's just what we're all about. We live our life cultivating the sloping land on which our home stands, and turning it from an eyesore into a eyefull of beauty, and edible gardens. We also have a walled-in sandbox within the gardens, and a full size swingset under some evergreen trees for our grandchildren. We love to travel and find new things for our gardens, as well. It seems that over the years Stone Wall Cottage is becoming more and more a haven for humming birds, lightning bugs, bees, frogs, and butterflies, to name a few, and I knew this could be something that others might want to see (and share in the experience), even if it is from a video they watch from afar.

Catching Fireflies at Stone Wall Cottage . They were quickly released.  We want them to thrive here.

Catching Fireflies at Stone Wall Cottage . They were quickly released. We want them to thrive here.


After the decision to vlog, I then launched myself into research on how to go about getting a YouTube channel, taking video, editing video, and how to market my feed (that's what it's called, I believe). There's been a lot of busy work involved. Every new piece of information leads to ten more pieces of new information, that lead to ten more, and so on. My head is full of information floating around like autumn leaves in a whirlwind. I just reach out and hope to catch the correct leaf of information that is necessary for the moment. It's a bit like playing roulet, hoping that the little ball will land in the right place (I've never actually played roulet but I've seen it done). Now, with that said, I finally landed on something I had no idea was in my possession to use, and I'm off and running with my first few videos (vlogs) on my new channel. That something is a video editing program that works with my Apple products. I have an iPad and an iPhone. I had no idea how truly valuable these would be to me, but they are making the process of developing my vlog much easier then expected. However, I would caution you, knowing how to edit video, and actually taking the video and putting it together in a way that an audience can enjoy, are two totally different skills. Both take hours and hours of time and research and patience and love, to accomplish well. I admittedly am at the very beginnings of my vlogging journey, but I am loving it. I'm clumsy with my camera, I don't quite know how to talk in front of it, and I make a lot of mistakes. Still, it is fun. Don't ask me why, it just is, and for some reason I want to keep going.


Stone Wall Cottage Home Youtube Video

Why I Like Instagram For Promoting My Vlogs

Now that I've made some important vlogging decisions, what next? For me, it was setting up a new Instagram account that went with my new brand, "Stone Wall Cottage Home."

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When it comes to social media platforms, Instagram outshines them all. Why? Because it is short on text and long on photos and videos. You can get your ideas across quickly and efficiently, and Instagram is a highly visited and used medium for every kind of venture. Artists, gardeners, home style experts, entertainers, etc. can be found on instagram, and quite regularly. Having said that, there are many users who are interested in just the quick catch up with friends and associates. Posting on Instagram does not equal also posting on YouTube. I was an Instagram user, as an artist, for quite a long time before delving into vlogging, and I enjoyed staying in touch this way. But now as a vlogger, I am using Instagram to promote my life style and arts brand, and both together are truly like "birds of a feather." They fly together, nest together, migrate through the whole social media conglomerate together, smoothly, and this is a huge help. So, if you're going to vlog and you don't have an Instagram account yet, do go to the link below and sign up for one. Start posting right away, and post often.


Last but not least, I want to leave you with some valuable tips to help you get started on your journey into vlogging. I'm just starting out. I'm a new vlogger, but because I'm new I know how overwhelming it can be. However, there are a few things I've found to be very helpful. For one thing, I learned about Canva. Canva is a site that offers, for free, their prepared templates for your use (see Instagram photo above). I'm using Canva frequently to post to Instagram and Facebook. It's giving me eye catching-advertisement without it looking like advertisement. I'm directing people to my vlogs by creating my own material on Canva's templates. If you haven't discovered this yet, do go to the link below and get started. You'll be glad you did.

The other tip I'll leave you with is the video editing software I use; iMovie. This may seem like a no brainer, but a lot of people use more complex editing tools like Final Cut Pro, Avid Editing, Adobe Premier, and so on. There are quite a number of editing programs, and many of these are the choice of professional vloggers, but for simplicity of use, and access, I prefer iMovie. You can download the app to Apple products for free, and start using right away. Having said that, success in vlogging will ultimately depend on your creativity and stamina. It takes time to vlog. You need to have something to show that an audience will want to view. You have to bring your A Game to the table, and you have to be putting up videos regularly. The audience you build will want to know that they can count on you, if they are to invest time in you.

So, now that you have some information, and you have a great brand idea, and you enjoy making videos, I hope you'll get out there and start making vlogs today. Let me know if you do, right here at Hubpages. Leave me a comment or a note. I'd love to hear from you!

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